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I'm 6 weeks pregnant and already having cravings!

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Is this normal.  Before I was pregnant I was a vegetarian and never had any problems.  But since becomming pregnant I have been craving MEAT.  I mean like hamburger helper with extra ground beef, chicken tenders, any and all meat.  And before pregnancy I had one heck of a sweet tooth, now I don't have one at all.  In fact, even potatoes are too starchy.  I just want to eat meat.  I am becomming a carnivore and I am afraid that is bad.  Tofu, beans, what I used to eat just doesn't cut it.  It has to be meat.  Is this wierd?  What is wrong?  I have to force myself to eat fruits and veggies now when that used to be my favorite part of the meal.  By the way, the father is a carnivore and I think it will be a boy.  I had a dream several years ago about this and somehow I just know it is going to be a boy.  Plus I am not having any morning sickness at all.  I am wondering what all the hype is about.  So far this pregnancy is a breeze. 

Anyway, those who have been following my posts, I am  not as scared as I was.  I turned to God and through prayer I feel like everything is going to be okay.  But I still have my moments.
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Cravings are your bodies way of telling you what you are lacking in nutrient way.  Your iron levels may be low so  the cravings have increased.  Eating more meat isnt bad and the cravings will level out.  As for the morning sickness,  be happy that you dont have it.  It is brutal from my experience.  I had all day sickness for 1st pregnancy for the first 25 weeks.  I wasnt a happy camper.  Make sure u r taking your prenatal vitamins and try to eat a balanced diet.

I was vegan before my pregnancy & started craving meat (& having aversions to tofu & beans) around 6 weeks. My blood test revealed anemia & I started eating meat. I know plenty of people have vegan/vegetarian pregnancies, but it just wasn't for my body.

You're so lucky you don't have any sickness. Mine started right away & didn't go away until I gave birth.

Have you had a blood test yet? No sickness can be the result of low HDC levels.

What are HDC levels?  I had a blood test to confirm my pregnancy, does that count?  Did you have a girl becuase I read that girls cause worse morning sickness then boys so I am thinking I am going to have a boy.  Could lack of morning sickness be a bad thing?  I don't feel pregnant.  But I am starting to get a larger appetite.  Tell me more please.  My first pre-natal doctor appointment is next week. 
Actually its HCG gonadotropin

The higher the levels the more morning sickness may be felt.  HCG  thickens the uterine wall giving the embryo a safe implantation environment.

With my 1st I had all day sickness for almost whole pregnancy.  I had a boy.

2nd slightly less sickness and a girl

last no sickness and a girl!

^Yeah, sorry typo.

 Yeah, all that craving/sickness/gender stuff is bogus.

Good luck & Congrads!! Like the others said- cravings can kick in at any point in a pregnancy and you may notice they come & go throughout. I had a friend that was also a vegan and she had the meat desires as well during her pregnancy so you are not alone. She broke down and had a Cheeseburger and the craving subsided some. AS for the morning sickness- enjoy not having it b/c getting sick is never fun!! With that being said- I have 2 boys and had very little sickness/minor nausea w/both. You can't buy into the whole "wives-tale" thing. You'll have what you're meant to have, until the sonogram later in the pregnancy you'll just have to hang in there and keep guessing if it's a boy or a girl! Take your vitamins, try to balance your meals, get some regular exercise and sleep (Get it now b/c once the little one arrives you won't be getting it!!) and you'll be fine! Best wishes!

As everyone else all depends on you and your body. I have had 4 children the first was the worst sick all the time and I only craved fruit and veggies....I would get sick just of thinking about meat! I had a boy for my first. Also I have a friend that believes that morning sickness is caused by certain things we eat drink or wear(hairspay,dyes,and makeup) That are body is saying stop. I havnt had a child since than so I cant say if she is right lol. My sister in law called me one night crying at 2 am as she caught herself sucking and eating raw liver! We went to the doctors the next day and ran tests and found she was missing some things in her diet. She fixed those things and the strange cravings went away.

So if you have no morning sickness rub your baby and thank it ...=) and just enjoy every day that you can without the sickness. Try to stay away from caffine as much as you can as I just watched a program on how deadly it can be on pregnant moms and unborn babies...(thats why I have decided to quit caffine)

and enjoy I hope to hear how you and the baby are doing! I so miss being pregnant the whole thing of creating a life and carrying it into the world always amazed me.....

cheers and congratulations on making someone new to love!~

usually when i've dipped too low in say carbs proteins, or fats.. i'll notice my body starting to crave it. go ahead &go for the meat. i honestly don't think pregnant women should diet in any form. just eat SUPER healthy.

or find some other protein sources. cottage cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, etc etc



 best of wishes with your child! : D

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