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preggo vitamins

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Are you taking them? I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and taking folic acid + my usual multivitamin, but I was thinking of switching to a prenatal vitamin. Is there much difference between a normal multivitamin and a prenatal one? What vitamins should I look for when I go out to buy one?

Thanks everyone in advance! Smile

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Having never been pregnant, I have no idea about the vitamins, but I wanted to extend my congratulations on your pregnancy! 

My SIL just had this issue.  She was told the only significant difference in a prenatal vitamin and regular vitamin would be the folic acid.  During the last trimester of pregnancy additional calcium may be needed. She is still taking additional folic acid and a regular vitamin.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

First CONGRATS!!!!  (yes that was a yell but a happy one.

They made me sooooooo sick ( all 3 times). They pharmacist said it had too much folic acid for my body all at once.   They are huge.  and smell like butt (sorry for the gross) 

So  I took 2 children's everyday (as told to by my Dr.)  and ate a ton of leafy greens and OJ.  All three kids were/are perfect.  They were all healthy, great sizes (even 2 weeks late) 

My point is if you can't do them don't feel bad.  Try an over the counter one first they have slightly less folic acid the the prescript ones (like less then 50mg)  talk to the pharmacist they can help you decide if its better to switch.  (it maybe cheaper buying one bottle)

BTW they say to take them till after your 6 weeks regardless it you nurse or not, but if you do to take them longer

The best thing I did for them was breast feed. Ear infections are big on both side and my oldest got her first when she was 7 (from swimming)    it was also selfish too.  I didn't have to clean bottles, mix formula, remember to bring it, at night Daddy would get up change the diaper and bring the baby to me so I didn't have to get up till it was time to put LO back in the bassinet.  I didn't have to carry a big diaper bag (kept a few extra things in the car) all I needed was 3 diapers and a travel wipes and that fit in the purse.  See I'm selfish, all about me.

During my first pregnancy, my prenatals made me SO sick. My most recent pregnancy, not so much. I took them on an empty stomach to avoid the nausea.

I got my doctor to write a prescription for my prenatals. It cost me $4/month which is much less expensive than buying OTC vitamins. I've always heard taking two Flintstones (children's vitamins) in place of prenatals is acceptable as niccole-abel did.

I'm still taking my prenatals because I'm currently breast feeding. I ran out of prenatals at one point and took a regular multivitamin until I picked up my refill and was terribly nauseous those days. I guess they have the opposite effect on me now!

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not sure about the difference between the two. I can tell you about my experience with prenatal vitamins tho and what I'm currently taking.

I'm only about 4 weeks preggers and my OB has me on women's one a day prenatal, it's a big pink box with 2 different pills in there, and an additional Folic Acid supplement. So, I'm taking 3 pills.  I was taking them in the morning with my bfast bar, but that made me nauseous, even before becoming preggers. Now I take them at lunch time, a few mins after I eat. When I go in for my first OB appt, they will switch me to a prescribed prenatal. With my first pregnancy I took primacare one prenantal (prescribed) I didn't have any problems with that one, except it was kinda pricey.

 Good Luck

Thanks everyone! I think I will have a go with prenatal vitamins but won't stress myself out too much if they make me nauseous and I have to stop. I'm already taking folic acid, which seems to be the most important thing.

Thanks again! Smile

Im having an attack of guilts, I started taking an over the counter pre natal multi vitamin as soon as I found out I was pregnant but stopped after about a week of them resulting in an aaawwwfuuul metallic taste in my mouth making my morning sickness 10x worse.  this was at around 9 weeks (Ithink?).  I am now 15 weeks, no more nausea and metal mouth only sometimes (worse after sugary foods) and thinking I should start them again but Im really scared!  I wonder if or what damage I may have done or may continue to do if i dont take them though

Tani24 - Think about it did your mom take them?  I'm pretty sure that most didn't till recently and we all survived dare I say thrive, right.  A few weeks is not bad, I'm sure you eat a balanced diet.? You CAN get everything in the pills from real food.  Don't fret you and baby will be OK. 

BTW different brands taste different and you can always do the kids kind.

I went out and bought some today - they are pink, quite small and tasteless, so that was a pleasant surprise!

I always took a daily multivitamin and when I got pregnant I switched to pre natals and I noticed a huge difference in my hair, nails, and skin so I continue to take them post pregnancy.  My hair and nails are thicker and my skin is clearer and brighter.  My nurse told my that you don't have to be pregnant to take them as long as you are in child bearing years so I plan to continue with the prenatal vitamins.

Another thing is prenatal tend to have more iron in them.  This can cause constipation.  It did for me, and my doctor told me it was okay to stop taking them because I was beyond the most critical time.  However, I have beau's lines in my nails now, which can be a sign of malnutrition, I think because I wasn't taking any vitamins for a couple of months because there is nothing else wrong with me.  Now I am taking multivitamins daily, and they aren't giving me any problems.  When I run out of these, I'm going to go back to prenatal and give it another try.

My midwife gave me Ultra-nate, which made me nauseous. I bought Walgreen's brand prenatal two pack with DHA and they didn't bother me at all. They're a little expensive, but last a long time. I think I paid 25-30 dollars. Pink bottle and box...

I haven't read all the posts, so I hope I don't repeat too much of what's already been said.

As for those who got sick off them, it's quite common for a multi-vit to make people feel ill if taken on an empty stomach.  It's the combination of the amount of folic acid as well as iron in them that tends to cause it.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if you tend to get morning sickness anyway, this may not be the best time to take it as it may trigger it.

As for the metallic taste in one posters mouth, are you sure it was the multivitamin?  There is such a thing as "prenatal gingivitis" and this tends to cause a metallic taste in the mouth.  For about 3 months or so of my first pregnancy, I had this and it was like all I could taste was blood in my mouth.  After pregnancy it went away.

As for the difference, there is no difference other than those mentioned.  +Folic Acid and some tend to have higher iron than reg multi-vits.  If you're taking a WOMAN'S multi-vit, it should have the iron in it already.  They'll do bloodwork usually to check your iron throughout pregnancy anyway and let you know if you need more.  If you do need more iron or start going slightly anemic, may I recommend taking Ferrous FUMERATE (not Gluconate or any of the others).  This one tends to be the LEAST constipating (towards the end of pregnancy, this tends to be a problem for most anyway, so let's not make it worse, hey? hahaha)...

Anyway, I think I've rambled on a lot more than I originally intended.

Good luck and congratulations!!!

Original Post by shill:

My midwife gave me Ultra-nate, which made me nauseous. I bought Walgreen's brand prenatal two pack with DHA and they didn't bother me at all. They're a little expensive, but last a long time. I think I paid 25-30 dollars. Pink bottle and box...

I also always recommend just buying generics if you can.  They usually have the exact same stuff for 1/2 the price!  I used the generic of Materna which was almost 1/2 the cost of Materna for more pills!

Between the brands though, also check, some are 1 a day and some are 2, etc.


ok, I'm done rambling :P

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