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Dental work done - need healthy soft food choices.

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Hey everybody, I'd like some suggestions.  I just had my wisdom teeth removed and I'm not supposed to eat anything chewy, crunchy, or anything that might have little bits that would work their way into the fissures and cause infection.   I'm also supposed to avoid hot food - I can have soup and so on but it needs to be merely warm.  I have stocked up on some things that will work, which I will list below, but I'd love other suggestions.

Veggies: sweet potatoes, canned carrots, canned peas, soup

Fruit: yogurt, applesauce, grapes, bananas 

Carbs: pudding, mac & cheese, cream of wheat, oatmeal

Protein: beans, stew, chili

I also have slim-fast shakes and juice.  That might be all I need but again, other suggestions would be welcome.  I'm gonna miss my crunchy foods!  My favorite foods are things like carrots, cauliflower, cheetos...

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I just had my wisdom teeth out about a month ago. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Some of the foods I ate after surgery were scrambled eggs, Naked Juice (the blueberry one has lots of fiber in it!), mashed potatoes, and lox (that's smoked salmon).

I hope this helps! 

Mm, scrambled eggs.  Yeah I was looking back through my tagged items and I saw 'hard boiled egg' and I said, oo that'd work too.

 Isn't lox high in fat, or can you get low-fat lox?  (Yummy, salmon!)

 Thanks for the suggestions. 

I got my wisdom teeth out over thanksgiving, & to this day I can't even LOOK at applesauce or mashed potatoes without wanting to vomit. I've never been so sick of anything in my life as I was of those. But it was all I could keep down [I had a TERRIBLE recovery... I'm still not 100% healed]
However, the massive amounts of orange sherbet were amazing & REALLY hit the spot.
About 3 days after the surgery I was miserable & basically hating the world & had been craving tuna fish SO badly. I tried it & it was too grainy & was getting stuck in the sockets, so I pureed a can of tuna & some water & DRANK the tuna. In retrospect, it's possibly the grossest thing I've ever done, but I NEEDED it at the time haha.

I didn't really bother worrying about calories during my recovery though. I doubt you'll be taking in enough the first few days for it to really be an issue, & you wanna make sure you let your body heal.

I just got mine out on Thursday!  So far my food as been nothing but interesting; ice cream, tomato soup, applesauce, cottage cheese, yogurt.  Tonight I broke up chicken in small pieces, so will keep a soft diet for a couple more days.

 hope all is well.

Don't worry. If everything goes ok, you'll be able to eat anything you want within a few days. I had a wisdom tooth pulled, and was able to eat things within 4 or 5 days. Until then I had a lot of soft foods, apple sauce, ice cream( I could get away with it, but maybe light version may work for you, it especially helped to stop the blleding the first day), had bread, juice, milk.

Whatever you do, do not&n bsp;drink thru a straw or  do "sucking" motion . It can dislodge the&nbs p;scab that forms and giv e you dry socket, which&n bsp;I heard is worse than  child birth. 

Don't worry too much, rea lly. Things will be back& nbsp;to normal. Until then&nbs p;you can also make best& nbsp;friends with your blender  :) 

Lox is high in fat, but since it's fish oil, it's the good kind of fat Smile

I had my wisdom teeth taken out about 10 years ago, in which they actually had to cut my gums open to get the teeth out since they were shattered under the gums and not poking through. Anywho, I ate a lot of apple sauce, yogurt (without the fruit), scrambled eggs, tomato soup, chicken broth, milk, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes. I drank a lot of slim fast drinks to keep the nutrients I needed going through my body. I wasn't hungry too often because of the pain pills they put me on made me sleep alot. I hope this helps! Good luck to a speedy recovery!!!

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