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BE HONEST - does your toddler/older baby sleep through the night?

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I have to say I don't believe people when they tell me that their 8/10/16/whatever-month old sleeps through the night.  My 16 month old still wakes up a few times (however, we are still nursing at night and co-sleeping so I am sure that matters) and it's been fine.  He nurses and is back to sleep in just a few minutes.  But SOMETIMES lately, as I have been thinking of transitioning him to his own bed and weaning him completely, I have to say I am dreaming of the uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep.  I have heard that they don't really start sleeping through the night (I consider that to be at least 8 hours, and at least 5-6 nights per week, not one of two flukey nights) until they're about two. 

Thoughts?  I am also looking for weaning advice for a night-only nurser who we are going to be transitioning to his own room & bed soon.

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I am extremely lucky to have a 14 month old daughter who has been a great sleeper from about 3 months on.  Starting around 11 months old she dropped her one nighttime feeding (around 5:30 am) and sleeps solidly from 7:30 pm - 7:30 am.  Most nights I don't hear a peep but she will occasionally wake up, cry out, and then fall right back to sleep.  She has been in her own room since 3 months old so that has probably helped.  Your son might be nursing out of comfort and convenience since he is sleeping with you so he might just drop it if you are not right there.


Check out .  There are a bunch of parents on that website who ask the same questions.

Are people typically dishonest about that??!!  LOL - my understanding is that once a child is over 10 pounds...nutritionally...they do not need the middle of the night feed anymore - so I have to say - my kids slept through the night well before 6 months of age!  Maybe I was just wonderfully blessed??  I would get up and offer them their soother - if they went back to sleep AWESOME - if not after a couple of tries - I fed them. 

There are 18 months between my oldest two and 13 months the youngest (3 kids) so sleeping was really important to me so perhaps I pushed it a bit - but they seem totally well adjusted human beings to me!  (they are now 18, 19 and 20) 

Good luck - if it takes longer then I guess it does - this time is so short - it will pass I promise!! 

My son started sleeping through the night when he was 2 months old (from 10pm to 7am).  My daughter started sleeping through the night at 4 days old.  She'd go to bed at 10pm and wake around anywhere from 5 to 7am (no, I did NOT wake her to feed her).  That lasted until her first birthday.  Then, for some reason, she started waking up screaming every single night for 3 months.  Usually she'd only wake up once a night, but some nights she'd scream 3 or 4 times.  It was miserable! 

Sorry, I can't help with the second part of your post.  Once my kids quit waking at night on their own, I stopped night feeding, so it was really easy for us to cut out the night feedings.   

My 15 month old has been sleeping thru the night since he was about 6 months old.  He usually goes right down and I don't hear a peep until morning.  It is my older kids that are up more at night, LOL   He does sleep in his own room.  I wasn't able to breast feed for long, my milk supply just wasn't enough and he transitioned from bassinet to crib fairly early.

My son is 18 months old and he sleeps through the night. He sleeps in his own crib and does just fine.

Our daughter (oldest, 2mo.) started sleeping through the night by 2 months old... we were VERY lucky with her!!!

Our son (now16 months) has been sleeping through the night since 10 or 11 months.

Both have slept in their own cribs since day 1.

I can't say that I know anyone personally that has had their baby waking up to feed that late at night -- it could also be that he is waking out of habit?

Definitely check out Babycenter (there's a Canadian, US and UK site for this company).  I'm sure there's other mom's out there in a similar situation.

As for the night time nurser that you want to transition -- could you maybe slowly cut back on how long you are nursing for each time so that gradually he no longer wakes up for that "feed"?  (I say that in quotations because I don't really think it's a meal at that age.. I think it's waking up out of habit -- but I could be wrong....)

My son is a little over 5 months old and he has been sleeping through the night since about 2 1/2 months (from about 10pm - 6).  Now at 5 months, he goes from about 9pm - 7:30am.   Once we established that he was gaining weight apropriately, we stopped waking him to eat and let him eat when he woke up or was ready to do so.  We also refrained from co-sleeping during the early months.  It was tempting because I love cuddling so much with him and having him close to me....but we were warned by many parents that it could cause problems later in regards to him being able to soothe himself to sleep instead of us doing it for them.  From day one, he slept in his bassinet (in our room) and by 2 months he was sleeping in his own crib.

No offense to the OP or anyone else here, but I do wonder why some parents choose to co-sleep for so long.  everything that I've heard says that it's caused more problems than it has done good.  Dog_Lady, can you maybe shed some light on this for me?  I'll post a seperate thread if you prefer...because I'm really curious.

