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Camp Fire recipes

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I'm preparing to go on a camping trip in the next few weeks and I was wondering if any one had some fun recipes, meal ideas and foods-to-bring suggestions for eating out in the wilderness. :) Thanks in advance! :)

By the way: The campers will range from mid-50s to toddler-age kids with a wide variety of cooking methods/tools on hand, such as a camp fire and camp grill/stove/griddle

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chop up meat and veggies, rub in olive oil and salt and wrap in foil

camp fire potatoes and sweet potatoes are great.

Cowboy Sodas- 1.Take orange roll so easier to juice  2.stick pepermint stick into orange 3.suck on orange while listening to scary story is told until ornage juice comes up through the straw that will form in teh pepermint stick


About 1000 years ago... I was camping with the girl scouts... We did shake a pudding which was sooo cool. Nowadays they do have instant pudding, which would work just as well... and ... we had those biscuits from a can.. we took and wrapped em like a snake around a stick "baked" them right over the fire..Everyone knows about s'mores... well try using white chocolate with a chocolate graham.. call it an inside out s'more..

We also spread some dish soap on the bottom of the frying pan before putting it over the fire.. it got charred but the pan's bottom didn't... like magic..

Have a great time...

Hawaiian Wikiwiki's is what we made as kids camping.

Spread out tin foil, put a layer of sliced potatoes, top with a cut of ham. Then put a slice of pineapple and sprinkle with brown sugar. Place in fire/hot coals with potato side down. When the poatoes are done you're good to go!

We also did ground beef patties with mixed veggies but kids always seem to like the pineapple/ham better.

It really depends on the camping gear you have.  We go camping all the time so we've got lots of fun camping toys.  If you have a cast-iron dutch oven, you can make some great stuff.  We usually bring a grill with us for a lot of stuff, but that depends on where you're going camping.  Foil meals are great if you're limited in cooking gear.  We've done everything from hot dogs to whole turkeys on camping trips.  It's a lot of fun figuring out how to cook things.  And don't forget the marshmallows!!!

I could take up a couple pages!  If you like feel free to PM me with your gear and I'll send back a bunch of my go to recipes when we're out camping.

Wow! Great ideas you guys! I'm so going to try the foil suggestions, Oh! and the orange idea will be perfect for the little ones and so will the "snake hot dogs" lol.

Anyone know of some yummy desert ideas that are somewhat healthier than smores? I don't want to exclude the healthy campers when it comes to yummy sweet snacks! :)

My husband just took me camping for the first time, for our 2,000 days married celebration :)

He's a former boyscout, so he did all the cooking (omg, the red meat!) He made me fried eggs and ham in a skillet over a campfire for breakfast and stew in the dutch oven with beef, onions, carrots potatoes, water and salt and pepper.  He can't have wheat, so he made a modified buckle in the same dutch oven - 1 box of cake mix, 3 cans of sugar-free cherries - drain most of the syrup from the cherries.  Make half the batter, put in dutch oven, layer with cherries, and top with the rest of the batter and some brown sugar on top.  Cook in the dutch oven in a non-burning (red coals) campfire for a about an hour.  It came out perfect and we've been eating it for days.

Healthy dessert? ehn.  Fresh mixed berries is always good, but kids will want to make something in the dutch oven, and I wouldn't even worry about it being 'healthy' - it's a vacation after all :) But, you could always do a thin crust apple pie with no top - either use a store bought crust on the bottom and fill with sliced apples, a little lemon juice, cinnamon and some sugar and let it bake down until bubbly.

Banana Boats-pull one side of the banana down, cut a portion of the banana out to make it like a boat and fill with chocolate and marshmallows.  Put the cut off piece of banana back on top, pull the skin back up and wrap in foil.  Put in coals of fire and cook untilwarm.  Nuts would be a good addition.  With the girl scouts we used to do something with biscuit dough and canned pie filling but I cannot remember how it was done.  Maybe we did it the way amwick did with pudding.

As others have already mentioned dutch ovens are great.  You can make almost anything in them.  Stew and fresh bread is my favorite.  That or roast chicken...calling all bears. 

fluffydragon: That sounds like an awesome way to celebrate and so unique, I've never heard of a 2,000 days married celebration :) Wow, Ya'lls meals sound delish. I'm going to have to buy a dutch oven to take with me, because that cake sounds awesome! I can't even imagine baking outside, so much fun! the apple modified pie sounds great too. I know the kids will want all the junky stuff, but there are some very healthy conscientious people traveling with me who are currently on a pretty strict diet. They'd probably love this pie. I'll give it a whirl! Thanks so much!

samp02: ooooh.....banana boats! That's so creative and sounds really yummy! Thanks for the suggestions. i really need to get a dutch oven, they sound really handy. :)

If you get a dutch oven, please please Please get a Lodge.  They're made in the USA and really are worth the "extra" money.  I tried to cheap out on another brand sold at walmart.... this company apparently does everything in china these days also, but I figured cast iron was cast iron.

First use and it was a pre-seasoned pan, my Lodge was doing our brownies and we ended up with a split right down the seam.  Ended up running back out and grabbing the right kind of dutch oven from Lodge. Neither of my lodge pans has a visible seam, that should be a dead giveaway the other pan was crap.

The cheap one was a "best seller" and in the camping gear so it should have done fine... walmart wouldn't refund the cost either so I wouldn't recommend going with their gear in the future.

Oh, and for easier clean up... they make Dutch oven liners =)  otherwise you need to char off the pan and brush the crumbs out.  Don't use Soap!  You have to re-season the pan if you do that!



