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new mom needs weight loss friend

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Just had my first child in June 2011 I haven't been able to lose any weight I need to get motivated, I thought that this app would help
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I just had my first baby in June 2011 too! What day? I've been putting off losing weight but now it's time to shape up. Summertime/bikini season is right around the corner! Do you want to be weightless buds? L
I'm I'm the boat. I just had my first child Sept 2011.
I just had my first baby Sept 2011 and it's so hard for me to loose weight.
It's so hard to just get myself motivated it seems. I work full time and in the evenings I primarily care for the baby so I put off exercising. My husband and I don't eat very well most of the time so I'm hoping this calorie counter will help me to stay on track. I'm going to try to eat a max of 1200 calories a day and want to lose 30 lbs to be back to my prepregnacy weight then an additional 10 to be at my goal weight and back in my "skinny" jeans!
In right there in the boat with everyone. I has Kylie in August and weigh a little over 200 lbs! I hate being this big and want and need to loose the weight I gained while pregnant. I was NEVER as heavy as I currently am. I live doing Zumba and find Kylie loves the music :-) anyone want to be workout buddies???
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I had my baby in November ( Thanksgiving ) I lost 14 lbs in just 2 weeks but I was pumping milk, very little but I was. I stopped because nothing was really coming out and since my baby was premature and had to stay at the hospital for 14 days I went dry.

I am at 166 lbs now with a target weight of 128 lbs. I was hoping to see how I can find other new moms who want to work out together in my area?? I think is a good idea to have a support group at your local gym of woman who are going trough the same journey.
I'm at 167 lbs, 5'8" and my goal weight is 140. I've restricted myself to 1200 calories a day and want to get back exercising. I'm a full time high school teacher and when I get home all I want to do is play with my baby girl! (and watch Days of our Lives)

Do y'all want to start an email group? I like this app but I use email so much everyday! We can share our goals, recipes, motivate each other, ect!

My email is Shoot me an email and I'll set-up a group for us!
Just had a baby in June and now I weigh more than I did when I was pregnant!!! I was more active pregnant than I am now! Lol. Looking to lose 50 lbs in the long run but my short term goal is 10 lbs by March 1. Who's with me?!

i had a baby on oct 31 2011. weighted 170 and now im 140... i need to lose at least 20 more pounds..

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I had my baby in March 2011 I weigh 150 and I'm 5'3 my goal is to lose 30lbs by May but I never find the energy to work out and I'm always surrounded by temptations and to top it all off I have a really bad sweet tooth lol ugh wish I could find motivation to get my bikini body back :(
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I had my baby in June as well. I have lost the baby weight but have another 30 or so to get to where I want to/should be to feel healthy. I am still nursing and so afraid that as soon as I stop I will pack on the pounds again. Hoping that starting the habit of using this app now will help. Would love to be part of your group.
I didn't gain weight when I stopped nursing but I have plateaued. I'm having a HUGE craving for pizza and wine right now but opted for some yogurt mixed with cottage cheese. My husband is going to cook shrimp stir fry in a bit but I think I'll save it for lunch tomorrow because I don't want to eat late. Dieting sucks :)
I just had my baby boy June 2011 I was 210 when I gave birth was about 120 before I was pregnant. I am 150 now so I did lose a considerable amount in 6 months. However I would love to be down to 130. I don't exercise besides running around with the baby as well as working full time I bring my son with me. I would love to know if anyone hAs any suggestions on how to work out my belly. I am disappointed with my stomach mostly. I never exercised before so I am not sure what types of crunches to do or if I should try something else. If anyone has any suggestions, I did have a c- section. However I was playing softball after two weeks after my son was born, so I assume I can do any type of exercises.
I had a baby June 2011 also, I need to lose 15-20lbs. We want to start trying again, but I don't want to go into another pregnancy carrying this extra weight.
I had my little girl in late October 11. I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy. I'm now 340 at 5'9 & my target would be 200. I really want to fit into my fave jeans again! I need a bud too. Any takers? :)
I had my 3rd baby oct 1st. I go to the gym at 4:30 am to 6 am because it is the only time I can go. Stop thinking of it as dieting think of it as a lifestyle change! Buy protein powder and atleast have a 60g protein shake a day, the higher your protein the faster your metabolism. I am 5'3 and 135 I have changed my eating habits and I have 10 lbs to lose look me up on Facebook...Rebecca Jacobus in NC I have been weight training since high school if you have any questions feel free to message me
I had my baby in September 2011...I was 169 before pregnancy lost 15 lbs my first trimester then got up to 203 when delivering... I'm only 5 3 so I need to get down a lot... My goal weight is 135 ...I am 178 right now and have been counting calories for about 3 weeks... I've lost eleven lbs since I started and i stay around 1200-1400 calories...if you go any less your metabolism slows down and you won't loose any weight...
Hi ladies! I had my first child July 2011. I'm 5'9 229lbs and would love to be at my pre pregnancy weight of 170. What are you ladies doing, other than calorie counting, to lose weight?
I'm doing a teacher's boot camp on Monday and Wednesdays, walking/jogging on the treadmills on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday are my days off. I'm 5'8", 163lbs and prepreg weight is 150. I'd like to get to 135 before I get pregnant with our second baby..... Hoping for a boy next!
I'm a new mom as well and with having Xavier since sept 2011 I haven't really been motivated to get off my butt and on the treadmill! Needing someone to give me the kick in the pants I have to have...
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