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Breakfast Sandwiches for the week ( Under 250 cal)

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As we all know eating healthy can get expensive, so I came up with a cheap and healthy way to make yourself breakfast sandwiches for the week.

What you need..

Egg White or Egg Substitute

Onion & Peppers 

Goya Black beans

Multigrain Muffin (I  buy the stop n shop brand thats 90 calories, but I think Thoma's English Muffins carry the same kind of muffins)


Drain out the black beans and rinse. Cook as directed.

In a separate skillet make an egg and onion & pepper omelet or scramble.


Take your English Muffin and layer with egg then beans.

I make about 5 egg sandwiches and freeze them.

Then every morning I take one sandwich and cook it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.


Its really Yummy and hearty if you prefer salt in the morning.

For those that dont like beans you can sub the beans for turkey sausage.


Hope you guys like it!


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Yum! That's a really good idea! I've never thought of combining beans with eggs but now I'll have to try it!

I make breakfast sandwiches with a whole wheat English muffin, a poached egg (poached in the microwave-it's way faster), a piece of Canadian bacon, and a smear of goat cheese and it's really yummy. But I don't think I would be able to freeze and then reheat it without making the yolk hard. :(

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Thank you for giving healthy options! These protein shakes are not satisfying, need to chew, and expensive!
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Satisfy that hunger! ( in a healthy way of course)

This is exactly what I want for breakfast!
That's me...I love savory/salty foods. Starting my day off with something like this is 100X preferred to cereal or other sweet breakfast foods.

We've been eating these, but I put a piece of ham instead of beans or even the turkey sausage patties(frozen) and a half a slice of fat free cheddar.  with the sausage still around 260 and awesome.

Sounds great-freezing is a good idea and would make it quick for the morning. Thanks, I will have to try this!

I always have sandwiches in my breakfast.Thanks to share these yummy...

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That sounds good!
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