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Maintaining weight while pregnant question!

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Hey! So I am due June 1st and I have gained 23lbs! Ugh! I was wondering if it's healthy or at all possible to maintain your weight especially in the third trimester. 

Have any of you done this before? Any advice?


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It's not wise to try to maintain or lose weight while pregnant unless directed to do so by your physician/obstetrician.

You're 29 weeks pregnant and have gained 23 pounds which is either right at or just under where you're supposed to be (assuming you were at a healthy weight when you became pregnant).

You're supposed to gain 1-2 pounds per week during your second and third trimester. That being said, during my most recent pregnancy I really packed on the pounds during my second trimester and didn't gain anything during my third trimester. And it wasn't because I was trying to maintain my weight, trust me!

I know how difficult it is seeing the number on the scale keep climbing but take a look at this breakdown of where all the weight goes:

  • 7 1/2 pounds is about how much the baby will weigh by the end of pregnancy.
  • 1 1/2 pounds is how much the placenta weighs.
  • 4 pounds is attributed to increased fluid volume.
  • 2 pounds is the weight of the uterus.
  • 2 pounds is the weight of breast tissue.
  • 4 pounds is because of increased blood volume.
  • 7 pounds is attributed to maternal stores of fat, protein and other nutrients.
  • 2 pounds for the amniotic fluid.
  • Total: 30 pounds

Hi zimzimxx,

I'm due the week of June 6, and I've gained about 23lbs to date as well.  Yes, the number looks VERY scary, but it's all good.  We all have anxiety about the weight we gain during pregnancy, but remember that pregnancy is not a time to try NOT to gain weight.  Of course, putting on 100lbs is too much, but we seem to be within the "normal" parameters of weight gain at 23lbs going into 3rd tri. 

Also remember that baby will be putting on approximately 5-6lbs of weight during these last few months.  So long as you're gaining slowly and eating right, I wouldn't worry - it's after baby arrives that you can start worrying about exercise and calories.  Until then enjoy the fact that you can eat stuffing with dinner twice a week if you want to (I certainly do, ha ha)!  :)

Just remember to keep active - I've heard that labour is much easier to handle if you have good muscle and cardiovascular fitness.  :)

Also, if after baby is born you eat right, you can drop those pounds easier...if you breast feed! Breastfeeding is sooo good for baby and mother. I breastfed both of my children for a year. My son was seven weeks premature and by the time he was a year old I had dropped 40ish pounds, I ate around 1800 calories a day (you don't want to go lower than that if you are breastfeeding or you run the risk of compromising your milk supply), went to the gym 5-6 times a week, plus I had a four year old and was working as a waitress.

Don't worry about the weight now, unless as mentioned previously you suddenly gain 50 pounds. But you are in the range of what you should gain, and baby needs to grow so help baby do that by eating healthfully and not worrying right now about the weight.

I should also mention that after having my son and losing those 40 pounds I was smaller than I had been even in high school and I had just lost 20ish pounds when I found out i was pregnant with him. (sadly I have since gained back half of that 40 and am right back where i started, but am working on rectifying that.

Congratulations on your impending arrival!

I agree, it is sooo hard to see those numbers go up on the scale... especially when you worked so hard pre-pregnancy to get them down.  I know that weight gain is obviously normal and necessary while pregnant, but it still stinks!  I am due July 3rd and have gained about 16 lbs... everyone keeps asking if it is twins.  And when tell them I am having one baby - they look at me weird and say that I will most likely have a 10 1/2 lb baby!!!!  Gee, thanks!

Original Post by olivepig:

I am due July 3rd and have gained about 16 lbs... everyone keeps asking if it is twins.  And when tell them I am having one baby - they look at me weird and say that I will most likely have a 10 1/2 lb baby!!!!  Gee, thanks!

My goodness, the nerve some people have!

I know!  I am really getting tired of it... not to mention it is giving me a complex - I guess I really must look huge!

I met with a client yesterday, and I've been feeling like a whale lately... When I told her I was 7 months pregnant, she goes, "you're tiny for so far along!"

Ooooh, so much satisfaction!  To be called tiny at 170+lbs will make any lady's day!  :)

Oooh, lucky!  Smile  I did have one person tell me that a week or so ago... it felt so nice!  Fingers crossed we'll hear it again soon! 

Original Post by bierorama:

Original Post by olivepig:

I am due July 3rd and have gained about 16 lbs... everyone keeps asking if it is twins.  And when tell them I am having one baby - they look at me weird and say that I will most likely have a 10 1/2 lb baby!!!!  Gee, thanks!

