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Over-eater before pregnancy...Now it's hard to eat anything!

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Hey CC! Before my pregnancy, I was a classic emotional eater and bored eater. It was hard to think of anything more satisfying than food. But my relationship with food wasn't all bad--I was creative and ate healthy, unprocessed food. My diet pre-pregnancy was, in fact, the perfect diet for a pregnant woman!! 

When I found out I was pregnant--I was so excited! All my practice in the kitchen was about to pay off!!!....Or so I thought. Turns out, I am one of those unlucky women who suddenly HATE the taste and smell of everything they loved before...Even thinking about the food I used to love makes me sick. I find it really hard just to get enough food throughout the day because the process of eating seems like a giant chore...

Any other prego CC moms-to-be out there going through the same thing?? 

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Hey, how pregnant are you? I'm at 11 weeks and don't really love anything but fruit. I've spent $15 on pineapples in the last 5 days. However, it's started to get a little better over the past week. Around 8-9 weeks nothing sounded good at all and I worried a lot about nutrition. The only thing that sounded good was processed carbs! I like you am (was?) a healthy eater before becoming pregnant.

Even now, a lot of the "pregnancy superfoods" you read about sound disgusting to me. I can't eat a sweet potato for the life of me, even though I ate plenty of them before. I still force myself to eat things that don't taste that good because I know they are good for me, but it's funny, I am not even really enjoying food very much.  

I am just shy of 9 weeks! I also have been sticking mostly to fruit... And it takes a lot of it to get full. So I understand your 15 dollars on pineapple alone. :)

I've been eating a lot of strawberries and making smoothies out of fruit I have on hand and some vanilla yogurt. I was sick for a few days recently and it was basically orange juice or nothing for two days.

Other than that, the only things I can stand are potato chips (plain Lays) and french fries. Terrible!! At least I have my prenatal vitamins... Oh and nothing warm (besides the fries...) I have to eat everything room temp. or cooler.

I know this is supposed to get better in just a couple weeks. But knowing this is such a critical time in my baby's development is a little disturbing...I know my diet just hasn't been good enough! But hey, plenty of mom's have had this kind of morning sickness before and it turned out fine! :) That's what I keep reminding myself...

And NEVER has the process of chewing my food and swallowing it been such a chore! Hahaha :D

I can totally relate to you guys. I also find eating a chore and it's also strange for me because I wasn't really a picky eater before and enjoyed my food. The only things I can stomach are fruit (pineapple is also my new favourite), yogurt/smoothies and carbs like white bread rolls, potato chips and popcorn.

At my first gynae appointment I raised my concern and she said as long as I'm hydrated it's fine.

I hope things will improve for us in the second trimester, I miss enjoying food and want to nourish my baby.

Original Post by i_am_nat:

I hope things will improve for us in the second trimester, I miss enjoying food and want to nourish my baby.

Exactly! Here's to hoping we get to the cravings sooner rather than later :)

Ditto on everything here for me. I was a super healthy eater prepregnancy for the first. I had food aversions rather than cravings Although fruit has never been a problem. I hoped it would be different for my second (now 14 weeks) and it has been the exact same thing again. Food aversions for me lasted the whole pregnancy first time around and I am prepared for it the same again. It sucks. I try to get some healthy balance in but food really does turn my stomach! Keep the fruit coming ESPECIALLY  PINEAPPLE!!!!


Ha scotland- what is it with the pineapple? I can't get enough!

jacqliner, I bet it gets better for you. I'm somewhere between 11-12 weeks and it is getting better for me, a little. I still have aversions but I can eat and somewhat enjoy my dark leafy greens again. 

Mostly I find that cooking in general is unappealing. It seems like such a chore. I get my husband to cook things for me and he doesn't do a bad job, but I used to love to cook so it's a little weird. 

i_am_nat, is this your first pregnancy? 

Happy pineapple eating, everyone! Smile 

katyayer, yes it's my first and you? seems we're also at a similar stage, my due date is 25 September.

Haha, I'm loving pineapple too (and mango, apples and oranges - the more sour tasting, the better). I'm currently 11 weeks (due 19th September), I've been feeling pretty queasy non-stop since 6 weeks but it's easing off slightly now (it helps me to always have a bottle of cold water handy to sip on). I agree re cooking feeling like such a chore these days, pre-pregnancy I used to love planning what I would cook every evening and trying out new healthy recipes but now I'm just so exhausted an nauseous by the time I get home, it's been really hard to motivate myself to make anything more complicated than nuking a potato in the microwave, lol. Ah well, roll on the second trimester and the fabled return of energy-levels!

Take care everyone

i_am_nat and jessicarabbit, we are all pretty close to one another. My due date is Sept 20!

Yes it is also my first pregnancy.

Jessica I hope the fabled second trimester energy level boost happens to us!

I'm one of those lucky women who got hit with morning sickness from the point of implantation on (we used fertility treatments to get pregnant, so I pretty much know when the baby was conceived and 5 days later I was puking.)  At 6 weeks, I'm really hoping that I have just the "normal" 1st trimester morning sickness so I can start feeling better. 

Around the clock, what goes down comes back up within 20 minutes and then I have to eat again immediately if I want to keep anything down.  I was a reasonably healthy eater before the pregnancy, and don't plan to change that - although for the moment, raw foods are pretty much my best friend (the smell of most cooked food triggers nausea.)  

I really don't want to eat anything - with the exception of verde salsa (with a spoon unless my husband gets grossed out and insists I use chips to scoop it) and sugar snap peas (in the pod, raw.) 

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I can only talk about my first pregnancy at the moment (as my second one is an in-the-works thing that's maybe taken? I still have a few days before I can test, but I feel like how I did last time, so.... Fingers crossed!)

For the first 2.5 months of my first pregnancy, I was great. I ate so many fruits and veggies. Then, morning sickness hit finally and I was nauseous almost constantly. In my second trimester plus the first month of the third trimester, I lost 30 pounds. I got prescribed Zofran and was told to eat whatever I could keep down... which was mostly fried potato products. I ate tater tots like there were going out of style. And I put back on that 30 pounds in the last 2 months (though, I was lucky and never had swollen feet, and my face was extremely skinny by the end).

My food aversions? Chocolate and yeast. The smell of baking bread made me throw up without fail. This was especially bad because I was working as a cashier at Walmart with a Subway by the registers.

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