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Poll: How much weight did you gain by 15-17 weeks of pregnancy?

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I am just shy of 16 weeks pregnant and have gained considerable weight on my small frame. The doctor says it's fine but I am a little worried I will go way over the recommended amount.

I am just doing a poll to see how others compared at about my time in pregnancy. Any feedback you can give would be great!

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well I cant remember that long ago but give me your pre-pregnancy stats and current stats include your height.

The reason Im asking is I see pregnant women daily as I work in a maternity clothing store!!!

Edit just checked your page and going by what you listed Very small framed women can have a tendancy to put on a bit more weight then an avrage framed women and also small frame women show a lot earlier as well.  Just dont over indulge and you will be fine!!

Thanks so much for writing! I am just looking for general poll answers, if anyone had them or remembered their details. Not necessarily feedback on myself as I know I am in the acceptable range.

I am very petite, although I started 10lbs heavier than my profile says I am (110 lbs 5'0" - now closer to 120lbs), since the profile hasn't been updated in 1.5+ years and I gained that much since I got married (and I found out I was an inch shorter than I thought I was when I went to the doctor, LOL).

I am about to start week 19 and I have gained just over 10 lbs.  I started at 248.8 and was 258.8 yesterday morning.  Of course this morning it was 259.6, but I'm pretty sure that was water weight.  I gain water weight at the blink of an eye, I swear.

Since I started out in the overweight category my goal is to gain around 20 lbs, and I honestly have no idea if I am on track or not, since everyone gains weight at different rates in their pregnancy.  But, I know that my doctor hasn't complained at me about weight gain, so I assume I'm doing okay -- and I feel great!

I'm pretty sure that at weeks 15-17 I had gained about 6-7 lbs. 

It will vary wildly from woman to woman. During my 1st pg (from what I can remember!) I didn't really start gaining until around 15wks, then it was fairly gradual (1lb a week or so) until around the 30wk mark when I gained almost 10lbs in a few weeks! I ended up gaining around 28-30lbs altogether. With my 2nd pg I started gaining from around 12wks, but it was much more gradual this time, about 1lb a week, and gained roughly the same by the end. My SIL on the other hand is tiny (5ft & normally 110lbs) and has never gained more than 15lbs with each of her 3 pregnancies- and that was only in the last trimester!

What do you consider 'considerable' gain? If your Doc is happy enough then I wouldn't worry too much?

Congratulations on your news by the way!

HTH a bit?

I lost weight with all 3 of my children.  I was very sick with morning sickness into month 6 with my first.  With my first child, I weighed about 220 prior to getting pregnant.  At 5 months, I could still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans.  With the others I showed much faster.

I think by week 18 I had gained 12lbs.

At week 24 I had gained 20lbs  UGGG  I know!   

I increased my fruits and veggies BIG TIME and hardly ever indulge in sweets and in the last three weeks my weight has stayed the same.  I have not lost so the Dr. said it's ok.   I don't need to gain anymore weight... but the baby does.  So we will see where I end up at.  

They say don't diet..... but really I'm eating the same foods I was when I was dieting... all the healthy stuff!  I just make sure I'm eating MORE of the low calorie good stuff to keep my energy up and meet that 1800/2000 calorie area every day.


I started my pregnancy 130 lbs at 5'6". I gained a LOT, fast, especially during the first trimester. I had gained about 17-18 pounds by 16 weeks. I'm now 21 weeks and about 21 pounds up. It does seem that my weight gain has stabilized somewhere closer to 1 lb/week now - I was worried that I would stay at 1.5-2 lbs/week and wind up gaining 80 pounds or something.

I also talked to my doctor who gave me the same response - nothing to worry about.

I have also had several women tell me that in their experience, it seems as though smaller women tend to gain a bit more early on.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!

I just had my baby ~5 months ago, so I remember weight gain worries all too well.

I was a muscular 116 lbs (at 5'2") when I got pregnant. Gained (astonishing to me) 16 pounds by the end of 1st trimester. It seemed the weight was piling on with no obvious connection to the amount of calories I was consuming.

The weight gain in 2nd trimester stabilized at 1 lb/week, and slowed down in the 3rd trimester. Overall I gained 33 pounds.

After giving birth, 18 came right off, the remaining 15 are still hanging around but I am not exactly trying to do anything about it yet while still breastfeeding.

