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Implantation bleeding a week after missed period??

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I'm hoping I'm pregnant but I'm not sure.  My husband and I have been trying for 6 months now for our first!  I feel like I might be but I'm afraid to get my hopes up!

I was suppose to get my period 5 days ago and I'm extremely regular.  Last 3 months have been 27, 26, and 28 day cycles.  My symptoms are slight fever (since the day my period was suppose to start), abdominal cramping and pain (higher though than my menstrual cramps), light headedness every time I bend over for anything, tiredness, feeling weak, waking up frequently in the middle of the night (just because, not for the bathroom) and very few things sound appetizing lately (but I'm not underweight or have not been eating which caused a missed period.)

Yesterday I had a little brown spotting and today I had a couple drops (just when I wiped) of pink spotting.  I'm not sure if its a period or if I could be pregnant. The pregnancy tests so far in the morning have all been negative. but my mom never got a positive pregnancy test till a week or more after her missed period.

Do you think I'm pregnant?

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Maybe. Early pregnancy symptoms are the same symptoms of many other things such as PMS and the flu.

If you are pregnant and experiencing implantation bleeding, you should be able to test in a few days and get a positive.

 wait a few days and take another test.   I missed mine and took one a week after was neg...   Which I thought ok, not pregnant.  I had history of irregularity.  We were trying,so anyway 2 weeks went by.  No period little spotting and nausea.  Took another test.  Bingo pregnant...   Spotted for 3 months,scared i was having mscarriage the whole time.   She was born healthy at 39 weeks.   Last oct.    It could implantation, i hope so for you.  

Hello there!  I went through the same q as you when I got preggo w this baby.  DH and I were actively trying but I started spotting and thought I had gotten my period for three days-  I had a brownish showing; so I chalked it up to my period.  However; it stopped after three days; then two days later after the three day "period" I went to get a few tests-  I sat in the bathroom saying "No...., really?  Could I??" then when I looked at the test it was positive; as were the six others I took right after LOL.  Wait a few days if you don't get a "real" period; then test again; call your doc, he/she may want to bring you in for a blood work test.

best, best, best of luck to you-  and not this month- keep trying!!!!

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