Its odd to think people would lie about something like that. Honestly, not EVERY child/baby sleeps through the night. My sisters baby is almost a year, and still occssionally wakes up. Not to eat, just wakes up.

Now I have two is 8months, the other 4 years old. Both have slept very well from the beginning. Take a look at when you are doing the last feeding. If its earlier in the evening, then your baby will wake up hungry. Make sure one of the last things you do is a feeding. You may get lucky enough to do a feeding from 7-10pm and possibly sleep until 5-7am. Which is FAR better than waking up every 2-3 hours for a feeding! lol


julia started sleeping through the night at 2months.  She was in the bassinet in my room for 2 months, then I put her bassinet in her room for a month, and at 3 months she slept in the crib.  I'm hoping I'm this lucky with baby #2.  Maybe your LO wakes up out of habit to be fed?  I know that Breast Milk is much lighter than whole milk or 2%.  Perhaps give him so extra cheerios or something before he goes to sleep to fill up his belly?  I breast fed julia during the days when she was born and did formula at night.

My son does, for the most part, sleep through the night now (at least 7 hour stretches). However, he's teething again, so that'll probably change. He started sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at around 6 months, if I had to guess, and starting sleeping through the night much more recently. I'm still nursing him, he gets about 50% solids and 50% breastmilk (trying to wean him). We slept in the same room (which IS considered co-sleeping, even if they don't share the bed with you) until he was about a month old. Once I moved him into his own room, he slept better, and so did I.

I am astounded that so many of you think that feeding a child at night is not something that is necessary. My son had his biggest feeds in the middle of the night up until he was about 9 months old. Then teething started, and nursing became more about comfort at night and less about food. If they sleep through the night, then yes, they're not hungry, but I never woke up my son to nurse him. Just let him wake up on his own; I knew he was hungry, then.

Transitioning him to his own room might help with the sleep. My son and I kept waking each other up, even if we weren't sharing a bed. Your child also seems to be nursing himself back to sleep as a means of comfort, and not necessarily nutrition, at this point, if he's only nursing for a couple of minutes or so. Him waking up is not necessarily a problem; some babies/toddlers sleep better than others.

Also: breastmilk may be lighter than whole milk or 2%, but breastmilk is still loaded with fats and calories per oz, much more so than just about any solid food you can feed a child. And it's designed for that particular child. Breastmilk is designed to be digested quickly; it's part of why babies nurse so frequently, in the beginning. It's not because it's "not enough" for the child. Their little baby stomachs (especially when they're newborns) can only work so hard. Formula makes their stomachs work harder, which is why formula fed babies tend to sleep more readily for longer periods--their body is working harder to digest their food, whereas breastfed babies don't have work as hard to digest.

I'm sure that a lot of these posters here might not be waking up every time their child wakes up in the middle of the night, too, if their kids don't make a lot of noise when they wake up. Robert'll sometimes chill in his crib for 10-15 minutes before falling back asleep, but I don't always wake up when this happens. I'm much more sensitive to a cry than him being all :babblebabblebabblenoooobabble::, unless he's being really loud.

I dont speak for everyone, but for myelf...Its not tt night feedings rnt important. s, if you childis hugry, then feed them. y sister used to complain her son would never sleep through the night. But she would feed him around 6-7pm, but yet not but him to bed until 8-9. And trying to makea feeding the last thing you do, will give you a netter chance of them not getting hugry in the middle of the night.

I think thats all most people are saying. Just try to get you little one on a schedule that works for everyone. And if he wakes up, Im pretty sure none of these moms are just going to ignore their childs need to eat......

My kid  bounces around insanely.  In the beginning, when I worked third shift, she'd sleep soundly the nights I was home with her.  All night.  I could do laundry, dishes, play video games, clean house, shovel snow, what have you, and she wouldn't budge.  She had the cutest little baby snore.

Then around a month old when I started working all shifts, not just third shift, she'd spend a few weekends at Grandma's house.  Grandma said she slept all night, but on the nights she came home she'd wake up all frickin' night.  Every two to three hours. 

At six months we had her down to only waking up at 11 P and 4 A, when I'd usually get home to get to bed and when I'd wake up to go to work.  She sensed my presence, I guess, and had to be up, even on the nights I was off and asleep by 8:30 P.

