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Diet Coke Cake

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I heard this at Weight Watchers. Delicious cake idea. If you don't want to eat all the fatty, doughy cakes out there, try this light recipe and people will be licking their fingers off!

Take a prepackaged cake mix (from any grocery store, Betty Crocker, etc) and instead of using the ingredients listed on the back like eggs or oil, mix it with a can of diet coke. Works best with a chocolate or fudge mix. For whiter mixes like lemon powder or vanilla, mix in a can of diet 7up. Yum!
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this has been the subject of many posts before
tyup.. it's good.. :)  love it in fact
i had this at work, and it tasted just like regular cake.
Made it last night and it was awesome.. My kids loved it..

Thanks for the recipe
OK, I was skeptical about trying this, but I did, and it is GREAT!!! It tastes exactly like cake with all the normal ingredients!  My mom and I made it while my dad was on a business trip.  We decided not to tell him it was made with diet coke and he was crazy about it, and never even guessed it wasn't made normally! 
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I am excited to try!
ok so i was excited to try it and looked at the grocery store for those mixes. unfortunately, all of them had partially hydrogenated oils which i avoid as much as i can. so i had a box of trader joes' banana bread mix and desided to try this recipe with it. instead of eggs, oil, and water i added 8 oz of pepsi 1 (with splenda). i also added 1 large banana, some wheat bran, 1 tsp vanilla and little cinnamon. then i baked it as directed on the box. you people! it turned out delicious and only around 190 (0 gm fat) cals per piece! my bf said it was better than he does and he makes  some cool bread out of that mix! can't believe how easy it was! cheap too LOL
thank  you meroot06 and whoever else suggested this great tip! this is unbelievable cool
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I made this with Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke...whoa was it ever good!!!! It was unbelievably moist. Who comes up with these things?!?!?!?!
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Do you have to use a low fat or low carb kind of mix? Are there a lot of calories and fat,etc in plain cake mix without the undesireable ingredients?
What about the icing???? (Ha Ha) Do you think it would be good with diet dr. pepper or diet pepsi, I don't like coke or diet coke. I guess if you have to cheat a day this would be the smart way to go! Thanks will have to try it soon.
Oh one other thing do you bake it the same amount of time and the same temperature?????
you can use about any type of pop with any type of mix.. your imagination is the only limitation.. and yes.. bake it the same as on the box.. :) 
Thanks I am going to try and make one soon!!!
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I use fat free cool whip on top. As a matter of fact, I just had a french vanilla cake w/ diet sprite. Yum.
Hello everyone, just read a tip in Light & Tasty magazine, it said for icing on a cake you can use sugar fee or fat free pudding, sounds great will have to try it when I make the cake!!!!!!!!
Hello everyone.  I can't wait to try it.  I was wondering if it would taste just as good with a brownie mix.  Has anyone tried it yet?
so one box + one can of diet coke?  bake for the recommended amount of time? 

how many cals is that?

will have to try :)
DCgirl, it's about 170 per slice. You go by the nutrition for the dry mixes.

Chunkychoo, THAT is a GREAT idea!!!
can u make cupcakes with this too?
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