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Sorry to be so outward about my problem, but I wanted to get some attention. I am stressing becuase I was itching down there (no discharge or odor), so I did some research and found out its quite common for pregnant women to get yeast infections. I had never had one before. Anyway, I bought some vagisil and baby powder.  I tried the Vagisil once (maybe twice) but it didn't work as well as the baby powder. Anyway, then I went to the OB and asked about it, and they told me not to use Vagisil. I didn't say that I had at all, but I came back and researched online that it is a Category C medicine and that kind of freaked me out. I am trying to be realistic in that I only used it once or twice, but how bad is it?  Does anyone know??


P.S. The OB told me the baby powder is fine, but if it gets worse Monistat 7 is good too (not 3 or 1)

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Vagisil causes extreme redness and burning for me. (and in most women, this is why I believe they said to not use it)

I only use monistat normal relief cream for any itching with no discharge.

Sometimes I wash my underwear with too much detergent and I get minor skin irritation from it.  I belive they call it contact dermititis?

You may want to change the soap you are using to wash "down there" to something vegetable based with no added preservatives/dyes/fragrance.

Do an "extra rinse cycle" for your laundry when your underwear is involved, and try to sleep only in cotton underwear or none at all for some extra relief.
i'm sure it will be fine, but you need to tell your doctor.

Category C is a non-committal type statement.  Basically is says "we haven't tested this on pregnant woman intentionally, but what data we have doesn't indicate the baby will be born with three heads"

When you think about it, there are very few medications that can be considered category A or B, most of which were invented before people worried about this.

Not to sound like a health food nut, try to eat more yogurt, the calcium is good for the baby, and the probiotic bacteria may help your body's natural flora.

Actually, I have been on a yogurt kick. Thankfully, it seems thats what my embryo wants right now. Thanks for the advice. Your response made me feel better. It reinforced what I knew to be true. I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else.

Wow Im impressed a guy that knows what to do =) so nice to see!

Yes the yougart will help if you notice that you do get a discharge I have heard of using plain yougart....(I never have as I used monistat but was never pregnant but usually the yougart works fo me after a week....Good Luck

Eating plain yogurt with live cultures is helpful--but applying it externally may also help. It introduces beneficial bacteria (yikes! But that's what it is) into your problem areas quickly.  It's very soothing.  Make sure you use the kind with LIVE cultures--I would buy some yogurt at Whole Foods or Central Market or Sprouts or whatever organic/gourmet grocery you have in your area.  I'm suspicious about the stuff you can get at the local grocery chain.

the guy knows cuz hes a dr ;)


i got my very first yeast infection while pregnant-- and on antibiotics for a massive infection.  i feel your pain! and itchiness!  if the itching continues, go ahead with the anti-fungal monistat but really, dont worry about a cat c drug.  every thing is cat c-- the definition is to use when the benefits outweigh the potential risks and there is no known mutations or issues that occur with use.  that pretty much covers everything.   the main active ingredient in vagisil is benzocaine, which is a very common topical anesthetic.  i would not worry one bit about using it but it will NOT cure a yeast infection. (which is why you were instructed to use monistat).


luck and congrats on the baby! 

My daughter also had a yeast infection for the same reasons. She found out that if you stay on a carb free diet or at least reduce the amount of carbs drasticly you can recover from the yeast infection. Through research we together found out that yeast infections feed on sugars (complex carbs or simple carbs) fruits, breads, peas, corn, even beans. Also yeast infections can cause UTI's if not treated. Believe it or not even antibiotics will sometimes cause it to be worse, because you are not only killing the bad but also killing the beneficial bacteria. So try to reduce your carb intake for at least two weeks and you might find a reduction in the itchiness. Cotton or natural fibers and change them as often as you can this will help keep the infection from feeding on itself.

Hope this helps.


PL Whitmore

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Stay away from sugar, eat lots of yogurt and do a monistat 7 day regimine. I had the same thing with my second pregnancy, the monistat releived all symptoms after 2 days and the yogurt/cutting out suger prevented any more form occurring for the rest of the pregnancy.

Also, if you want to try a wholistic method, you can get acidophilis (sp?) pills. You will need to get the liquid gel caps and create a small hole in the gel cap and then use it as a topical ointment. Of course check with you OB about this. I have a female friend who worked for an OB for many of years and she passed on this information to my fiance.


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