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Boxed cake mix

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Has anyone ever made 1/2 of the boxes of cake mix?  If so, what measurements did you use?  I'm making cupcakes for a friend at work and I really don't think they need 24!  I'd like to make half now and half for another occassion to make sure they don't go to waste.  Thank you!

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Um, half of everything.  Or is this more complicated than I realize?  I'm going to assume you just had a brain-fart.  I do all the time!

Haha well I have just never heard of anyone only making half and on the actual box it doesnt specify what amount is in the box like cups, etc of the actual mix.  So just wondering if anyone had a guess off the top of their head how i would measure out the cake mix instead of blindly pouring..the rest I can def handle!!

I'd just take the packaging and kind of pinch it in half before you open it.  Then seal the unused portion.  Alternatively, you could make them all and freeze some of them.

why not bake them all and freeze half without icing?  That way all the work is done for next time.

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Forget halving the mix!! That's too hard!!1

Besides, oftem mixes are not truly mixed well, so when you split it, each portion doesn't have all the same amounts of ingredients.

Instead, make the cake in loaf pans or cupcake tins. Wrap portions WELL in plastic wrap, and FREEZE it. I've been doing this for YEARS, and it tastes just as good. (We had a portion of my wedding cake 5 YEARS after it was baked!)

The key is to wrap well. Cupcakes I wrap individually in seran wrap, then place into large freezer bags. Cakes I wrap, then box, then wrap again.

Try with and without frosting prior to freezing. I'm told some notice a bit of difference. The frosting seems to keep more moisture, but adds a bit of sweetness to the cake.

I don't think the mixture in the bag is really a problem.  If so, you could just shake it around a bit before opening the bag.  To split it, weigh it first, then measure out half to use.  Put the rest in a zip-loc bag for later.  Be sure to keep the instructions or write the ingredients on the bag so you don't forget what to do with the rest of the mix!

I have done this with other things but not specifically with a cake mix.

Thanks so much for all of the suggestions!

I half the mix all the time. Heck sometimes I only make 3 cupcakes! It's not that hard to do the math from what the back of the box says. Want to know how many tablespoons or teaspoons are in a 1/2 cup? Google it and find it. Beat up the egg first and measure out that much, or just use egg beaters a few tablespoons at a time. I swear, it's not hard :) I'm doing 3 cupcakes tonight of banana cake mix and diet spite (love the diet coke cakes!). Those cake mixes are hard to mess up.

PS: When you make only a few, just take the food scale and measure out the grams per serving by how many servings you want to make. :) Then math out the cake mix from there.

Post how many you want to make, and the servings in the box + grams per serving. And any items you need (eggs, oil, water) and I'll help ya math it out.

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