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What has your pregnancy weight gain/loss been like? (During and After pregnancy)

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I'm about 22 weeks pregnant and I've gained around 5lbs so far.

Before I conceived, I was already overweight (more like obese) so I'm trying my best to keep my weight gain at a minimum, while still maintaining a healthy pregnancy for both me and my baby. I'm 6'2" and currently 293lbs, as of last night. Before I got pregnant, I was able to lose about 20lbs. I started out at 306lbs, got down to 283lbs, then found out I was pregnant, and now I'm worried about gaining all that weight back, which took me almost 4 months to lose!

How far along are you and how much have you gained (or lost) so far?

For those of you who have already delivered, how has your weight been after the baby?
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i am 28 weeks preggie and have gained a total of 15 pounds (starting weight 168).....i gained 9 lbs in the last 4 weeks! yikes!

my pblm is my attitude....i feel like "well, i'm going to gain weight anyway" so i'm definitely eating more carbs, less protein...aaaaand now i'm packing on the lbs. plus my husband has turned vegetarian so we're eating a LOT of beans and rice. i'm worried about not being able to lose it after the baby comes. am very excited, however, to get back into a rigorous exercise routine...right now i can't do much without feeling pain in my abdomin, so i'm definitely not exercising like i used to.

 Your about 28 weeks now?  CONGRATS!!    I was overweight when I got pregnant.  I gained a lot and developed anemia and almost developed gestational diabetes.  Don't think about your weight too much. It's just going to stress out you and your baby.  This is what I learned:  take your prenatal vitamins, eat  a lot of protein and folic acid and watch your sugars! STAY ACTIVE!!!  I know the bigger you get the tired you'll be. A walk 30 mins a day is all you need.  Plus, staying active will help you with the childbirth.


I have 4 kids and always gained alot during pregnancies. Before I got preg#1 (I was 18) I weighed aprox 135 (I'm 5'9" so I was small, 15% body fat) When I delivered, I was...250#. AWFUL, I know. 10 months later, I was in the Bahamas in a 2 peice, back to 135. Got preggo there & weighed in at 230 on delivery day. 4 months later, I weighed 165 and found out I was preggo again, 230 this time, and then 6 months later back at 160, pregnant, but m/c, and then got prgnant with my little girl; 160 to 220 on d-day. No GD or anything, my kids were on the big side, 9#3, 8#8, 7#12, and 8#15, but all very healthy. I also nursed all of them until the next pregnancy.

I now weight 140 again, and my daughter just turned 1. I'm still working on losing a few more pounds, b/c I want to go from 16% BF to 14 % body fat, so mostly just eating healthy and a lot of exercising. I've never told anyone these numbers =)

I know I would of been a lot happier during my first pregnancy if someone told me something other than "you'll never have the same body again" You can and will, if you want. Feed your baby (maybe not like I did, but I was on the verge of being underweight, so I was probably starving Wink ) it'll came off soon!

Good luck girls, and congrats to all the little bundles of joy,,,

i am 5'3 and gained 40 lbs during a high risk pregnancy & had a 7lb, 13oz baby by c-section...the day i got home from the hospital the scale was only 6 lbs lighter!  i was unable to breastfeed but the weight came off fastest in the initial 2 months.  it's been 3 mos and i still have 12 lbs to go.  Dr said that my cortisol levels are high from the lack/broken up sleep & that until i sleep 6 hrs straight, it will be difficult...i do need to exercise more- how do you fit it in with an infant though?

at any rate-i totally recommend staying within the 20-25 lb weight gain parameters b/c it will be fast coming off-anything above that takes time : (

I've gained 22 pounds so far  :(  I'm 23 weeks 1 day.  I was 118lbs when I got pregnant.  Actually-  I was on atkins-  and had to get off right away.  Really screwed up my weight gain!  Oh well.  Still going to the gym and walking a lot.  I'll just get back on it after baby arrives.  I'm not stressing;  just REALLY watching now!

I started at 60kg (132) before i was pregnant,  didnt put anything on til the 2nd trimester, still looked ok til the third trimester and then the last two weeks when I was up to 14 days overdue i ended up at 76kg (168) this is the last time i looked at the scales, i had the same water weight thing going on.

