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Camp Fire recipes

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I'm preparing to go on a camping trip in the next few weeks and I was wondering if any one had some fun recipes, meal ideas and foods-to-bring suggestions for eating out in the wilderness. :) Thanks in advance! :)

By the way: The campers will range from mid-50s to toddler-age kids with a wide variety of cooking methods/tools on hand, such as a camp fire and camp grill/stove/griddle

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When me and my family go camping we always have corn on the cob. It is really easy. You leave the corn in the natural HUSK and place it around the perimeter of the campfire (or you can use a grill too) and then turn it as necessary. It usually takes bout an hour to an hour an a half, so it gives you time to also prepare and cook the other parts of dinner.

When the Corn is ready, have someone with gloves ready to peel the husks. and a stick of butter (if needed)...

The corn is taste so good when prepare in the natural HUSK you won't even need buttah!

do you have pie irons?? if not i highly recommend them, you can make grilled cheese for the kiddies, fancier/healthy panini sandwiches for the adults...for breakfast you can do omelettes, french toast, hashbrowns...

also a big thumbs up to those seasoned oyster crackers! my mom used to make those all the time...

Ya. Bring Large cast Iron skillet and pot. You can cook over a fire and do just about anything. Me and my dad used to make veggie stir frys! An those go great with the fish we caught too!!! Nothing special to it just make sure to bring some kind of cooking oil and make it how you like it :)

This isn't such a viable option for some, but one year when we were camping we bought a roast, sprinkled it with olive oil and spices and wrapped it in tinfoil. Then we found a tree bough, stripped it and skewered the roast and let it cook over our fire pit. It was the most ridiculous thing i've ever eaten while camping but it was fun and fed a lot of people.

If I were to do it again, I would double the foil and dig a hole for it, put hot coals on the bottom with a small layer of dirt inbetween  and put the roast on top, with more coals layered on. I've done this before with chicken and peppers and it tastes amazing.

Not sure where you'll be camping, but make sure when you bring your food that it can be safely stowed away in a hard-shelled container, like a tupperware bin or cooler. Birds are notorious for finding their way into peoples camping food, and the one of the last things you want is to be eating food that has been stirred or mutilated by a beak. We actually saw a raccoon figure out how to open our cooler! After that we put a big heavy rock on top. Depending on your location, you may just want to keep all your food in your trunk and use your vehicle as a pantry.

healthy s'mores? try coring an apple, slicing it into rings, put two slices into foil, and bury in the coals 'til cooked... time depends on heat, you may want to check a couple of times... and you can add cinnamon if you like... when hot and cooked thru, add graham crackers outside and chocolate inside (or unsweetened carob chips and kavli crackers if you want to go completely sugar free)... SOOOO yummy!

I too would be interesed in your recipes.  Thanks

Campfire cooking depends on how much fun you want to have.  Bacon and eggs cooked on a paper plate:  coals and an unwaxed plate.  Don't drip the grease on the fire!  Bacon and eggs in a paper bag. Hamburgers on a cabbage leaf.  If you have a dutch oven, do a cobler with pie filling (I like cherry) and bisquick.  My all-time favorite is building a teepee, covering it with pine boughs, suspend a turkey and spend a long while smoking the turkey.


High cal, but migosh, calories when camping don't count.

I love camping also. I have many grandchildren so it is something we call all do together and enjoy. I have tried all the recipes that have been posted and they are all GREAT

As for smores try using different kinds of candy bars, peanut butter with or without using chocolate, and chocolate coated grahams to make it easier, flavored marchmallows. With a little imagination the combinations are endless.

As for more recipes for camping go to food network and lookup pioneer woman camping recipes. This woman is awesome. I am sure you will find recipes there which are healthy and crowd pleasing.

Have a great time!


Original Post by jvau6524:

Wow! Great ideas you guys! I'm so going to try the foil suggestions, Oh! and the orange idea will be perfect for the little ones and so will the "snake hot dogs" lol.

Anyone know of some yummy desert ideas that are somewhat healthier than smores? I don't want to exclude the healthy campers when it comes to yummy sweet snacks! :)

La Nubia- sugar free low carb marshmallows- they are just like real marshmallows!!!

wow! I can't believe all the responses that this thread has gotten! Thanks so much to everyone! I will be printing this page off for future reference and taking it to the store as a shopping list lol. So many great ideas! I had no idea so many people love camping so much. :) Thanks again!

Anything I can cook at home, I can cook out camping. My husband and I are Civil War reenactors, so we spend a lot of weekends out in the middle of nowhere! 

A wonderful hint, if you're going to be cooking more than just foil packets and will be cooking meats, prepackage your seasonings in snack sized baggies. I don't have a lot of room in our cookboxes, so this is easy. Then all I have to do is pack staples like salt and pepper. 

Any marinades I go ahead and put in freezer gallon baggies and put the frozen meat in there to sit in the cooler. It cuts down on prep time and ingredients to carry around. 

My favorite thing to make is Apple cobbler in my dutch oven. I have to double the recipe to get it to cook in my 5 qt dutch oven. So it's quite a few apples, I cook them in the skillet with brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon to taste (or I cheat and buy Cracker Barrel apples in the jar!). 

The recipe for the cobbler is (this is doubled)

2 stick butter

2 cups self rising flour

2 cup sugar

1.5 cup milk

Apples to desired level (usually 4 large apples is more than sufficient!)


Melt the butter in the dutch oven. Mix the flour, sugar and milk together to a thin pancake consistency. Pour in the dutch oven once the butter is melted. Add the apples in. Cook until crust is a golden brown. 

I cook this over the fire so my cooking times always vary. I cook it on our grill and cover the lid with a good amount of coals. I check on it after 20 minutes or so to see if I need to remove any coals or add more. It's done when the crust is crispy looking and golden brown with a wonderful sheen.

These recipes all sound so good! I'm not going camping, but will make of them anyway. Thanks for the great ideas.
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Make a favorite healthy turkey chili recipe ahead of your trip and freeze solid. Take along on your trip in the cooler. By night 1 or day 2 it will be partially thawed and easily reheated on the camp stove. Stew works well also. Much easier than making from scratch at the campsite.
My bf and I make the most amazing food by simply wrapping it in foil with olive oil, salt and pepper and tossing it on the edges of the fire. We grill steak which is fantastic and delicious. Just recently we grilled salmon and burnt it too much so we wrapped the extra fillet in like 6 layers of foil with lemon, and shallots and tossed it in the embers. Best salmon I've ever had. Hands down.

The last thing is we always have a bottle of wine with us so sometimes I pour a little in with a veggie before I put it in the fire.
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