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Were you suddenly able to get pregnant after some weight loss??

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I'm 24 years old, 5'8" and 274lbs. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for just over two years now with no luck at all. My doctor told me almost from the beginning that I would have a better chance getting pregnant if I lost weight. But, being happy with my weight at that time, I figured since I've seen woman way heavier than myself get pregnant that the doctor was just using that as an excuse to hassle me about being overweight.

I have PCOS which makes it easier for me to gain, harder to lose and drops my chances of being able to get pregnant. I also suffer from annovulatory cycles without help of medicine. I've used Clomid and am currently taking Fertilaid and although they both make me ovulate, I've never gotten pregnant.

Well, over Christmas I finally hit my breaking point with my weight. After seeing how HUGE I looked in all the pictures (when I thought I looked just fine in the mirror) I finally admitted I wasn't as happy with my body as I tried to convince people of. I'm only on day 3 of my lifestyle change but I'm positive that I'll be able to hit my goal of 240lbs by June 30th and 190lbs by December 31st.

What I'm wanting to know is if anyone experienced difficulty similar to mine and was able to get pregnant after losing weight and how much they lost. I'm not losing weight to become pregnant, it's much more deeper than that at this point, but I'd like to know if there is some hope that my weight loss will reward me in more ways than one. Anyone who has had to go through such a heartbreaking journey knows that any piece of hope makes every day a little easier.

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i understand exactly what u are going through. Im 28 years old and have been trying to concieve since i was 23 years. I dont get my period unless i take medicine. my doctor also said for me to loss weight and that might help me to concieve. im not sure as to why i dont get my peroid my doctor doesnt know. she tested me for PCOS but she says that i dont have it. but i dont believe the results i have most of the symptoms. im sry this isnt what u were asking about i just wanted to let u know that u arent alone.  

Thank you so much Kat. It might not have been what I was asking but it was what I needed. Sometimes I forget that I'm not in this alone.

I've had my doctors tell me I have PCOS but then when they do any ultrasounds there are no cysts...or at least they don't tell me there are. I don't quite get it. I'll have my period but it's verrry irregular since I don't ovulate. It sucks! And of course I'm currently 5 days late on my period and keep getting negative pregnancy tests. I'm at the point where I just want my stupid period to start!!'s all soo frustrating! ...But we gotta just hang in there, as hard as it may be!

I am much older than you - try double your age - and have stuggled with my weight all my life.  I am near my highest now but it's coming down slowly.  I have already gone through the change but until that time I was exactly on time each and every month.  I have never had PCOS, not much going on fertility wise, but I couldn't get pregnant.  My OB-GYN told me that I would have a hard time.  I dropped only about 20 lbs and got pregnant while on vacation.  The better thing is that I continued to lose during the first part of my pregnancy because I really craved healthy foods.  The week after giving birth by C section I weighed the exact same thing that I did when I walked into his office the first time.  PLEASE, don't give up hope.  Focus on healthy eating and portion control if necessary.  The weight will come off and you may just get your bundle of joy!  Now my bundle, who is 5, is the reason that I am working at changing my life and getting healthy inside and out.

Not me personally, but I do have a good friend who was "infertile" for many years.  No real explanation for it- she WAS overweight.  They adopted children and a few years ago, she had that lap-band surgery.  She immediately began dropping weight and WHAM she was pregnant.  They had long since given up on the idea of getting pregnant- the weight loss was for health not babies.  ... and the babies came... She then called herself the fertility goddess and the hubby got HIS "tubes tied"! 

So yeah... sometimes the weight does make a difference.  Also, I've heard plenty of stories where people finally give up trying and THEN conceive.  The stress can get in the way, too.

Just wanted to pop in to say that it is possible to have PCOS without having the cysts the disease is named for.  If you have most of the other symptoms, I wouldn't rule it out just b/c your doctor didn't find any cysts when he/she looked.  Of course, there are other possible explanations for some of the symptoms, but no matter what the cause, if you're showing symptoms (in my experience) it's better to find out the reason behind them sooner rather than later... even though many doctors will prefer to treat any female reproductive issue w/ birth control pills without bothering to discover the underlying problem.

my teacher is also recommended to lose weight to get pregnant. its something about the egg can travel easier through fallopian tube to the uterus as theres no fat obstructing from the outside (or something)

personally i think shes never that overweight, shes very well proportioned, but shes really happy right now with the lifestyle change. u will come to love it too.

