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Anyone have any filling low calorie breakfast recipes?

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I normally eat oatmeal with skim milk and half a banana and its filling, but I'm want to try something else for a change. 

I had cheerios with half a banana for breakfast today and it wasn't filling at all! :\

Any suggestions?

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A lot of people beat an egg white and stir it into their oatmeal to cook.  The extra protein would really stay with you without adding a lot of calories.

My boyfriend's mother makes french toast with only egg whites. I think this is a good breakfast. :D

i would suggest egg whites too. 4 egg whites is still less than 100 calories, so you can add in some things, and still have your banana if you want something sweet, or some yogurt/milk.

yeah egg whites or Nasoya lite firm tofu(stir fry or whatever)

FIBER ONE, mix 1/4 cup+minus that amount of oatmeal, add a little unsweetened almond breezee/pacific unsweetened version(my preference) and you'll be stuffed

unsweetened almond milk, being so low cal and high in good fats, and fiber one in any combination will work(unless you are opposed to aspartame)

I often have 1/2 cup steel cut oats with 4 egg whites and 1 tablespoon of parm cheese.. its 250 cals, 24 grams of protein..  i just ate it actually and i feel kind of stuffed..

I found that whenever I eating cereal for breakfast, I tend to overdo the carbs during the rest of the day... So I usually have a 3 egg white omelet which is full of protein and is incredibly low cal. I fill it with several different add-ins depending on my mood, such as mushrooms and wilted spinach, or cottage cheese, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Both of these options are under 150 cals.

I add a slice or two of turkey bacon, some 'refried' beans (not really refried...), and sweet plantains and it's a full meal for about 300 cals!

Side note: I dislike the taste of egg yolks which is why I only eat the egg white, but a whole egg is also very filling and still low cal so give it a try and see how you feel...

something new I found that i want to try for breakfast - side-down-cake.html

150 cals a slice, and fruity and wheaty

omg fluffydragon, that looks amazing. I'm gonna try that!

as far as low-calorie filling breakfasts, I like to make omelettes with 1 egg + 1-2 egg whites, and a bunch of sauteed vegetables... like red/purple onion, mushrooms, spinach, sometimes green peppers. and then I put tomatoes on top of the whole omelette when its done. and I eat it with a piece of toast! it's really really good. I have no idea how many calories are in it, but I'm sure it's not bad.

oooooo and another thing I like to make is pancakes with banana slices. mix a cup of flour, an egg, baking powder, some vanilla, and milk in a bowl. make the pancake and all, and then slice bananas over the finished pancake. put a little sugar-free syrup inside, and then roll it up and put more syrup on the outside. omg, it's delicious!

ooooh, monkey, yours sounds great too! I recently found kashi frozen waffles, and I ate those this morning with blueberries anda  very very light drizzle of syrup.

My husband thinks I'm crazy when i make eggs and pile on the veggies.  But I usually do 1 whole egg and 2 whites, then pile them on whole wheat bread and eat them together - that way I don't butter the toast, and i don't miss it either.  If I add another piece of toast, and make an egg/veg sandwich, I'm totally stuffed.  You know,  should try that for dinner sometime..

Cheerios bad choice.  try flaxseed cereal, very good and filling.  Add some fruit.  Something else I really like is a pack of the instant quaker oats in a yoplait yogurt with a few almonds....let it sit a few minutes and it's delicious!

Try making   Buggyhair's Pancake Mix

On the go? Need to keep a snack handy (1/4 cup per serving) for after your workout or coffee break? Serve with skim milk or yogurt  Buggyhair's Granola

Thanks most of you for your advice. I will try those. :]

Dial it back a notch folks!  How can you find an argument on a forum called "Recipes?"  Answer is, it's really hard to do.  We all like to eat, some of us like to cook and some of us don't know how to cook.   The object is to help each other out especially with creative ideas.  That's not hard at all.

Mommakitty, how about a few of your delicious pancake recipes?  Care to share with a positive response? 

My own favorite is buckwheat pancakes with sliced bananas, a little real maple syrup and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts on top.  It's whole grain, high energy carbs and plenty of fiber too.

Please be aware there has been some moderation to this thread following inflammatory remarks and so some posts may be a bit confusing.

I have to agree with Claire, though - I'm amazed there's an arguement in the Recipes forum of all places! The only arguements need be about what's better: fried or baked chicken? ;P

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Meow: Don't worry. Your question wasn't out of line; feel free to ask what you want provided it doesn't breach PGs. :] For me, I think breakfast's the most important meal of the day - breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. Meaning, big breakfast, medium lunch, smaller dinner, or that my dinner is often the smallest of my main meals comparitively. Thus I don't know how good I'd be for suggesting smaller breakfast ideas! XD Just aim to get a good mix of protein, complex carbs, fibre and healthy fats in your meal with a side of fruit and dairy.

A bowl of oatmeal made with milk topped with blueberries and walnuts would be nice. I know you said you have oats every day, but that doesn't mean you can't change the toppings! Alternatively pick your favourite kiddie cereal and make a half and half bowl of oats and that cereal with milk and some juice on the side.

Pancakes and waffles are great; I like Claire's suggestion of buckwheat pancakes. Buckwheat's lovely, a whole grain, and has this nice nutty flavour to it. Her topping idea sounds divine too. For your dairy you could put some half-fat greek yoghurt in the middle of the pancakes, or on the side.

Savoury breakfasts could also compromise pancakes (just don't make them to a sweet recipe) with some egg white and vegetable scramble in the middle, and a glass of milk. Or a one egg and egg white omelette with vegetables, prawns (shrimp), chicken - whatever filling you desire - and some wholegrain toast with some butter as your dairy.

I don't know if you're a vegetarian or like vegetarian dishes, but another good and tasty breakfast is a vegetarian burger (patty?) or veggie sausages, with a side of grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and some toast washed down with milk. Or a tofu scramble made in a similar fashion to the egg one.

Lastly, nut butter on toast with a half-fat yoghurt topped with berries. Can't diss nut butter. :D

Hope this helps!

Thanks lalabanana. :]

I'll definitely try your suggestions!

hey meaow!

Try some drained tuna fish with plain or chive cottage cheese - I like it because of the protein and I'm not a breakfast food person. You can smear it on taost or melba if youneed more crunch.

This is good any time of day.

I have a glass tomato juice with lemon and pepper with it.

If you like oatmeal, I'd say throw some nuts/ nut butter in there.  Every morning I either have half a cup dry whole oatmeal, cooked, with sunflower seed butter or half a cup walnuts.  I add honey, too.  One tbsp definitely does the trick.. and then I'm full!

6 egg whites, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1 cup oats ( or use a couple packets of flavored oatmeal if you prefer)  Mix all together and pour into a pie pan that you have spayed with nonstick.  Bake at 350 for 20 min...when cool cut into 4 slices or just halve it if you're really hungry :)  Top with a little maple syrup or peanut butter.  If eaten plain, the whole pan is only about 450 cals.

Sometimes I leave out the milk and subsitute a 1/2 cup of plain pumpkin and sprinkle in cinnamon.  Mmmmm.....

My favourite start to the day is a poached egg on a slice of wholewheat toast, followed by a piece of fruit. Works out at under 300cals and keeps me going for hours (plus it's yummy!)

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