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MOTIVATED MAMAS! :) New moms - get active & lose weight together!

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Hiya ladies!

As I said, I am seeking a group of ladies who are due soonly or already have a new human in their arms.  :)  I am due in the next 5-7 days, supposedly Christmas.  Hurray!

A little about me -- cc is the only thing that really, truly helped me get motivated, get and stay active, and lose weight to get healthy.  I have lost and regained since then as I fell in love, broke up, got back together, got pregnant, and broke up again -- all with the same jerk.  Figures -- Tongue out 

That said, I am 35, pregnant a few more days with my one and only little boy, and supremely motivated to get super active after he is here in my arms, lose weight, and get back to my old self through good nutrition and exercise, along with friendship and support -- enter cc. 

I enjoy walking/wogging/jogging with my 2 dogs (well, one mine, one my mom's), trying to do pilates and yoga without laughing at how funny it is right now, and nesting. 

Hope to connect with some other new moms out there!  ---Olivia

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Being induced tomorrow at 5PM!!!!!

Join me, new mamas? I'd love to come home to a new group of weight losing friends.  :)

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Hi Congratulations on the new baby. Hope everything went well. I had my baby in October. This is my second one. I am ready to go back to my pre pregnancy weight. I am starting my exercise and eating healthy on Saturday. I look forward talking to you and others about weight lose

hiya ruselror,

Thanks for joining me. I'd love to get a group going.  :)

I just had my little boy 11 days ago today. I am sore, not sleeping, breastfeeding, and still starving, and I loathe the way my midsection looks and feels. I did it to myself and gained way too much weight.

How old are your little ones?

I did get out yesterday and walk the dogs for 30 minutes, 10 days to the day after my c-section delivery. Of course, snowing and sleeting today, so no walking, but maybe tomorrow. 

I know it can be done -- I lost from plus250 all the way to under 150 before, so just slow and steady in 2013.  :)  To new friends!

I'm all in for a group!!!

My son was born 11/18/12. I had a C section, and he was 10lbs 10oz. He is perfect!!! :)

Before pregnancy I rode horses, lived on a farm and helped take care of them. Now I live in an apartment with my fiance and the baby. I am quite sedentary, boo. But we live across the street from a popular and well maintained greenway. A couple of miles down the street there is a very large community center that has a pool, walking track, and full gym. However, I can't utilize the free daycare there until the baby is 6 months old. BOO!

My stats are

25 years old, 5'10" pre pregnancy weight: 180lbs weight before delivery: 280lbs ( i swelled up like a hot air balloon!) Current weight:240lbs

I'd give anything to be back to my pre pregnancy weight!

I have started riding once a week, except for the last 2 due to holidays. And just today I started an upper body weight circuit with 5lbs.

My goal this week is to get a ride in and 2 walks.

BTW, I live in Indiana and there is snow on the ground. How cold is too cold for the baby?? Our highs this week are mid 30s.

hiya tblover!

Thanks for joining me in my journey! :) 

We have similar stats....I am 35, 5'6, about 185 when I got pregnant, about 250ish right now.  I am still starving and breastfeeding, but there is no excuse for my not eating more healthy.  I just don;t wanna yet. I am walking again, but it's so cold here too that I have to wait until my mom can take little man....  Good question ----- I think I will google that, how cold is too cold for baby?  I am not sleeping barely at all as is, if he got sick, I might die,.......  OI VAY!

LUCKY YOU -- sounds like a great place to walk right next to you, and free day care at a gym?  Woo hoo! 

