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How to Calculate Calories in a Smoothie

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Hi everyone,

I need a little help out if you don't mind =]

I decided to do a fruit smoothie as a breakfast alternative. I was looking up calorie content for healthy smoothies online and I was seeing 200-300 calories per cup.  Now to me it would seem simple. Add up all the calories in the drink and divide it by the cups. 

But mine seemed kind of low. I used 3 large strawberries, a banana, 3oz of yogurt, 1 tsp of sugar, and a ton of ice = 202 cal.


Once it was blended it came out to be around 2 cups. Does that mean each cup is worth 100 cal?  Just seemed low for so much drink, but I guess the science seems right.

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I would guess that that was more around 250 calories, so each cup was about 125, which is still low. I'm curious, how did you get that to blend? lol

online it probably says 200-300 because they probably assume you use juice, possibly ice cream, and other such things.

You almost have to figure your own cal in a smoothie - every single recipe is different.  You were very smart is to use little fruit, no juice, and yogurt.  Your calorie count is correct (or close enough!) so congrats!

BTW, if you ever want a protein smoothie, make one w/1 T peanut butter, banana, 1 t vanilla, and pinch of salt (optional).  You can even put in some carob powder (excellent sub for chocolate powder and very healthy/low cal, found in a round cardboard can in health section).  YUM!

except for if you want it for the post workout meal you should eliminate the peanut butter as you just want protein for post workout meal. Fat and slow digestive carbs slow down the digestive process.

But for a snack/meal add natural peanut butter if you want.

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