For the healthy eaters you could do orange cakes... we do this one with our scouts and they love it.

Don't need a pan either, they're baked in orange peels that you core out, so you can get the juice from those =)

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups white sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

4 eggs (could sub to egg whites and add a lil more juice too)

3/4 cup orange juice (from the scooped out peels you're baking in)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Typical recipe format, mix the dry stuff then add in the OJ, vanilla and eggs 1 at a time until fully blended.  I cut the top off the oranges around 1/2 to 3/4" down from the top and scoop out the flesh, then fill them between 1/2 and 3/4 full (kinda like you would a muffin liner) and put the top back on.  Wrap in foil and put in the fire pit.  Turn once after about 10 mins, and they usually take about 20 to fully cook.

Original Post by ladyduece:

If you get a dutch oven, please please Please get a Lodge.  They're made in the USA and really are worth the "extra" money.  I tried to cheap out on another brand sold at walmart.... this company apparently does everything in china these days also, but I figured cast iron was cast iron. 


I agree with the above post. We purchased campfire products from walmart and had the same issues. The "cast iron" ended up falling apart in the fire....???

We replaced our cooking equipment with product from Dick's Sporting Goods. The "made in the USA" stuff.

I'll second the recommendation for banana boats! So easy and delicious. You can also make foil-wrapped baked apples. Cut out the core with a knife or apple corer (I usually cut a cone-shaped hole from the top into the middle and then use a knife or a spoon to pry out the seeds, kind of like scooping a pumpkin) and then stuff the hole with whatever you like, then wrap it in foil and put it on the coals until it's soft when poked. You can bring all kinds of things to stuff them with so people can choose their own fillings - oats/granola, butter, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, coconut, dried fruit, even cheddar or cream cheese. I've heard you can make foil-wrapped berry cobblers in the campfire, as well. I haven't done it myself, but I imagine you could just mix the berries with butter, sugar and flour or oats and the results would be tasty no matter what.  

Another suggestion I've never tried that I think might be good would be just spearing chunks of fruit on a stick and roasting them like marshmallows. Maybe dip them in a little sugar first so the sugar caramelizes over the fire. I bet campfire-roasted banana chunks would be amazing, and they'd certainly make a healthy, vegan-friendly alternative to marshmallows!

ladyduece: Thanks for the heads up! :) I always try to invest in quality equipment because I figure that you end up spending less in the end anyway. Instead of having to buy several items due to wear and tear, you just buy one that lasts and lasts. I'll look up a Lodge brand for sure.

Orange cakes sound wonderful and pretty easy to make! I need to start shopping, I've got so many plans and not enough time lol. It sounds really yummy! Thanks so much!

Bethykins: wow, sounds like Walmart isn't the place to go for everything after all lol

epinephrine: ooooh...I love baked apples and that sounds so easy and fun. So many different filling possibilities for them too! Fruit kabobs! Why hadn't I thought about that, that'd be awesome. My niece would love that. Thanks so much for the suggestions!


I'm so excited to go on my trip! There are lots of paths and hiking trails, so I expect that we'll be taking some hiking day trips.

Any suggestions on some snacks I can pre-make before the trip to have packed and ready for these outings?


We go on long camping trips all the time ( and short ones) and I cook almost everything I want to cook that I would cook at home.  All you need is a gas camping stove and some regular pots and pans.  Things that work well and are easy: spagettie , chili, chicken and rice, or beans and rice

on the grill: the banana boats mentioned here are great! I like them better than regular smores, chicken wings are also really good, especially if you marinate them in soy sauce before you grill them , or grilled chicken leg quarters , but you have to marinate them overnight, so they don't burn and cook faster ( I use lime juice and jerk seasoning)

Have fun! We are going camping this weekend also



fatty912: That's awesome! Camping is so much fun and I do plan on preparing either some tacos, grilled chicken or spaghetti as dinner one night of the trip. There are so many people going that everyone will have to pitch in to prep all of this food lol. I hope the wild animals don't come for a visit. :/

Have a wonderful time on your trip! I hope the weather is perfect, the animals are friendly and the food is terrific :)

Thanks hope you have a great trip too!  Usually the only animals you have to watch out for are racoons and squirrels at the park we are going to , we put all our food stuff and coolers in the truck when we are not using it.  yeah, you need to do that, or the critters will get into it.  We have even had a deer pull out a loaf of bread , out of a cooler!! I have it on video:)


fatty912: Thanks! yea, where I'm going usually is only invaded by curious little critters, usually no Lions, tigers and bears oh my! lol. I'll make sure to be super safe, because I'm skittish of all wild creatures, yes, even the birds lol. I love camping, but it makes a mess of my nerves lol. HAhahaha...that's awesome! What a great memory to have! :)

Original Post by jvau6524:

Any suggestions on some snacks I can pre-make before the trip to have packed and ready for these outings?


Make trail mix - granola, sesame sticks, dried cranberries, almonds, white chocolate chips... the list is endless of things you can put in it.

Another good one:

Seasoned Oyster Crackers

3/4 cup canola oil
1 (1 ounce) package ranch dressing mix
1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
1 teaspoon lemon pepper
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
2 (16 ounce) packages oyster crackers
3/4 cup canola oil
1 (1 ounce) package ranch dressing mix
1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
1 teaspoon lemon pepper
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
2 (16 ounce) packages oyster crackers

Preheat oven to 275. Mix first 8 ingredients in a large bowl. Add oyster cracker and stir to coat. Spread in a single layer on a jelly roll pan. Bake 15-20 minutes until edges of crackers start to brown, stirring halfway thru baking time. Cool completely and store in airtight container or resealable bags.


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