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Does your stomach ever get flat after pregnancy?

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My son is turning 1 year old in 4 days and I am depressed.  I've worked so hard to lose weight after gaining way too much during pregnancy especially for my height.  I'm 5 feet tall and weighed 158 when I gave birth.  I'm down to 105 which was my goal weight, but my stomach won't go away.  I'm so sick of eating 1200 calories a day.  I'd really like to eat maintenance calories, but I can't seem to get rid of my stomach.  I've exercised daily, weights & cardio and I've been pretty good with my calories. It just seems I lose from everywhere but my stomach.  Even when I suck it in I have a little flap still lops over.  I'm an apple shape so I know that doesn't help.  My measurements are 34, 27-28 (depending on time of day), 34.  So I feel like there's not much of a gap between my waist and hips and I'm not sure what to do about it.  I've debated changing my goal to 98lbs but I'm wondering if I'll be able to maintain that.  Any advice on what to do to get my stomach a couple inches smaller or should I just live with it?

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Less fat intake directly influences your belly fat.


Before you were pregnant; what was the tone of your abs?  As in; were they toned and tight?  or were they basically flat but not cut?

Before I had Julia (she'll be 11 months in 5 days) I had problem spots in my hips and thighs.  Now my hips and thigs are HUGE and I can't get them to go away.  The "good" spots on my body were waist and arms/back.  My abs are allllmost flat....but not as toned and ripped as they were before julia.  I will never have th almost 6 pack I had before I got pregnant.  I have aslight "poof" on top (b/c I carried so high I think).

Try piltaes.  That will really help your body overall.  You could weigh 95 pounds and still have flaps/bulges etc-  but you need to work on your core. Unfortuanely; genetics are mean and sometimes you just can't get certain things back.  I have accepted that my looser skin on my belly will be there.

I do cardio 4-5 times a week and weight training 2 days a week.  During those two days of weight training I do weighted abs, inclined bench ab work; and that oblique chair apparatus at the gym-  thank G*D for that!!!!  That has whittled my wasit back to almost normal.

I was 118 when I got preggo, 179 the day before delivery (oops) and this morning weighed in at 135 :)  It takes time. 

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 From this article:

"Unexpectedly, the only significant increase from 6 to 12 weeks in belly fat - the type of fat that triggers these inflammatory diseases - was in the mice who were sedentary, which suggests that exercise is an effective behavioral approach to reduce the accumulation of visceral fat even when fat in the diet is high," she said."

Seems to me like the article is saying that dietary fat intake as no influence on your belly fat.

I feel ya! My doc told me that alot of that "extra tummy" is actually left over skin. Plus, most women have an extra layer of fat that is suppose to be in the lower abdomin to help protect the baby during pregnancy. I've come the conclusion that my tummy flab won't completely disapear w/o surgury. If you are satisfied with your weight and are longing to go to maintenance mode, then do it.  TUMMY BE DAMNED!!! ( whoopsy, no cursing. Innocent)

dont forget that the muscles actually separate during pregnancy and rarely do they return to the absolute smallest possible state.  The added ponche is probably only going to be gone if you do surgery

I wasn't exactly in the best shape before I got pregnant.  I was working on it.  I was 112 but I don't remember my abs being this bad even with being heavier.  It partly might be genetics everyone in my family has big stomachs.  I don't eat a lot of fat - well not most of the time anyway - but I do eat a lot of bread, pasta.  Maybe I should try more lean meats and veggies as some have suggested.  Thanks

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You can also read it in the YOU series *owners manual and on a diet) by dr. oz and dr. roizen.

I also go to a nutritionist. Lots of raw veggies in this house.

Anyway...good luck.

Um... what?? Nowhere does the article you quoted support your claim that more calories and less fat will reduce belly fat. Probably because fat does not make you fat; taking in more calories than you burn does.

I have not had any kiddies yet (someday hopefully!) but I felt like I should post because my sister-in-law is going through grief after gaining a pile of weight from being pregnant.  She is 4'11 and went up to down to 135lbs and my neice is almost 1 year old.  She always was super tiny..90lbs-105lbs and she thought she would bounce right back into shape after the baby was born.  She's not stresses her out a lot and I feel for women who feel they can't their pre-baby bod back.  But you can!

Not only do I have friends who did aunt did it, and I met a women the other day with an incredible body.  I told her I was jealous of her amazing arms..she told me she had just had a baby 8 months ago! I also went to school for Personal Training and Nutrition so I'm not just spouting this off here. 

Fat isn't the ememy..lowering, NOT eliminating, carbs will bust belly fat quicker then just lowering calories.  Fill up on lots of fruits, veggies, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil, and eat lots of lean protein..heck even not so lean protein like eggs.  I promise just from the reduction in grains you'll see a difference in the tum fairly quick.  Then..weight train with heavy weights and make your weight training sessions priority.  Cardio will only get you so do need it..but the heavy weights will be what sculpts and tones everything again.  I'd also try to incorporate at least 1 interval cardio session/wk too.  If you google intervals (I won't get into details) they have been proven to break into the fat stores more effectively then steady state cardio.