I am ready to pop at any time...weight gain is about 40 lb. I started at about 160 lb (after losing about 22 lb on  CC) and am 5'8". I am not too worried about the weight gain since I was keen on maximizing nutrition for me and my baby.

I followed the Brewer diet to a large extent and for the most part ate very healthy, nutritious food....lots of nuts, sweet potatoes, fresh and dried fruit, veggies, whole grains.

I gained about 7 lb in the first trimester....not really sure how the other 33 divided up between the second and third trimesters but I think it was between 1.5 and 2 lb. I remember that at 22 weeks I had gained about 18 lb. I didnt gain any weight in my eighth month at all, but have gained some in the ninth month.

My doctors and midwives have never said anything about the weight gain, and I have been pretty healthy and active throughout my pregnancy.

With my first pregnancy, I started with an 11 lb gain, but morning sickness took 7 off that. I ended the 1st trimester about 4 NET gain.

With my current pregnacy, either I wasn't as sick, or I managed it better and kept more of my food. around 15 weeks, i was up 17 lbs.

Everytime I start feeling badly that I've gained more weight than average, I divide my gain by my gestational weeks. I generally average 1.2 -1.5 lbs. theni remind myself that an average means that most women are either above or below that. So, 1.3 lbs a weeks is within range.

Good luck! 

I am 18 weeks pregnant today and I went to the doctors two weeks ago and had gained a total of 17 pounds to that point.  :-0 (that's my very shocked face).  I am hoping a little of that weight was water weight because I was only 141 the previous doctors visit and it was four weeks prior to the time I saw 147 written there (that's 1.25 pounds per week!) I was originally around 130 when I got pregnant but I'm really missing the alcohol so when I have a stressful workday or something i eat (and I'm not ashamed!).  


When are you due?  I'm due Sept. 26th.

I gained 60 lbs during my first pregnancy. I started at 138. By the time I gave birth I was 200lbs. Doctors said it was ok because I was active walking alot daily and eating healthy. I still dont know why I gained so much. However, I do not recomend allowing yourself to gain that much because I personally am having a very difficult time losing it. My daughter is 19 months old now and I am 185lbs. I am stuck at this weight. I can not for the life of me get rid of it. My husband and I are going to be trying for baby #2 but before we start I have a priority of losing at least 25lbs because I do not want to gain a bunch of weight on top of this weight. If I could do it over again, I would probably have particiapated in prenatal yoga or swim classes or something where I could have a personal trainer. Good luck with your pregnancy and try not to let the junk food cravings get to you.

I started out at 196 and 5'3" and I gained 10lbs in my first trimester.  I was so upset, but I had to radically change the way I was eating--went from relatively low-carb to constantly craving grains and sweets.  I went for 41.5 weeks, and gained 35 pounds in total.  My DD was 10 pounds at birth, so I lost A LOT of weight almost immediately.  She's now 8 months old and we're still bfing, and I'm pre-baby weight minus 3.  Trying hard to get lower while we're still bfing, but its challenging to keep my calories w/in range!

I started at 129 (5'6") and gained 22 pounds total. By week 15 I'd gained about 4 pounds and then I gained most of my weight in the second trimester and slowed down again in the third.  I know that sometimes weight gain is genetic.  I'd say if you are eating well and getting some exercise you should be fine.  I worried and stressed the entire pregnancy about weight gain and wish now that I'd been a little more relaxed.


Geez, I didn't gain a pound until I was 20 weeks pregnant.  Throughout the duration of my pregnancy, I gained 20 pounds and lost it all almost immediately.

I'm with Sunshine Mom... don't worry too much about your weight if your doc isn't perturbed. Eat loads of nutritious foods and you'll be fine. Now's not the time to be restricting energy to your body and to the baby. I'm at 10 weeks and have no idea how much I've gained. I'm going to let the doctor weigh me at the next checkup. I figure I am looking after my diet as best I can and when this morning sickness passes I will be doing more exercise (preggo pilates, yoga, loads more walking). Good luck and don't stress it.

I'm now at week 34 and gained 29lbs.    Still wearing the same size maternity clothes though as in week 18!  Just belly is growing so I'm not worried about it!

Cellulite Delight...

Might your relatively light weight gain have been related to your coffee intake? (ref your other post on tiredness in pregnancy).

Not a normally recommended eating strategy for growing a baby but whatever works for you, I guess.

Well, update since the thread has been reactivated ... I am now at 22.5 weeks and am up to about 16 lbs. I feel ok about it, but I would be lying if I didn't admit I wish it was less.

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