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Brown rice in rice cooker?

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I bought an Aroma rice cooker yesterday and tried to make brown rice last night. The instructions for brown rice said to just add more water, but the rice was definitely not quite done when the cooker switched from 'Cook' to 'Warm'. I did let it sit on 'Warm' for ten minutes before testing the rice.

This cooker has a small vent in the lid to release steam. I don't know whether the cooker just uses a timer to decide when the rice is done or some kind of steam sensor. Anyway I was wondering if anyone else had encountered something like this and has figured out how to get good brown rice.

I was thinking of setting the cooker to 'Warm' for twenty minutes or so before actually cooking the rice. Any thoughts?
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Brown rice also usually takes longer to cook, at least 45 minutes.

I cook mine in a pot.  1 cup rice, 2 cups water.  Bring to boil, then reduce to a simmer and cover.  Cook for 45 minutes, do not peak! 

Works everytime for me :)  Hope this helps... although it doesn't use a rice cooker....

My grandma adds a little rice vinager and sugar (she is japanese). 

I also like to saute an onion in olive oil, add the dry rice for a few minutes after the onion is clean and then add the water and cook as above. 

Does a rice cooker really cook rice better than a pot?  We gave our rice cooker away a long time ago without much regret (shh...don't tell the wedding guest!).  We don't cook anything except for brown or basmati rice.

Perhaps I'll have a regret given a response...
I think rice cookers are good for getting consistancy. You'll always get the same rice out of it. I think the high end ones are supposed to be pretty good but I only got a normal one. Maybe I shouldn't have. I don't have any pots with lids that fit well so that was another reason I wanted a rice cooker. I haven't tried to make white rice in it yet.
I absolutely love my rice cooker. Best invention ever. I haven't tried cooking brown rice in it though, but the setting it on warm for 20 before cooking it sounds like a great idea. Let me know so I can do it too?

I like to cook my rice, let it sit for like 10-15 minutes then add butter or spices to it at this point, it really separates the rice well and makes it so tasty. Much better than the sticky stuff that comes from the stove!

Another trick is to spray the pot with olive oil or the likes prior to adding the rice so it doesn't stick.
We cook brown rice in ours all the time.  Sometimes we do add a bit more water than even what the instructions say though.  And yes, I like it because it always turns out.  And I don't have to make sure the pot isn't boiling over :-)
Okay, I added another portion of water (4 scoops of water, 2 of rice), used hot tap water instead of cold, and I put it on Warm for 20 minutes first and it came out great. I also added 2 tsp of soy sauce.


I also purchased an Aroma Rice Cooker/Food Steamer, Model ARC-998 earlier this year and cooked/steamed white rice many times without any problems. However, I had to set my own timer as the cooker/steamer timer never beeps or go off to alert for doneness (not good).

In July I tried cooking brown rice for the first time but no luck; after 40 minutes I checked and found the brown rice and liquid were barely warm and the brown rice very raw.  This was especially incontinent because I had company over for a fish dinner.  I quickly had to switch to steamed white rice instead for the sake of time to complete my meal. 

I returned the cooker/steamer back to Target where I originally purchased it, on 8-20-10 for the same cooker/steamer ARC-998.  This afternoon I decided to cook brown rice with full confidence it would work this time.  I figured the other cooker/steamer must have been defective (how could this ever happen again).  Wouldn’t you know; my timer went off (not Aroma’s timer on cooker/steamer) after 45 minutes.  I opened the lid only to find my brown rice and liquid barely warm and the brown rice very raw again… Unbelievable! 

There is definitely a problem with the Brown Rice feature on these Aroma Rice Cooker/Food Steamers and also a problem with the Timer mechanism.  I will be contacting  as soon as tomorrow.  This could be a great tool in any kitchen if only it were reliable.              &nb sp;               

Matty in the NW

Gee, I never have problems. I've cooked rice (white & brown), kamut, barley, spelt, & regular wheat grains in mine. I found as long as I had the right amount of water the product was cooked to the right consistency as the "rice" cooker flipped from cook to warm once the water was absorbed.

ETA: I have 2 here. A Black & Decker & a Cuisinart.

We just recently bought a new rice cooker (hadnt had one in quite a while) I cook brown rice in it all the time but dont use water...I put a can of chicken broth and it cooks great....i find that cooking brown rice in water is very bland

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