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tubal ligation pros/cons

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hey everybody!

i am considering tubal ligation and have been reading up on it and it seemed like a good idea until i saw all of the negatives. it seems like there could be a ton of complications so i dont know if it's worth it. anyone have any experience or thoughts on this??? thanks!!


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A tubal is MAJOR abdominal surgery.  Weeks of recovery, etc.  Plus, it's quite expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it (thousands!!).  I made a deal with the hubby during this last pregnancy...  We decided that if for some reason I had to have a c-section I would go ahead and get my tubes tied while they were in there ;) but if I was able to have her vaginally then he would get a vasectomy.  Well, thankfully I was able to have her the old fashioned way nearly 6 months ago.  The hubby finally went in for his vasectomy last Tuesday, it cost us $390.00 (no insurance), it was performed in under 20 minutes they used no needles and no scalpel, he told me the only thing he felt were the air injected pain killers which felt like someone was thumping him down there.  He had some minor swelling that night (he took 1 dose of ibprofin) and the next day he felt fine. 

If you're married and looking for permanent bc I would talk to the hubby about vasectomy first.  It's such an easy procedure and the cost and recovery is SO much less.  Men truly have it so much easier in the reproductive dept.  LOL  Good luck doll.

thanks for your reply! my husband has the typical male fear of someone doing something surgical to him 'down there'. one of his friends had it done and said the same thing as you- that there's really nothing to it. i hope i can convince him. maybe i should let him read some of the articles i've been reading about side effects of the tubal surgery. my mom had it done-years ago- i should see what she says too. thanks again. you're sweet.

I had a tubal (mine were cut and burned) and I had no problems at all. It was the best thing I ever did. I had to do 6 weeks after my c-section because my insurance would not pay for both together. But it took like maybe 1 hr for the whole procedure. They do put you to sleep. I have 2 tiny scars on my stomach. But I didn't have any pain afterwords. I did feel like I did a whole bunch of sit ups for a couple of days but that was it.

If you can not get your hubby to agree to vasectomy, look up the "Essure" procedure as an alternative to tubal litigation. I read a lot about this procedure and it sounds pretty good as far as female sterilization goes.

I had a tubal about 19 years ago after my second child was born.  The doctor performed the procedure through my belly button, there is not a single scar to be seen.  It was done on an outpatient basis.  I was back at work in three days.  No big deal at all.  I have never had a complication from it.  To me it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

Here is my take on it.  If you never want to have another child again this is the only way to ensure it.  What if for some reason you and your husband part ways.  Your security of not becoming pregnant is now gone with him.  

I wish you luck in your decision.  I know it is a hard and personal one.


Dont do the essure it can have a lot of problems. I had my tubes done a year ago. The only recovery I needed was the day after. I was fine after that. Of course the 3 weeks no sex sucked but I survived. The only problem I have had is irregular periods. It comes when it wants to. Sometimes a month sometimes 6 weeks sometimes 7 weeks. Good luck with your choice.

I'm not sure how it works in other places, but the in the area I live in, tubes aren't cut, they're just tied. I know a few women who've gotten pregnant due to this, even though their tubes were "done".

Make sure you ask your OB/GYN his/her success rate, and ask your friends who've had it done for references.

My best advice would be to try to encourage your husband to do his part- after all, if we women can bear a whole world of pain down there during childbirth, surely the men can step up and face a little ow-ie  ;)

My mom had her tubes tied before she had me! So that is why I opted for them to be cut and burned.

Also I forgot to mention that my periods were different afterwards also alot more heavy. The amount of days didn't change but just alot heavier. I mentioned it to my OBGYN and hs said it had nothing to do with the tubal just a coincidence that it happen to be after it.

He also gave me pictures of the tubal which was kinda of interesting.

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Hi, I am mother of 4 children 18, 6, 5, 3.  I am 38 years old and I want to get my tubes tided.  Have any of you taken any sort of birthcontrol pills or patches before getting the tubal ligation done.  I have never in my life taken any sort of protection.  Will this be a positive point for me.  Thanks Sussan.

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Hi Ismile67,  I am glad to hear your Tubal Ligation went well.  Can you tell me, why only 1 out of 10 stories about Tubal Ligation is positive.  This website is different.  I want to get my TL done also.  Just want to be sure that all these side effects are making my nervous.  Any suggestions.  Thanks Sussan

i was just wondering i have a sister in law who had this done and she said that she has no sex drive what so ever that she doesnt even have feeling down there anymore is that one of the side affects of having this done.

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