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cheapest fish?

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What is the cheapest fish you can buy, and what is a good recipe with it? Thank you!
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Fresh or canned?

Canned, both tuna and salmon are pretty reasonable, and there are quite a few recipes in the CC database - I'm looking at making some baked salmon patties pretty soon.

Fresh, I'm not so sure, but I'm guessing it has a lot to do with where you live.  In the midwest, it's hard to get anything really "fresh", so most fish fillets I get are frozen - so far the more reasonable selections I've been finding are tuna steaks, tilapia, and farmed catfish.  (If I go to the "fresh" fish case in the supermarket, I have no idea how long that stuff's been there.) 

My fave way to prepare catfish (but it would probably work with salmon, tilipia, or other kinds of filleted fish as well): ml

I live in Florida, and I was looking for fresh. Thanks for the ideas though. (:

Catfish is roughly $8 a pound

Farmed Salmon is roughly $9-11 a pound (not recommended though!) 

Trout (all types) is roughly $8-10 a pound (delicious simply broiled)

Tilapia is roughly $5-6 a pound

** With White Fish - the best means of cooking them is by making a nice pungent sauce to douse them in - otherwise white fish tastes sort of bland in my mind! **

Trout & Salmon on the other hand are amazing simply broiled with salt, pepper, thyme & olive oil  

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This is something that will vary greatly by area.  Different fish are local to different areas.  Being in Florida you can likely find some great deals on fish.  Just check compare the price per pound for different kinds.
I love Cod, Grouper, and salmon. I got cod and grouper @ $3.99/pb and $5.89/pb for salmon. If there is Sam's club near you, you may check the price out there. I got my salmon at the Sam's club. Don't eat salmon more than twice per week 5-6 oz per meal if you try to lose weight. It contains high sodium.

Check your local fish markets for prices.  There's a big difference depending on where you live.  I think Florida is struggling with cheap imported and farm raised fish to the detriment of their own freshly caught seafood. 

When you decide what you're going to buy, we'll be glad to help you find recipes.

I love cod, when I see a sale I buy a huge piece, cut into meal sized portions and freeze for later.   My favorite recipe:  Oven at 500.  Spray small pan w/Pam.  Mix a little bread crumbs, parmasan cheese, and a few shakes of seafood seasoning.  Brush a tiny bit of melted light spread on the fish, then sprinkle the dry ingredients over the fish.  Bake uncovered for 12 - 15 minutes.  Yummy.

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