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Please Help - Stuck Indoors!

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I am new at this whole parenting thing, and my babys doctor recommended before we left the hospital not to take her out until she is 3 months old. Granted it is winter and all, but I have not left the house for almost 8 weeks now! I have got to go to the grocery store twice while my husband watched the baby for an hour, but thats it. I am really going insane here, I need to get out of the house.

The thing is, I think its ok to take her out, but my husband insists upon keeping her in until she's 3 months old. My sister invited us over for dinner and he said no, the baby is too young!

Can I take her outside in winter for a few minutes? It is cold here (between zero and 30 degrees on any given day), but I might break down if I dont get some fresh air and some exercise.

Please help! What can I tell my husband to get me AND baby out of the house, or give me advice on how to not go crazy indoors for the next month!

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wow. No wonder you're going crazy. Anyone would go mad if they were stuck inside for so long. Your a mother and your instinct is telling you, your baby will be fine to take outside. The only reason i can see why your doctor would tell you not to take your baby outside for the 1st 3 months is if there were complications and your baby needs a little more care than usual. Other than that, common sense will tell you to wrap up your baby against the cold.

Also  regarding your husband, he is listening to what the doctor told him.  I thinkyou should get your husband to read up about the reasons why to not take your baby out. I would have thought fresh air would have been good for the baby as well as yourself. You need to be in the right frame of mind as you have just had your baby and your quite obviously upset. people have been having babies all over the world for many years and mothers and babies are alot tougher than fathers give them credit for. I suggest you go see your sister. It will get rid of the tension in the house from being stuck in for so longSmile 

Oh boy...I had my son jan of 2007, and went out every single day to my moms (she was dying of cancer and I had to go take care of her) And on weekends id bring him to the mall, grocery shopping ect..

I will tell you one thing your child will not have a great immune system as he/she is NEVER exposed to anything. I wouldnt suggest briging the infant to someones house if someones sick...but otherwise...

Your child will be afraid of other people and surroundings if he/she is never exposed.

Good Luck!

Bologna! I took both of my kids outside from the time they were born. One was in early October and the other was late November. I would have gone insane as well if I had to stay indoors for 3 months. My doctor told me to avoid public for the first 6 weeks. I didn't listen. I'm guessing that they just don't want a newborn to, say, catch the flu or another illness that CAN have serious side effects since their immune system is so immature.

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Tell your husband she needs to be in the sun to get her daily dose of vitamin D! Just don't keep her out too long in the cold. I know it's hard for my son to breathe in the extreme cold (typically below 20 degrees), especially if it's windy.

My husband was the same way with our first. He had never been around babies and thought they were as fragile as eggshells! He didn't even like holding her for the first 6 weeks! How does he feel about people coming to your house? If he's cool with that then tell him going to your sister's would virtually be the same thing. Tell him you'll bring a ton of hand sanitizer :) My son went out to a restaurant when he was a week old. We went out for my birthday and trick-or-treating when he was three weeks old. I took him on walks in 40 degree weather every chance I could. He's been to kid's birthday parties, hospital visits, relatives houses and parks galore. Except for having a sinus infection that his big sister brought home, he's perfectly healthy.

Good luck!

Okay I am learning the hard way.  My dr didn't tell me not to take baby out and we took him everywhere.  I am not sure if it was from taking him out or if it was grandma who got him sick.  She insisted on holding him even though she was sick. Yeah horrible!  He has a horrible cold...and is puking poor little guy.  He is only six weeks old.  So after seeing him sick I am wishing that I would have stayed home more with him.  You should make your own decision though.  I am just saying they are so little and if they do get feel horrible!  At least I do!

**Edit I guess I just remembing this time more because he is sick.  With my daughter Tegan we took her out just about as much as him and she never got sick.  I think it just really depends on the kid.

melissa is right. It definitely depends on the child. My daughter never got sick when we took her out. My son had some trouble clearing fluid from his sinuses when he was born so I'm guessing it made him more susceptible to illness (the doctor said it might). That combined with having an older child in daycare who is always sick makes for a lovely combination.

It certainly doesn't bother my son that he's sick. He's as happy as can be. He's getting his first tooth in which bothers him more than his illness. He sounds like our pug...snorting all the time! Sad and funny all at the same time.

Ultimately, it is your decision despite what your doctor says. As for your husband being so strict about it, just ease into it. As you gradually get out of the house (if that's what you choose to do), he'll start to realize that your baby is stronger than he thinks (at least my husband realized just took him 6 weeks!).

Thanks everyone... I do need to take her out. She was born with no problems, a full 41 and a half weeks pregnancy and she came out super healthy and a normal 7lbs 4.4 oz. There is no reason to keep her in.

I do think I dont want people in her face but I think that is just common sense. Do you think I could take her grocery shopping for an hour or 2?

I took her outside today in her coat and hat and we walked up and down the sidewalk and sat on the bench. As soon as we stepped outside she fell into a deep sleep! It was nice to breath some fresh air, even if it is only 15 degrees outside!

Thanks again.

My doctor told us to keep the baby at home for the first two months, but that it was okay to take her to my mom's house (or any other relative) if there would only be a few people around.  For the most part, I followed his instructions.

However, I took my son out right away when he was born (he's almost 3 now).  I took him to a rodeo when he was 15 days old, and he went grocery shopping with me when he was 4 days old.  The first time he got sick was on his first birthday.  I can count on one hand how many times he's been sick in 3 years, so I don't believe I did any damage taking him out.   My daughter, on the other hand, caught a cold at 4 weeks old.  My husband was sick and passed it to both kids.  Then she had it again at 10 weeks.  So much for keeping her at home to avoid getting sick! 

She'll be absolutely fine at the grocery store. Just beware of lurking baby-watchers! I've seriously had an old woman follow me around the grocery store just to catch a glimpse of my son. I swear, some people!

My babies always loved to ride in the car! Sometimes I bundle the kids up and just take them for a ride so that we can all get some fresh air. Wash your hands alot and just do the best you can. Thats all you can do to avoid germs. Just think, even if you don't go anywhere, your husband can still bring germs in by just going to work, etc.  and then coming home. It happens. Congrats on a healthy baby and good luck!

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