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losing weight after having your baby

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I had my son in Sept. 2011 and I just can not get back down to how I was before I had him and it's driving me crazy kinda putting me in this funk of depression I've tried so many things and it just want come off and ideas?
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I am having the same issue. I had my baby girl in August 2011 and still having problems loosing the weight. It's quite frustrating. I have joined some workout classes but it's still tough. I know how your feeling. Good luck!
Good luck ladies! I'm in the same boat but I know we can all do it! I've entered a depression because of my weight as well but am determined to get back to my size. Need to lose 70lbs =\
What exercises have u tried?

I had my baby June of 2011.  I gained 40lbs while pregnant, and only dropped 20lbs afterwards.  I desperately need to lose about 40lbs to get back to my pre-husband weight.  ;)

I strongly advocate working out at least 3x a week.  If you can make it 6x, it's even better.  That is how I lost 35lbs when I was younger (and more motivated)... I wish I had that motivation now!

I'm starting logging my calories in earnest now to try to control how much I'm eating/drinking, and trying to stay offline and away from the TV.  I have poor self control when it comes to vegging in front of a screen... sigh!

Good luck ladies!  Lots of exercise, lots of water, and good nutritious food... I think that's the only solution for us!  :)

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I just had my baby on dec 30. Every time i nurse my son i feel a disgusting loathing of myself. My dietary choices are limited from the pain of c sec. I gained 65 lbs and have lost 37 but I was overweight from my other two pregs. In all i want to lose 80 lbs. I hope we can all encourage one another. Maybe we can all give what we can on our good days, right? I mean we wont all have bad days at the same time.
I had my first child July of 2011 and going to school to be a personal trainer and my advice is love yourself.. You lose weight faster when your happy! Good luck
I had my first in July 2011. I gained nearly 70 lbs and lost it all in 3 months. About 40 were water weight only. I kept a food journal and held myself accountable for slip ups. I also gave up meat and dairy. It was hard but now I look like I did pre baby. Worth every second! Good luck!
I have 35 lbs to lose - after gaining 55 with my second baby. It was the same with my first and was able to loose all but 10, then got pregnant again ! For me I couldn't loose anything until I stopped nursing. I know thats not the case with many women, but for me my hormones were off! One doctor said that while nursing and not getting a period it's like you're post menopausal and losing weight much more difficult! I just stopped nursing and have a feeling I'll be able to loose weight now! I know, it totally sucks and it totally depressing, especially if you had a traumatic birth experience like I did! I know it will be all worth it in the end but, damn, don't women have to go through some ****!

I am with you, too - my first was born in Sep 2011 also. I was very careful not to gain too much during pregnancy because I worked hard to drop weight a few years ago, and was afraid i'd put it back on. I gained 30lbs while pregnant, which is great, and I don't know how much of it came off (haven't weighed) but I do know that my body is all lumpy and bulgy and squooshy. My clothes don't fit and I don't like how my body looks. When I lost that weight a couple years ago it felt so good. Now i'm on a mission to not look like the fat lady chasing the baby down the beach on our first family vacation in August!

It is like they say, though - it takes 9 months for your body to get this way, so it'll take at least that long to get anywhere close to what it was pre-baby. We can do it - and carrying our little ones around burns more calories!

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I had my baby girl Nov 29, 2011. I gained 60 lbs during pregnancy and have lost 35 so far. I have been trying to eat less and healthier to lose weight because finding time to work out is almost impossible. I just bought a couple Jillian Michael workout videos and resistance bands and am going to try to squeeze in a 25 minute workout a few times a week. The weight loss won't be instantaneous- it will take time. And it will warm up soon, so then we can go for walks outside! That should help. Good luck to us all!
I had my daughter in July of 2011. I only gained 10 pounds with her and I lost 16 after birth, but I would still like to lose about 20 more or so. I bought the Zumba game for my Wii and I absolutely love it. It's fun and the game tells you how many calories you burned, which is an average of 500 calories for the 45 minute class that I do. I'm also EBF my daughter, so that also helps with the weight loss. :)
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I had my 3rd in November and having an awful time losing the weight! Just wanted to wish everyone luck on their quest for weight loss
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It is REALLY difficult to lose weight when you're tired, hungry, and pulled in every direction. Losing weight means taking time for you, and that's nearly impossible with a new baby--especially if you have other kids. When you work outside the home there is that to add to the mix...I gained 35lbs with my second pregnancy. My baby was born 11/1/11. I've been able only to lose 15lbs. However I've lost 7 lbs of it in the last three weeks--the difference? Eating raw mostly, and no meat, dairy or sweets. I can only exercise 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes and I'm strict about counting calories. So far the results have been phenomenal. I,too, am breastfeeding--they say the body will use fat stored from pregnancy to make milk and that it's content will go unchanged during mom's weight loss. So ladies, if you're bf your baby, take advantage of this, and eat burn approx. 600 cal/day from bf--if you just make sure what is coming in is less than what goes out--the weight will melt off. For sure. This calorie counter has been a real lifesaver!!! Good luck to all...may we get to skinny very soon!!
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