What are your names, girls? Kids names?  :) 

I am Olivia, and the love of my life is Baby Jaxson.  :) 

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I thought I'd join in too :-)

Hi my name is Marilou and I'm a first time mommy, my little girl is 4 months old and I just love her to death. Of course I'm struggling with loosing the baby weight, and trying to be healthy about losing it. Pre-pregnancy weight was about 120, now I'm teetering between 155 and 160

And working in a sweet shoppe does me no good lol, any suggestions are definitely welcome. I did stop sampling tho so that's good news lol

Hi ladies,

I'm down for this motivation group!
My name is Perla, I have a beautiful 4.5 months old baby girl, I'm a first time mom as well. I lost all but 10 pounds I gained during pregnancy (35) in the first two months after delivery, but I've been stuck for a while at the same weight. As I seem not to be able to stop eating, I'm breastfeeding, I joined the gym two weeks ago. I'm taking cardio, body sculpting classes, and pilates. I've resumed my running routine as well (I'm still running only 1 mile 3 times a week). Weight haven't gone down yet, but I have received compliments on getting smaller in the waist area, and actually I noticed that my only pre-pregnancy pair of jeans that fit, fit better. So I guess that feeling better myself already it what counts and not the number in the scale.

Right now I'm staying at home with my baby, but will be shortly starting to look for a job.

Looking forward motivate you and get motivated by you ladies!

Hi guys!  My munchkin is older than yours (9 months) but I'm also on the path to a healthier weight.  I'm 27, living in Washington, and loving this first year of parenting.

Hi ladies!

I'd love to join you as well :-). I have a little girl who will turn two on Weds, and just had a baby boy on Dec 8. They are my heart, but as you all know the "boot camp" stage of having a baby is demanding on every part of you.

I am 36 (turning 37 on Sunday), 5'9" and pre-baby I was 160. I gained 55 lbs during the pregnancy...the first 25 came off immediately, but the scale has not moved in 2 weeks. Before kids I was a competitive swimmer (long distance open water), but now it's hard to find time to go to the pool - and with an infant it's hard to find the energy as well.

I love to exercise but I HATE to modify my diet. However, the time restrictions on my current lifestyle means that I will have to keep a closer eye on what I eat.

Thanks for starting this group!!

I would love to join this group. I have a 10 week old baby boy and am desparate to get into better shape. Let's keep each other motivated to stick with it!

Hi ladies, I'm in too! Totally need motivation. I'm a first time mom of a 3 month old boy. I gained 60 lbs in my pregnancy and have about 35 to go. 

I work and just went back part-time. I am so overwhelmed with everything, and wondering how I will find time to exercise! Before pregnancy I was a runner, attended spin classes at the gym, practiced yoga, and rode my horse 3 times a week. Now, I sit on the couch nursing my baby.

Speaking of nursing, I thought it was supposed to take the weight off. Apparently not in my case! 

Here's my stats: I'm 5'10" and currently 203 pounds. During pregnancy I got up to 228! Before pregnancy I was 168. 

My first goal is just to get below 200. 

How do we want to motivate each other? Shall we have a weigh in? A weekly challenge? Thoughts? 

I was wondering the same thing.  Any one interested in a challenge for the month? Meeting January goals or hitting a percentage lost?  

I would REALLY love to hear low calorie dinners you guys are trying,  and how you're sneaking exercise into your day.  How are you other momma's doing this?

Hi Robinchristine-

I'm interested in a monthly challenge with weekly weigh ins! Anyone else? My January goal is to get below 200! 

So far it's been tough to get exercise in. I bought a jogging stroller and finally got it all hooked up with a car seat adapter (my 3 month old is too small to sit in it regularly). I went jogging 3x last week with him and it worked great! The only thing is it is so hard to push a stroller and jog- I never noticed how much help the arms are when it comes to running. 



I like the idea of challenges and weigh ins. My goal for January is to get back off of wheat and dairy...I did this for a few years back in my 20s and I feel GREAT when I cut these out. Once I get over the hump of breaking the simple carb addiction I start to loose my cravings for breads and dessert, which I'm hoping will get the scale moving down again.

My starting weight as of this morning is 192. My pre-pregnancy weight was 160, so that's my initial goal...

HURRAY< MAMAS!!!!!  :)  It cheers my tired spirit to see you all joining. 

