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TTC #1 - cramping/tightness?

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For the past couple days my lower abdomen/uterus area has been tight and somewhat uncomfortable.  My lower back has also been tight and sore (for lack of a better word).  I am in my luteal phase and should be starting (although hopefully not!) my period next Tuesday. 

Happened to anyone else?  Just PMS and hoping it means something else? 

I am 28, TTC #1, month 8.


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I felt a sort of tightness just before I was expecting my period (with both pregnancies).  I think I started noticing it about a week before my expected period.  This last time I kept telling my husband I knew I was pregnant because I kept feeling that tightening feeling, especially when I walked.  He told me I was crazy and it was just PMS.  Looks like he was wrong!  LOL!   

But sometimes I feel it just before a period.  Sorry I'm no help, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!  Good luck! 

thanks so much! 

I have had cramping before my period but this just feels different...i can almost feel pain in my ovaries...hmm.  well i guess i will know in a couple days.

thanks again

Could be implantation.  I spotted right around period time and had the same pain you are describing with all my pregnancies.  The pain was more pronounced in my 1st preg which ended up being an ectopic.  Good luck!

wilikea - I just posted in the other forum that we were successful. I found out 2 days ago and have yet to go to the doctors (appt. is on Wednesay). anyways, all last week (a few days before and some in the week after my period was due) I also had cramping, and tightness in my uterus. i really thought it was premenstrual cramps and thought I was getting my period.  This past weekend, I was 1 week overdue for my period, and finally took a test. It was positive!!!  Took another one yesterday, and still positive. so cramping is definitely a sign of early pregnancy.  (I googled it on Friday before decided to take the test the next day, and yup, many women experience that as a sign of early pregnancy). I hope this is the case for you!

Today, day three of knowing, my cramping has gone.  But it hung around for a good week or so. It was generally mild, but definitely noticeable for me.  I also felt slight bachache on occasion.

p.s. I am 28 and was TTC #1 for 3-4 months.  =)


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0_0, Now I'm going to be pariniod for a few days. I've been feeling oddly crampy for a few days and assumed it was just PMS, but it's never been one of my symptoms before. Admittedly, I'll be thrilled if I am, but my boyfriend wanted to wait till we bought a house. Oh well, what's meant to be, is, right? 

Brianneo...Congratulations!!!  That is wonderful news!!!  I know you all must be so excited...and thank goodness the cramping went away!!  :)

As an update on my original question...I am on day 52 of my cycle and still no period.  I have taken 3 pregnancy on day 35, day 39 and day 45.  All negative.  I have made an appointment to see my OB-GYN for next Tuesday to discuss these problems and hopefully see a fertility specialist.  I have a feeling I am just not ovulating at all.  Definitely frustrating.  We are on month 9 of TTC with no end in sight.

will keep updating...




wilkiea - keeping my fingers crossed for you. I hope your visit with the doctor works out.  I had a 52 day cycle when we went on our honeymoon and also took 3 pregnancy tests which all turned out negative.  doc said it was likely the traveling that got my system out of wack.  thought that was the case this time (except no traveling this time), but it was a pregnancy.  good luck my dear.  (wish me luck too----for a healthy pregnancy).

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