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Lower back pain - early sign of pregnancy?

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Of course I'm wanting them to be signs of pregnancy, but it's probably all in my head.  I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced lower back pain a week before their missed period.  I ovulated a week ago Sunday and yesterday this lower back pain came out of nowhere - no exercise would have done it, no bad sleeping, or anything like that.  I usually get cramps but not until the day of my period and rarely do I get back pain.  This pain is on both sides but mainly on the right side of my spine and right below where my waist sits - right above my hip bones.  I've also been super emotional this week and my boobs feel a bit heavy.  My DH and I had sex the day before I ovulated but with a condom.  Anyway, I'm probably not pregnant, and just really want to be, so that's why I'm obsessing.  But, just wanted to know if anyone else experienced these "symptoms".   Also, what's the earliest you took a pregnancy test and had it turn up positive?  I know it's probably too soon to test, but the waiting is killing me - so is my back!  Also, don't think it's a urinary infection, as there's no pain with urination or any of those signs. 

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Back pain isn't really a common sign of early pregnancy. Basically all the signs of your period coming are signs of pregnancy. LOL! The best one is when is doesn't come though. Hehe. When was your period due? You can get a positive reading the first missed day in rare cases, but usually it's more like 5-7 days after; sometimes not at all. I would suggest a visit to your doctor if tests are negative and you go a week past your period date. Obviously if the test is positive, I would plan an appointment too. Wink

Did I read this right "My DH and I had sex the day before I ovulated but with a condom." and "I'm probably not pregnant, and just really want to be"

Are you trying to get pregnant? Why the condom if yes?

No, not trying, but hopeful.  My DH would like us to have all our student loans (ie. the whole of our debt) paid off before we start trying.  We'll have that accomplished in December.  That's why, of course, we're using condoms.  I've just wanted to get pregnant since we were married two and a half years ago, and every month when I get some "symptom", my mind goes into overdrive.  I keep hoping for that 1% ineffectivity of condoms.   I think more than likely, like all the other times, it is just all in my head.  Thanks for taking the time to reply though.  It's been really tough waiting, but I know it will be that much sweeter when it happens.

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