Thanks everyone! The number one thing I hear is that if I stop trying it will happen, but I don't understand how to stop trying for something you want more than anything. We plan on giving it another two years and then adopting. I know I should really go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist but my insurance wont cover it and it is definitely not cheap! And with my recently becoming unemployed that's definitely not something we have money for!

Like I said though, I'm losing weight for health reasons and not just to get pregnant, but I can't help but hope that the weight loss will make it happen. I would be lying if I said it wasn't an underlying motivation though. I really do appreciate everyone encouragement; it's nice to know I'm not alone.  Thank you all so much!

While no doctor can say definitively that weight loss will assit in infertility it can help your body systems to function better.

Fat absorbs the hormones that our bodies create to regulate menstural cycles, cyst activity and to help foster pregnancy.  Also the more weight you carry the more other systems have harder work to do.

My husband and I went through 2 years of infertility before conceiving via IVF.  I did drop 40 pounds (using this website) before the IVF cycle.  There was an issue of over stimulation because of the fertility medicines on a couple of our IUI cycles and there were concerns that my body fat would absorb the stimulation medicines at my higher weight.  And some doctors will not even perform fertility treatments on overweight patients.

From my research you want to try and have a BMI below 35 to have the effects of the weight not be as likely a hinderance in your efforts to conceive.

Since losing the 40 pounds we have conceived (twins!!) and I have gone 15 weeks into my pregnancy with no complications.

Hope that helps.  Best of luck with your healthy lifestyle and conception.  I know for myself it was hurtful to be unhealthy and infertile.

This happened to me. Ten years of infertility and I had finally given up hopes of having a child of my own. We wanted to lose weight to get healthy just for us...and 4 months into it and 70 lbs lighter I was pregnant. I just gave birth to my son on 12-2-10 and I believe if it wasn't for my weight loss I would not be here today with this wonderful baby. So keep up the good work and know its always a possibility. :) Good luck.

I think there has to be something to do w/the weight loss to make it easier to get pregnant. It happened to me too... Been married for 4 years trying I was around 230 lbs my periods were really iregular, Had everything check and there was nothing wrong w/me; i had loss hope of us ever having a baby. I loss like 30 lbs and like a miracle I was pregnant baby born 01/2006. After getting married I gained very quickly 50 lbs So I really think i does help to be at a healthier weight to make it easier to get pregnant.

Work on the weight loss and never loose hope! Good Luck!

Well I have been down that road as well and it can leave you hopeless and saddened,I have struggled with my weight and fertlity issues for the past 6-7 years and I found out I have a microadnoma on my pituitary gland that was becoming a bad hormaonal problem that lead me from my starting weight of 160 to a whopping 295lbs.,I had ended up with type 2 diabeates and deppression,migrains,going from a doctor,endocrinoligist,fertility speacialist,and phychiatrist,because of the mental and phyical pain it put me through.I could never lose the weight not having normal cyles and would go withou them for a year or more and after being a guinie pig of medication and doctors telling me nothing helpful,I started taking clomid too and I was taking carbargoline for my tumor and the shrinking over time helped me lose 70lbs and have a consistant cycles for 5 moths now until lots of prayer and paitence I dropped to 229lbs and this year January 21,2011 we had beeen trying off and on for all that time and God anwsered our prayers and on my last cycle of clomid I became pregnant!I am happy to share that I know it's hard when you feel there is no hope but there is,and I don't have the type2 diabeates anyomore,the tumor has been shrinking,hardly any medicaitions but my carbargoline and ambein and eating healthy and striving through prayer and and continued blessings and hope I can lose the weight to ,to be healthy for life and not just for looks and our child.Please don't give up,and pray,pray,pray,I thought I was in the brren wildernesss for almost 10 year and God brought us out of it and heard my plea,I know he will hear you too.Good Luck dear.Laughing

I had one child already in 2001,  Thought I didnt want anymore, but changed my mind.  We started trying in 07,couldnt get pregnant.  went on and on, meanwhile i had gained weight about 30 lbs.   Talked to the Dr.  he suggested clomid, but i wasnt ready for that just yet.   My periods were irregular.  decided to go on diet had heard may help.  Lost 15 lbs, wham!!  got pregnant. Had baby last Oct.  So I would say it did help.  I know thats a small number, but i have nothing else to contribute it to other than the weight drop. 