My goodness, the nerve some people have!

Finally others who see my point!  I find that sort of thing just incredibly, incredibly rude.  Please, stop making observations on the appearance of others, even if you think it's a compliment.  Find something else to compliment someone on, like, "I always enjoy visiting with you because you're such a good listener/have a great sense of humor/are well-informed/helpful," *whatever*.  Oy.

My own advice, good or otherwise, is to focus on the baby.  Once all that stuff's done (if you nurse, at least post-delivery) you can focus on your own body.  Right now you're responsible for two.

It's hard to maintain or try to lose weight. Before getting pregnant I finally was getting on track with my weight loss. I dropped from 215lbs to 163lbs. Then I found out I was pregnant. A healthy weight gain for me was between 15-25lbs. I will be at 25 weeks tomorrow and I've already gained 20lbs. About half of that has been stress eating b/c I started eating not so healthy. But I am not going to go crazy about it (even though it's hard). I am just going to start eating right again and make sure what I eat it healthy.

Usually 25lbs of the weight you gain while pregnant is from everything growing and expanding, fluids, and the baby. So don't stress too much. Don't go start working out if you haven't been so far. Just walk and make sure you eat right. Also if you plan to breast feed that will help you burn tons of calories once the baby is born.

I still have another 3 months to go and hoping I can at least eat right and continue to walk until my little girl is born. Good luck!

During both of my pregnancies I gained the most weight during the 2nd trimester.  It totally freaked me out but then I stabilized during the 3rd still eating as much as I was earlier.  I gained 22 lbs with my first and 30 with my second and now 6 weeks postpartum with # 2 I am only about 5 - 10 lbs over prepreg weight so it drops off quick!

I am confused about this too and it seems there is a lot of conflicting information out there.  In the US they used to tell women to eat 500 extra calories a day for all three trimesters.  Now they have changed that to 300, and some places say for all three trimesters and other just for the last two.  Recommended weight gain is anywhere from 15-40 pounds depending on your weight when you got pregnant (overweight women on the 15 end and underweight women on the 40 end, average being 30-35).  I have even read articles that morbidly obese mothers are told not to gain any weight while pregnant (and they still have healthy, normal sized babies).

Yet in England they tell women to increase only by 200 calories and only in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  They also have a much lower weight gain suggestion-- 22-27 pounds total.

Since it can be just as serious to gain too much weight during pregnancy as to gain too little (and arguably more serious) I don't think this is a dangerous/ frivolous issue to question. 

Since I was a little overweight when I got pregnant this time (I conceived right after a 2nd trimester loss and did not lose the weight I'd gained before conceiving again) I have calculated my maintenance level and am sticking to that for now, as long as I don't feel hungry, in which case I eat more.  In the 3rd trimester I will either increase intake or decrease activity (I'm walking every day).  It is so easy to just go all out when you're pregnant "because you're pregnant" and let yourself follow every little craving.

Just for the record I have never had an ED nor have I ever been at an unhealthy BMI-- I joined CC because I was gaining too much too quickly early in my pregnancy (ten pounds in a month!) and knew I'd have a serious weight problem on my hands if I kept going at that pace.  Once I started counting calories and walking, my weight gain leveled out to a much healthier rate.  I'm hoping for a total gain of 25 lbs.

im at 33 weeks and iv already put on 30 pounds. i didnt gain anything in the first trimester, since then iv been not been gaining steadily at all. in the past 2 weeks iv put on 4lbs, but previously before that i put on 4 lbs over 9 weeks. so for me my weights been jumping up in stages then staying the same/going up really slowly inbetween.

i go through cycles of eating loads of junk then eating healthy again so thats probably got somthing to do with it.


with my first pregnancy i put on a rediculus amount. i was 120 pre-pregnancy, went up to 190 when i was full term, was down to 170 when i got back from a week in the hospital and i was down to 130 within 6 months without really trying to loose weight, just from breastfeeding.

iv never been able to shift that last 10lbs and this pregnancy iv been watching my weight like a hawk for fear of repeating my enormous weight gain again.

im starting to worry a little now, 33 weeks and im at 30lbs already. still its a vast improvement on last time! :)


in relation to how much extra calories you need, i think you should just eat as normal. if you start eating more you just put on loads of weight and its safter for you and the baby to go through the birth if you're not totally fat and huge, like i was the first time.

same for when your breastfeeing, just eat as normal and you'll loose the baby weight quickly, worked for me :)


I hate it,people say the same thing to me its so efin rude. I even had a woman tell me you sure are getting chubbyZ!

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