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Parents - how much sleep do YOU get??

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Sigh! My kids are now 9, 5, and 3, and although stuff like night-feeds and early waking is a thing of the past, my husband and I still consider ourselves lucky to get a 'good night's sleep' of 5-6 hours, which pre-kids, we would have seen as anything BUT good... 

We get up at 6am to get washed and dressed before the kids get up, and often don't get to bed until midnight - stuff to do, work to catch up on, just having a half hour to 'chill'... then most nights are disturbed by at least one child needing a wee/having a bad dream/ wanting to get in with us/waking up coughing,being sick... you get the idea!! mleaving us with about 5 hours of broken sleep...

So, long ramble over, what IS a good night's sleep with 3 young kids, and when (please God!!) does it get better?

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Mine are now 16 and 11 (Today! She turns 11 today!), I get about 7 -8 hours of sleep.  Life does get better once they become independent and start dressing/feeding them self.  I still get woken up in the middle of the night if they get sick; I guess there is something comforting in mommy getting up with them.  Luckily my kids have been very healthy.

I also make them both do chores to help out.  I work full time and so does my SO.  At their age (16 and 11), they can do dishes, their own laundry, and help to pick up.  The 11 year old can cook, but only if there is someone else in the house to supervise.   One night out of the week, the 16 year old helps by making dinner.  These have been sanity savors for me.  There is just no way I could have done it all.  And I think it’s helped to bring our family closer together.  Both kids love to help me make dinner in the kitchen.

Hehe.  I started my kids out on laundry by paying them $1 of ice cream money per load of towels folded.  As a bonus, when the ice cream truck would come by, I would always ask them, do you have the money for it?  If not no ice cream.  They could typically each afford one ice cream per week. 

Too funny, my kids are 9(will be 10 this month), 5, and 3.  And I am hoping, like you, that there is more sleep in the future for us.  Our nights sound a lot like yours.  I will say that last night, I was soooo tired.  My husband let me go on to bed about 10 and he finished the dishes.  We did have one kid join us in the night which does make for a cramped bed.  I used to get up and put them back in their bed, but not so much anymore.  And it only happens about 3 times a week.  I have to say that I usually get up before my husband though.  It definately takes teamwork ALL the time to keep our house going, kids going and we both work full time.   We do try to catch up a lot of our house work on the weekends but we always have laundry and dishes every night. 

So I haven't given you much advice, but I can definately relate!

5 and 3 year old here...5-6 hours of sleep as well.  No answers for you, just empathy!  I did find when I forced myself to get 8 hours instead of staying up past the kids bedtime to get chores, paperwork, some veg time to myself I definitely felt better and lost weight quicker.  But it's hard to let things go for too long!  I feel ya!

My kids are 8 and soon to be 6. It's been getting better the past year. I sometimes make it a whole week without someone up in the middle of the night! Yay! Then it may be every night for 3-4. You never know. My biggest problem is going to bed earlier. When I was working or had a child at home with me, the only time I had to myself was those precious hours after the kids went to bed. So I'd stay up until 11pm or later because it was my time to unwind and get stuff done. Now both kids are in school, on the same schedule (woo hoo!) and since I'm not working, I have time to myself during the day. But I still stay up late due to habit. I'm trying to break that habit.

I don't know if this will work with your kids but I talked to my kids about waking me up in the middle of the night. I'm a single mother and with no back up it comes always comes down to me and if I'm tired, I'm cranky and then I'm a bad mom. I explained this to my daughter I think as early as 4 and she actually tried to change. My rule is they have to go to sleep in their own beds but if they wake up at night they can come into bed with me BUT they can't expect me to wake up and talk to them. They also can't glaum onto me because I can't sleep that way. So my daughter has adjusted. My son, the younger child, he's accepted the don't try to talk to mommy in the middle of the night policy but he's not got the "no glaumming" rule yet. The worst is when both of them come in on the same night - though as I write this it's probably be about 3 months since that's happened. Now watch, it will happen tonight! Those are the nights that I sometimes leave them in my bed and go get in my daughter's bed instead. It's too crowded with both of them!

Thanks everyone! It's actually good to hyear it's not just my family that's a bit strange, but that it seems quite normal to be a sleep deprived zombie for a decade or so!!  :-)

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I have one kid, a 21 month old son, and reading all these posts makes me glad we're only having one!  :)  (I hope).  He goes to bed early, and so I stay up for a couple of hours but am usually in bed by 9:30/10:00 at the latest.  We're an early waking family so that works out for us.  I bet I get about 7-8 hours of sleep.  Not bad for a mom of a toddler.

I have 2 boys of 4 and 6. My 4 year old only started sleeping through properly about 10 months ago! My eldest is autistic and wakes alot still, but on average I get around 5 hours unbroken!

I have a 6-year-old and a 2.5-year-old. As someone else stated earlier, we are also an early-rising family. Myself and the kids are definitely early birds. My husband, not so much.

I'm usually in bed asleep by 11pm or so and get up between 5 and 5:30am. My daughter knows she has to stay in her room until 6am but my son (the 2.5-year-old) gets out of bed several times a night/too early in the morning. It just takes walking him back to bed and tucking him in but still, it's enough to have to go through the whole falling asleep process again.

So, 6ish hours of broken sleep for me!

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