Welcome to all you new mamas, riveralou, perluti, robinchristine, susan, ldady, and kat.  :)

I personally find it motivational to just have a cc group I report to, who are my friends,who read my journals and comment, etc, but it always helps to have challenges and weekly weigh ins if you all want to.  :) 

I am having a rough time not eating, and the exercise I am getting so far is walking with Jaxson and our two dogs. 

robin -- as far as low cal meals, I've been making lots of soups with lots of veggies and pairing with salads and sandwiches or wraps. Simple, quick, and easy.

THANK YOU FOR JOINING ---  I am not getting any sleep and crying a lot 2 weeks out, but I hope it gets better soon.  :)

I remember the early days of sleepless nights and crying (be aware of PPD and be safe) I know it seems like it will be forever but it does get better.  

I also have a jogging stroller, but I sadly don't jog much.  I live in Washington and its so cold and rainy out all the time that I barely leave the house (stay at home mom syndrome lol). Kiddo takes two naps a day, and during her early morning nap I try to get on my husbands exercise bike for thirty minutes, but it just doesn't feel like enough.  I wish I had a gym to go to but in my area and with our budget it just isn't happening.  If I were better at time management I'd break out a set of weights we have or my old yoga DVDs.

For dinners lately I've been going through my healthy cookbooks and trying new ones that meet our calorie goals (hubs is doing this with me) and modifying our usual ones with modest portions and extra veggies.  But I'm finding it hard to get dinner done until after munchkin goes to bed for the night which isn't what I was hoping for in terms of "family dinner" so... ha ha

As for goals... if I didn't mention I weighed in January first at 264, and currently at 258.  With a goal of ten pounds this month, I'll reach it by the end of this week at this rate.  So perhaps I should come up with something more challenging.  My longterm goal is 100 pounds by the new year or baby's second birthday ( March 2014).  And along with that, a healthy way of living so that I raise my daughter with a good role model who can keep up with her.

Congratulations on your brand new baby boy, Olivia! The first few weeks are definitely tough...kind of like baby boot camp :-). Like someone else said, be aware of PPD, but also know that crying, fear, guilt, and other strong emotions are part of the first month or so. Big hugs!! It gets better!! It might feel like time is going slowly, but suddenly you'll have a toddler and these will be distant daughter turns two on Weds and my son will be one month tomorrow. The time has flown!

I got out walking today, but had to go to a mall since it's so cold out. It felt good, but I am definitely very out of shape. I would post my food, but I think it would be more DEmotivational than motivational :-). Between the holidays, my birthday, and my daughter's birthday we have so many treats in the house and it's so hard for me to say no. I'm hoping to get out of the house more this week, though...hopefully my husband will eat some of the goodies! I will just have to toss the rest or it will be too tempting...

It's great to "meet" everyone and have a place to be accountable and get/give support :-)
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I'd love to join the group although I'm not due till August! I'm using this to keep track of healthy eating and watching my portions for the day. Would love some support :)
Have you guys heard of Charity Miles?

I haven't researched it thoroughly, but it was on the Today Show this morning and looks really interesting. I don't have a whole lot of time to fit in a workout, but knowing that just a walk can make a difference might get me up and moving...

lol -- I never watch the Today SHow and for whatever reason I did today. :)  Cool thing, that CHarity miles....

welcome amy!! Laughing   For goodness sakes, I wish I had tried (a lot) harder to maintain my weight while preggo, so good for you.  DO it, girl! You'll be thankful . Oh, and work out your arms.  lol

Lucky, robin -- wish I had a partner to be accountable to here in person.  If you come across any good new recipes or tweak your faves that turn out great, please share. I love to cook healthy.  :)

Case in point --I roasted butternut squash, peppers, and cauliflower and made soup today.  ;)

thanks for the congrats, susan! :)  I managed to sleep with him for off an on 4 hours last night, so that helps, and I got out with my dog and walked for a good, sweaty 45 minutes tonight. I wogged part of it, not enough, but it's a start.

How's everyone doing?


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