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Awesome low cal pancakes!!

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Hi Everybody! I'm brand new and thought I'd share my fav. pancake
breakfast. This makes a huge stack of pancakes and with butter spray,and sugar free syrup this breakfast comes in around 200 calories and totally fills me up! I hope you like them!

Pumpkin Oat pancakes (serves one)

In a bowl combine:

1/3 cup of oats reg. or quick
1/4 cup of pumpkin
3 egg whites
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 packets of splenda
1 tablespoon Toriano SF vanilla syrup (or 1 tsp vanilla ext.)

whip all the above with a fork- let it sit for 5 min. to let the oats soften.
then -- in a sep. small bowl stir together

2-3 Tablespoons Wheat Bran (unprocessed bran)
a pinch baking soda
a pinch baking powder

Add this to the rest of the ingredients - stir just to combine.
Coat a pan with no stick spray and heat to med-high. Cook 2-3 min. on each side- flip once. Any comments or improvements welcome!!

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Hey CB, sounds quite interesting.  I've copied the recipe and think I will give it a try this week.  Breakfast is an important meal and I am always looking for something that is filling.  Lately, the egg beaters and toast are not cutting it and I am getting burnt out from bagels, cereal, and all the other typical breakfast food items.  

Will let you know what i think after i make them. 
Oh my god, that sounds *beautiful*. Does the saccharine taste disappear into the pumpkin? And where do I get pumpkin from at this time of year actually! I reckon it might be nice to make with butternut squash or something...?  
I am thinking it is canned pumpkin.  If you use splenda, there should not be a saccharine taste.  Out of all the artificial sweetners out there, I think Splenda wins best taste hands down.
Canned pumpkin! Wow, never been aware of that......this sounds so very nice. I'm thinking maybe some cinnamon as well but anyways it is crying out for a try. 

Yes I used canned pumpkin. It's so low in calories and yummy. Butternut squash sounds delicious too! I've only used splenda as the sweetener so I can't tell you how saccharine tastes in this recipe.
I checked in the shop yesterday and definitely didn't see any canned pumpkin. It's got to be one of those things that you don't really find in the UK. Butternut squash it might be then, although that does make it a lot more work.

Has anyone got any other suggestions for pumpkin substitutes?
There's no way I'll find canned pumpkin around here either ("Hey, isn't that food for pigs only?!?"), but I tried with boiled, mashed carrot. It doesn't have the creamy texture, but I got myself some nice low-cal pancakes!
How about an equal amount applesauce instead of pumpkin?
I haven't tried it but I think it would work!
I'm so happy you are trying the recipe! I had them for breakfast
today again and they are sooo good! Today I really whipped the egg whites with the oats and ~then~ incorporated the pumpkin. It made
the pancakes lighter and fluffier. They are sooo good. And I found
Mrs. Butterworths sugar free syrup in the grocery store--- wow-it is delicious. woo-hoo!!
How many pancakes does the recipe make??  about 3" diameter? and is it 200 calories per pancake or ??

Stevia is spose to be the healthy substitute for sugar......has anybody used it?  I use splenda too, its cheaper.....
Thanks for this great idea. I usually make the oatmeal with eggbeaters, splenda and vanilla recipe. This new twist with pumpkin sounds great. Canned pumpkin must be a U.S. thing. We find it in the section with the pie fillings.
Made! I'm not sure all my numbers were entirely right. I used 3 egg whites per pancake which gives a great protein boost and a fantastic fluffy batter, but it did taste quite "eggy" in the end. I think I could probably make 2 pancakes out of more oats, more pumpkin (for my own recipe I used roast butternut squash because pumpkin in a can is impossible to get hold of in the UK) and 4 egg whites.

Apart from that I thought they were perfect though! Thanks a lot for posting the recipe on here today. I'll freeze the rest of my butternut squash and make some more later in the week.  

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