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Weight Gain in Pregnancy at 30 weeks.

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Hello EVeryone,


I haven't posted in a while, I'm 30.5 weeks today and just wondering how much weight have people gained?? I've gained about 25lbs. already.  I thought that since I lost so much weight before i got pregnant that I wouldn't gain so much weight this time (I only gained 15lbs. with my other 2 pregnancies, before getting healthy!)  I haven't been exercising like I should, just walking when I can my hips hurt too bad, and I've been having tons of contractions.  I'm trying to eat healthy, but haven't been eating as healthy as i did before.  I'm still eating lots of fruit and trying to drink all my water!  But I've also had cookies/chips etc... should I be so concerned about this, I'm almost finished the pregnancy cand know that I can lose the baby weight again.  The dr's don't seem to overly concerned, just feel so disguested with myself I guess I just wanted a break from all the "dieting" any suggestions or comments would be nice :)

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If you were a healthy weight before becoming pregnant, it's acceptable to gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. I've also heard that you're all good if your weight gain is at or below the number of weeks you are pregnant (ie: 30 pounds at 30 weeks). Weight gain usually slows down during the last several weeks, too, so you're probably golden!

Personally, I gained 70+ pounds with my first pregnancy and exactly 40 with my second. The weight from my most recent pregnancy was gone by 4-5 months post-partum and I didn't even "diet." I breastfed and ate when I was hungry, laying off the junk food. Don't worry about occasionally eating chips and cookies. If you're eating a relatively balanced diet, you're in good shape.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

You are probably right on track. I am 26 weeks and have gained about 21 pounds ( I think, haven't gotten on the awful scale this week!) I figure I will be right where you are when I am 30 weeks. I too, gained less at this point with my first pregnancy and I was 40 pounds heavier then. Exercising pretty much stopped at about 5 weeks along because I have been so miserable. I have gotten on the treadmill a couple times but I am so short of breath and everything seems to ache that  it is hard to keep working out. My new thing this week is that I make myself do 15-20 squats everytime I go to the bathroom! Figure with as many times as I visit the bathroom a day, maybe I can get some of my muscle tone back in my legs and butt that soooo quickly disappeared!

Doctors says weight gain is pefect, and husband says I look fantastic (I think he lies). Just try to remember (as I am) that this is temporary and as soon as it is over we can get back to working out and HOPEFULLY get our bodies back! For the time being, the baby holds most of the control!

I'll be 33 weeks tomarrow and I've gained 33 pounds so far, so I think you are doing great!  I really wouldn't worry about gaining too much.  As long as you and the baby are healthy, you can lose the extra weight later.  If you breastfeed, it will go that much quicker and easier.  I dropped 25-30 pounds in the two weeks after my DD.  Its hard to watch the scale go back up after just getting it back down.  But you can do it again and now that you know how, it will be that much easier!  I thought I'd watch what I was gaining the whole time and gain the ideal amount...but this kid has given me one problem after another!  He's perfectly healthy (and big!) but he's put me on bedrest and light activity almost constantly since 5 weeks.  There goes exercise.  And now he's wanting to come early.  Can't even walk without having regular contractions.  Focus on keeping your kido put till its safe to come out, then focus on being a good new mommy, then worry about those few extra cookies none of us can resist!

I'm 32 weeks and have gained approximately 25 pounds so far and having the same fears, like how much more am I going to gain?  At this point though, I'm just gonna try not to stuff myself and let my body do what it does.  I know I haven't gained a lot of fat, and I'm not going crazy eating everything, so I'm trying to just relax and let nature take its course.  My weight gain has been pretty steady, so I don't expect that I'll gain more than the 35 by the end of it.  Try to relax.  Sometimes I think the weight gain can be somewhat mysterious and different for every person--fluids, uteruses, baby size, breast size... there are a LOT of factors besides just fat.

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like how much more am I going to gain?

I'm willing to bet you're either finished gaining or close to being finished. Weight gain usually tapers or even stops during the last several weeks of a pregnancy. There's a decrease in amniotic fluid at that time which makes up for the baby's weight gain.  

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Starting weight was 121 lbs. and I've gained 16 lbs.  This is my 4th pregnancy.  With my 1st I gained 29 lbs., 2nd was 34 lbs., and 3rd was 39 lbs.  Also I had a higher starting weight with each pregnancy.  Except this one, this is my lightest starting weight, so I'm a little paranoid about how big I'm going to get.

I am 15 weeks and have gained 9 lb...I constantly worry about how much I have gained. Hope it will taper off as bier says!

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