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dry beans vs. canned

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does anyone know how much dry beans weigh after they are soaked? 

i want to cook my own red beans for a recipe that calls for canned beans.  i need the same amount as 3 (1 lb) cans of beans.  but i'm not sure how many lb. of beans i should soak/cook.

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This might help, I got it from

Soaking: This step isn't completely necessary, however, there are some real advantages. A shorter cooking time is probably the biggest advantage. Figure about an extra hour of cooking time for beans that are not pre-soaked. Beans should be soaked for at least 6 hours. During this time, the beans will absorb water until they have increased in volume and weight about 3 times.
I always cook big batches of dry beans in my crockpot then freeze them in plastic bags measured into portions.  When they're cooked the calories are the same as canned, but the sodium is less.  I like having a selection of cooked frozen beans so I can make a fast serving of chili, or 3 bean salad, or bean soup, or hummus - I could go on!

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