At nine months she dropped the 11 P and only woke up at 4 A, thinking it was time to get up for the day.  After about an hour of her yelling at the baby monitor she'd finally go back to sleep until 8 A.

Over the past week we've eliminated her second nap during the day because of scheduling, and I'm happy to say my ten month old booger slept all frickin' night.  And then went to Grandma's house, so who knows what'll happen when she comes home.

there was a time when julia started waking up in the middle of the night-  around 5-6 moths old; when we got our routine down.  She would wake up around 3 and cry,  I let her CIO.  In a week; it ended, and each night the crying stopped sooner.  It was awful, but I felt it had to be done.  I know a  lot (most) parents don't agree with CIO; but I HAD to work and get up at 6AM to get her and I out the door on time.

Now our routine is to read a book, watch backyardigans, and she's in her crib no later than 8:45PM sleeping or not-  she's very comfortable in her room-  even if she doesn't go to sleep, she'll play with her animals-  my DH made sure we were  never too quiet when it was bed time so she would get used to falling asleep hearing voices, TV etc.


It can be true.  Depends on the parents and the kid.

I have 3 kids.

Oldest started sleeping through the night at 3 months and never woke up once until 3 years old. 


Middle is 23 months and still wakes up in the middle of the night about 2-3 times a week.

Youngest is 2 months and has slept through the night a few times.


I don't feel I have done anything too different with them.  I think it depends on the personality too.  If you are sleeping in the bed with them (which I still do with my youngest)  I feel you wake each other up more often.

My daugter is 14 months old.  She sleeps in her own crib and was breastfed as an infant.

She has slept through the night (8 hours) once in her life.  Except for that one night, she has consistently woken up 2-7 times a night for the past 14 months.  I have read books by Hogg, Weiss, Ferber, Mindell, and Pantley on baby sleep.  I have tried everything to get her to sleep through the night, short of locking her in a room and letting her cry-it-out alone.  The only thing that really helped was night-weaning her, which I did at 12 months, but even then she continued to wake 2-3 times a night. When she wakes, we try not to pick her up, but instead reassure her using our voices and touch.  Things are better now than they were six months ago, but I still have not gotten a stretch of more than 3-4 hours sleep in over 14 months.

I have decided that it is partially dependent on the child's personality - some babies sleep well, others don't.


Elvin, did any of those books actually suggest the cry-it-out method?

I'm curious because I haven't read anything (due to the fact that mine is too young yet) and am curious as to what most professionals suggest.  I've only talked to other parents and most IRL agree that the cry-it-out method is a good one to use IF the child is old enough to not be crying because of hunger.  I'd think that a child past a year old wouldn't be hungry after 3 hours.  The only thing I've been told is that if the child knows that the parents will come running, they don't learn to put themselves back to sleep by themselves.

My son 3 sleeps from 7.30-8pm until 9 am

my daughter 1 sleeps from 7pm-1am wakes up for 5 minutes for a bottle, and sleep from 1.05am -8.30am


they have both been like that for ages... I don't really feed them sugar, just fruit, and a balanced vegan diet... NO JUICE... Both are well settled at night, and neither ever had a problem with temper tantrums, even when my son was 2.

My ped told me that by 4 months they do not need to wake up to eat in the middle of the night.  My first and third - I let them cry it out starting at 4 months and it only took a couple of nights and they were both sleeping from at least 10pm-7am.  My second has been sleeping thru the night (12 hours) since he was six weeks old.   You still cannot wake that child early or he is a crab!!

No offense to the OP, but I think he should have been weaned a long time ago.

Original Post by mjthomas96:

My ped told me that by 4 months they do not need to wake up to eat in the middle of the night.  My first and third - I let them cry it out starting at 4 months and it only took a couple of nights and they were both sleeping from at least 10pm-7am.  My second has been sleeping thru the night (12 hours) since he was six weeks old.   You still cannot wake that child early or he is a crab!!

No offense to the OP, but I think he should have been weaned a long time ago.

Your doctor obviously knows nothing about breastfeeding children... And people can breastfeed as long as they want, some people like the child to decide. There is nothing wrong with her breastfeeding at this age, and you should be ashamed of yourself for telling her that she should provide her child with the best nutrition possible. Nutrition made for human babies, not friggin cow milk. :(

Breast feeding is shown to increase IQ, decrease illness, among other things breastfed babies tend to have a more stable weight than children weaned earlier. tsk tsk, get with the program, the only reason I am not still breastfeeding my 1 year old is because she weaned herself.

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