From what I understand, eating low carb does NOT target belly fat loss but fat loss in general. So, if you have more fat on your belly than anywhere else on your body, of course you're going to get rid of more fat there by adopting a low-carb diet. However, the same results can be achieved by eating fewer calories than your burn in the same scenario. Personally, I think low-carb is unnecessary.

There's nothing you can do to target fat loss in the tummy area. You can do all the toning exercises you want but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose the fat there. As stated before, the flap could simply be extra skin that will, unfortunately, not go away without the help of surgery.

What Spuckine is referring to is called diastasis recti which, if severe, can lead to back strain and injury if left untreated. It can be repaired surgically by sewing the muscles back together but it's major surgery and future pregnancies will result in the reseparation of muscles. You and/or your doctor should be able to feel if the muscles are separated. /DSC02014.jpg /DSC02022.jpg /DSC02024.jpg /DSC02025.jpg

Not sure if the pics will work, can't get on my photobucket account at work.  But I have lost all the weight and then some and my stomach still looks hideous.  I definitely have diastatis recti though.  I tried doing all the exercises from Ms. Tupler and it is just too aggravating.  It's all just loose skin that will not go away.  I am 5'3", 115.  Badge of honor after two kids.  Mine are 3 and 1 now.  Just wanted you to know you're not alone :)

have you tried ab exercises?

no kids here yet... mines not due til feb. :]
but i know a girl who's stomach & entire body went back to being supermodel thin! i don't know how long it took her but i saw her pregnancy pictures & she was HUGE!! now shes itty bitty & looks like she just came off a runway! lucky her! although, i guess not all women get right back in shape.

my cousin gave birth to her daughter 4months & she dropped the majority of the weight in the first few weeks [she wasn't exercising or anything, it just disappeared] now she just has a little pooch that was there before she got pregnant. shes happy & she looks great! i guess it all depends on how you view yourself. :]


best of luck!

My son turned a year a month ago today. I am 26 years old and cannot seem to loose weight. I have exercised and tried all diets. I am hoping counting calories will help. How did you do it to loose the weight?

Original Post by mandy6071:

My son turned a year a month ago today. I am 26 years old and cannot seem to loose weight. I have exercised and tried all diets. I am hoping counting calories will help. How did you do it to loose the weight?

Not sure if you were asking me or someone else who posted.  But I lost the weight solely by counting calories and exercising.  More counting calories than anything though. I got a food scale and that made a lot of difference.  You can really see how much you are eating with that.  I really really really love food and love to eat so if I don't check what I'm eating, it's all over.  I just can't get rid of this darn stomach. But oh well...and to the person who asked if I was doing ab exercises...yes I am.  My husband and I are starting P90x in the fall...if that doesn't get rid of this pouch I give up after that!

Sorry ..yeah I was curious as to how you lost your weight. Seems like a never ending battle for me. Let me tell ya if my measurements were yours I would be happy. I think if you've done absolutely all you can then you should be happy with your results. You've worked hard now it's time to start enjoying life with you son. ...I'll be lucky just to get down to 130...wish me luck. Smile

Original Post by mandy6071:

 ...I'll be lucky just to get down to 130...wish me luck. Smile

 I'll be lucky if I can break the 135-138 cycle...

I know exactly where you are coming from!

It's taken me about 16 months to get back to prepreg weight. I'm now currently 10 pounds lighter than I was pre pregnancy, but my stomach tone is nowhere near what it was at the higher prepreggo weight. I was starting to get real depressed about my stomach a few weeks back, as whilst I was losing weight all over elsewhere, I still had quite a preggo belly look going on - even after losing 10 pounds at a time etc  iykwm! So I was starting to think, "I'm getting to a low weight here, so it looks like I'm never gonna lose it without being a skeleton elsewhere"?!?

However, would you know it,  a couple of weeks after thinking this and a loss of just a couple of pounds I have noticed a huge difference! It has really flattened out - with a whole inch coming off both my waist and midsection! I still have loose skin, but this is mostly only noticeable when I'm sitting down, and I can so live with that, cos now my clothes look a lot better and my stomach is no longer hanging out with my boobs - which are big C's/small D's might I add! I'm also an apple shape but convinced I am probably meant to be an hourglass. i.e post preggo stomach (now closer to gone yahhh) and love handles before and after pregnancy (still digging their heels in somewhat). 

So, maybe this will happen for you too! As they say, first to gain, last to lose.

As far as the loose skin, I think it is possible to get a tight flat stomach again. I think this part probably just takes a fair bit longer than the weight loss part. Our skin did a great job of stretching to accomodate our growing bumps, so it must be very durable and flexible. However, I think that while it only took it 9-10 months to stretch, it probably takes quite a bit longer to tighten. It makes sense to me anyway that whilst a growing baby forced it to stretch, there is nothing forcing it to tighten unless, a) you are just extremely genetically lucky (not most of us), b)exercise hard core while dieting to get a low BF%(again not most of us)  or, c) have surgery (once again, not most of us!) - so it can take it's dang time about it! Add to this, most of us go on to have more babies, which may never really ever give our skin the chance to bounce back! 

just uploaded tummy pics 11 months post preggo.  It is what it is.  It's almost flat.  I think there will always be some sort of pooch though!!!!

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