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What is recommended sodium intake for a pregnant women?

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Anyone know? Need to know for my wife.

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You might want to check with her doctor.  From what I've read it depends on whether she's having any blood pressure or water retention issues.  Too little sodium can be harmful too for her and the baby.

Well she is having water retention issues we think, we havent talked to doc yet but nurse said she thinks she's gaining alot of water weight, she gained 12 lb in 1 month and the doc said it was to much, he thought she just ate to much, but today she checked again and she said she gained another 4 lb in 1 week so she called the nurse and the nurse said reduce sodium intake and if it doesnt help they'll have to give her water pills.  She's worried she'll get toxemia or something because of eating to much sodium, and she has been eating ALOT... Ive been working alot and apparently while I'm at work she's chompin down McChickens all day... so we went and bought a bunch of organic, salt-free, low sodium foods and going to start eating all at home with them but I'm worried she'll be starting to get to little...

Well I'm not pregnant but had to reduce my sodium due to high blood pressure and the doctor said to go for 1500 mg a day.  Have her record everything she eats on here - its amazing how much sodium is in everything.  I've really noticed a huge difference.  Its a struggle but reading the labels of everything is important.

Good luck!

We're starting that now, and her grand father just got put in the hospital for pretty much ultra high sodium, he was sleeping about 20 hours a day and horrible things were happening.  He reduced his sodium greatly and he's 100x better, has lost alot of weight and is awake all day long now

I'm not sure there is a different recommended sodium level for pregnant vs. non-pregnant women. I, however, tried to eat as little as possible because I retain water when pregnant like no other! I had to buy shoes 2 sizes over my normal shoe size to compensate for my swollen feet during my first pregnancy. My blood pressure that time around was also borderline high which resulted in nosebleeds, bleeding gums and the swelling.

I don't know that a low-sodium diet is necessarily a bad thing when pregnant but she should definitely check with her OB.

Edited to add: Doctors to not know the exact cause of pregnancy-induced hypertention (aka: toxemia, preeclampsia). They do know that pregnant women can help avoid it by cutting back on sodium and drinking as much water as possible.

I would suggest upping her protein, during pregnancy I followed the brewer's diet and had great success with a healthy low risk pregnancy thanks to the diet. slideshow/brewerdiet_files/frame.htm

During both of my pregnancies, I couldn't get enough salt. Pickles, anything Picatta, bacon etc. I also gained 60 lbs with both and I am still working on the weight 10 years later. Definately, talk with the Doctor and drink lots and lots of water.

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