Breastfeeding helped me lose all but the last ten pounds in the first 6 weeks.  it then took another couple of moths to get to pre pregnancy.  i ate a heck of a lot breastfeeding though as i was starving all the time.  then once i stopped i made sure i cut back my calories, and lost another 13 pounds. half of which have come back. (so far)

i think its pretty hard to avoid getting massive at the end, but there is no need to gain in the first trimester. and then not much in the second.

Well, I am only 14weeks so far and haven't been to the third doctor's visit yet.  I only go by those weights, I don't weigh myself at home anymore.  But from the first doctor's visit at 7 weeks to the second doctor's visit at 11 weeks I lost 4 pounds.  I know that before the first doctor's visit I lost 5 pounds because before I got pregnant up until the first doctor's visit I weighed myself regularly on my home scale.  So from the time I found out I was pregnant (5 weeks) to the time of the first doctor's visit I lost 5 pounds due to stress.  So in total so far I have lost 9 pounds since getting pregnant. 
I'm 39 weeks pregnant, gained 35 pounds, and don't plan on gaining another ounce between now and baby's due date next week!  35 is plenty for me!!!!  Hopefully breastfeeding will help it melt off :)

I was about 125 when I got pregnant with twins. I gained considerably (more than I should have, really, but I quit smoking when I got pregnant, so I substituted it with food) and was up to 208 on the day I delivered. However, I did have a lot of water retention. When I got home, I was 193; two weeks later I was 172. At that point, I started eating healthier and getting a little exercise when I could. I got down to 155 six weeks postpartum. After a lot of work, I finally got back down to 130 about 5 months after delivery. I stayed at that weight for a while, but then went back up to around 135-138 and stayed there for a year and a half. Two months ago, I quit smoking again and gained back another 10 lbs. So here I am at 145 (maybe a bit less; I haven't weighed myself yet this week). My goal is to get back to my prepregnancy weight of 125, but my real goal is 115 because I know that is where I really should be.

i was anywhere from 185- 190 before i got pregnant then i gained 30 while i was pregnant with my lil boy but now i am 160 and this is the thinnest ive been in  a LONG time but now i want to reach my goal of 145

1st pregnancy:  started at 160...ended at 207 (47 pounds)...weight settled out at 185 after birth.  I do not lose weight when I am breastfeeding.  My body hangs onto weight when my estrogen levels are high.

2nd pregnancy:  (over the 4.5 year span between pregnancies I let myself go and gained some weight)  I started at 202 and ended at 217 (15 pounds)  I didnt try to keep the weight gain low but I did have a hard time eating the first half and I was eating a lot healthier by the last half.  My weight settled out at 195 after birth, 7 pounds lighter than when I started but then I gained 25 pounds in 6 months after birth while breastfeeding since I was eating terrible again.

Current pregnancy:  (found CC and lost weight in the 3 years between) Started at 162...22 weeks pregnant and I am currently at 171.  Im curious to see how I do with weight gain...especially after my pregnancy where I usually have trouble since I have to sit so much with a newborn.

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Missy with gaining that much weight did u have a normal or a C section?? did u have any complcations?? I am worried, right now i am 26 weeks gained 30+ lBs so i really worried let me know!!

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have gained about 38 pounds already.  I started off average to slightly overweight at 142 lbs and I am 5'3".  My ideal weight should be between 125 - 130.  I quit smoking when I got pregnant and didn't exercise before so my doctor told me not to start.  Now I am walking daily and hoping not to go over a 40 pound gain.  My doctor told me that you can gain the amount of weeks you are pregnant so I should be around 35 pound gained.  If you go over then you need to start watching.  This is the first time in my life I am not on a diet so I did go a little overboard.  I hope I can lose the weight but not to fast because I want to avoid stretch marks at all costs. 

