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Hi, i am going through hte fertility clinic( my husband has a low count) and was having intra-vaginal ultrasounds to see when my follicles were mature. Anyway, they are mature today( they are the sacks that hold the egg) and i have to take this drug to release the eggs. I thought that they were giving me the needle but i have to and i am scared. i have to give it to myself tonight at 1200pm. I asked my husband if he would do it...i can't even stay up til 1200pm-ha ha. i actually have my alarm set just in case.

Has anyone else done this? were are doing IUI, that is how we had our first.
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I've never had to do that, but I just wanted to wish you luck! :)
Original Post by cecilyb03:

I've never had to do that, but I just wanted to wish you luck! :)

I want to second that. I could never give myself a needle *shudders*

Thanks guys:)

Best of luck! I went thru fertility treatments (ovulation problem) and my husband had to give me shots every day, sometimes twice for the whole cycle! That was how we conceived my son (4) and my twins (almost 3).  If it is done right, it doesnt' really hurt. Sometimes though, it can take you by surprise when it does!

Best of luck.

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