Twice I was overweight and not conceiving..lost 15 to 20 pounds and WHAM...pregnant. I am 4 weeks right now after losing 20 pounds.

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how much did you weigh before you started losing - you say you lost 15-20lbs,

just wondering at 120lbs and have been trying for 3 years, yo-yoing between 100-120 if this will make a difference, as nothign has worked so far.

soooo upset and its all i have wanted and at the age of 35 feel like its slipping away,

I weighed 175 dropped to around 160..  With my first child I weighed 140.  My good friend had a baby at 43 after years almost 10 years of trying, with no medical help.  I believe anything possible.  Lots of hugs and prayers to you.

Hi, a bit late, but I wanted to reply.  I have had "pcos" since age 16. I have never been over weight I was about 150 lbs.

 At age 35 I finally got down to 125 lbs from calorie restriction (not easy, 500 calories a day kept me from being sick from what ever it is that causes pcos), and I became pregnant.  I ended up gaining 100 lbs from the pregnancy but had no issues with diabetes and gave birth to a healthy baby!  Now, I am stuck at 200 lbs and got pregnant again age 36! 

I am going to the gym while pregnant as last time and keeping the weight gain at bay, and gaining more muscle.

It is possibel that for some reason I was only able to get pregnant at 125lbs and then after they my body "reset" itself.  When I am not pregnant though I still take in about 500-800 calories a day AND burn that off before I go to bed, safe to say the gym was better than any medication out there, but 500 calories a day requires super human will haha!  WhileI am pregnant I take in about 2000 and thaats why I put on the weight.

Do what ever you need to do to get yourself in the mode of "severe" calorie restiction to get the fat cells smaller, people with weight issues that disrupt the reprodcutive system cannot live like normal people and that is somethign you will have to get used to.

good luck!

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Hi, It happend for me! I have pcos and  husband and i were ttc for about 5 years. A few years ago when i was 24 i decided to really lose some weight. After losing about 25 to 30 pounds, I got pregnant! I was so say the least... shocked. I never thought i was gonna be able to concive.  I had even tried fertility drugs before and nothing had worked. My doctor said losing some weight really did the trick. I know this post is a bit late, but hope this helps :):)

Hi! My post is also late but I just joined and read this feed so in case someone else does too here is my reply...

I have PCOS (cysts, irregular ovulation, HTN and overweight) and tried to conceive for a year before starting 3 cycles of clomid (to induce ovulation) with no luck. I lost 15 pounds and we got pregnant on the next cycle when taking a break from the meds! My daughter is now 6 mos old and it's time to take that same 15 lbs off again and hopefully more. We'd like to start trying again this summer and I'd sure like to start at an even lower and healthier weight for number 2!

Some more info for context: I'm 29. I was 235 lbs when I conceived (5 feet 11") and now weigh 250 lbs. I also gained 40 lbs during the pregnancy. I'm still breastfeeding.

There is hope :) 

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Thank you so much all of you. I was sitting here crying from the depths of my heart, after just seeing a mom and son on TV. I can't watch anything, go anywhere, or do anything anymore if there is going to be pregnant women there or happy families. It literally feels like someone is ripping my heart down the middle when I do. All I ever wanted in my life was to be a mom and I've been trying for almost 2 years now and nothing. I am over 210 pounds though and have been for the last 10 years or so. Thank you for giving me even a wink of hope; to be able to go on and do another day. You'll never know what this did for me. My tears have stopped and dried now. Please pray for me. Everyday is a struggle right now.

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