I am almost 34 weeks and am an athlete, spinning instructor.  I am 5'6, began at 145 and now I am at 167, and yes I still work out 7 days a week and teach spin class.  I eat healthy all day long and seriously I have just accepted that when you are pregnant, your body is no longer yours and that the weight is just a number.  I am hoping to not gain over 25 but I doubt it, at first I was putting on 2lbs a month and then last week it was 4lbs in 2 weeks and I am averaging a pound a week still.  I am postive I will hit 175 before it is over with but the truth is that if I restrict my calories anymore I am hurting her and my body. 

But as everyone mentioned it does come off, some easily and some not.  I really suggest working out the whole time, not just for weight maintenance but to prepare your body for delivery.  I want to be able to deliver her and hopefully bounce back quickly so I can take care of her fully.  I will not lie, I pray I am back to normal at 6 weeks but if not I will just have to work at it, but I will get back there.

Good luck and try not to stress, easier said than done I know....

With my first child I gained only 17 lbs and with my second child I gained only 12 lbs!!!!  Good Luck with your Pregnancy!!!!

First baby I went from 119lbs - 156lbs. Baby was 9lbs 6 oz, born on 14 april 2002. Took me about 11 months to get down to 135. I bounced up and down between 125-135 for the next couple of years.

Second baby went from 129 - 187lbs. Baby was 10lbs. 3.3 oz, born on 2 Feb 2008. I didn't have gestational diabetes or anything like that, I just grow babies REALLY big.

I was down to 133 on his 1st birthday, but then I got really sick and I couldn't work out for 2 months. I was 149lbs on the first of May, the day I was allowed to workout again. Right now I'm about 143lbs. I'm pleased that the weight is comming off, I'm just mad that it isn't going as fast as it had been in the beginning. Hormones are horrid!! I plan on getting back down to 130 by the first of September.

Light - moderate workouts throughout the pregancy are VERY beneficial! With your docs recommendations, of course. You can do light crunches and very light lower back exercises too. Look into water aerobics, if you can find a class. the water is soothing, and it supports up to 70% of your tummy in the water, so it doesn't put alot of strain on your back or joints. Yoga is good too.  

I had my daughter May 31st & I was 236 at my last prenatal appt. At my first prenatal appt I was 187 at 3 wks pregnant. So I gained 49 lbs. I am now 1 month PP and I weigh 202 lbs. I keep losing a few pounds a week but am going to start working out more! I want to be back to my weight of 155 lbs by the 1st of the year!

I gained 40 lbs with my first pregnancy. I started at 135 and I was about 173 when I delivered. It took 8 months just to lose 20lbs and then I found out I was pregnant again. This time since I started out overweight I am trying not to gain more than 25lbs. I was 155 when I started and I am 168 now. That's 13 lbs in 26 weeks. Also, I only lost 10 lbs during the delivery. I was really disappointed because most people lose at least 15-20lbs before they even go home.

I started out at 156...with my first I gained 40 (196).  I only lost ten after him and with my second I gained 20 but she was 9 weeks early (206) and haven't loss a pound yet.  I struggle with my weight and have since my first pregnancy.  I was unable to breastfeed either of my children and it is frustrating to hear people say that the reason they lost weight was from breastfeeding alone..."so you should breastfeed"...what about people who can't??  

As long as you eat healthy and are able to it!  My trainer says it is easier to lose weight after baby if you are in good physical shape before!  

Good Luck!

I am so jeaulous!  I think breastfeeding is not helping me at all though it's great and I will continue for a few more months.

I was 135 pp and shot up to 197. I am now hovering around 150  (16 months later!!) and whatever I do (exercise, run, lift weights, cut carbs and sugar...) has little or no impact on the scale or my body. It makes me feel pretty out of control b/c if I do all that work there is little consequence and if I do nothing there is the same result. ugh!!!

I had a great pregnancy and was walking every day for more than an hour. In the end it was painful though b/c of my feet. I was gaining a lot of water and my feet were swollen. My BP ws a little high the last month but I was really healthy and felt pretty great. My weight gain was very intense right away. I think my hormones have been running the show from the point of conception. My body changed noticably within 5 days of conception. really!! It was the same thing during my preg -- I could log everything and restrict cal as much as I could and I would still just gain gain gain. I felt as if I had little control over where my body was and it's still that way. I'm hoping it will come off when she weans?

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