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heart palpitations, chest constrictions, weight loss, & a weird rash... NOT enjoying my first pregnancy. :/

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I know this is rly bad, but i'm definitely NOT enjoying my first pregnancy. I'm having heart palpitations & chest constrictions [to where i can't breathe & i'm doubled over in pain clutching my chest]. i've lost 6lbs in a week! [normally, i'd be happy, but it worries me for the baby.. i weigh less NOW then i did before i became pregnant!] & to top it off i have this weird rash thingy on my elbow, the top part of my hand, & the bend at my elbow closer to my forearm [the rash is only on my left arm tho]. oh & did i mention it itches to high heaven & it looks like i got burnt! [not sunburn, but like 3rd degree burns. its nasty].

& to make matters worse, when i stand up, i get dizzy & lightheaded & everything goes black & fuzzy. i can't be out in the heat for more than 5 minutes because i pass out. i can't be intimate with my husband because it raises my heart rate which constricts my heart & then i can't breathe. my husband is getting very testy with me over not being intimate. i feel like i'm betraying him some how. :[


anyone else have these sort of problems while pregnant?

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I did (I don't recall a rash but all the other symptoms yes) - you need to go to your doctor and get them to check you out.  Turned out my thyroid was overactive. 

Good luck.

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I did (I don't recall a rash but all the other symptoms yes) - you need to go to your doctor and get them to check you out.  Turned out my thyroid was overactive. 

Good luck.

 My dr knows about the heart complications... im seeing a cardiologist now. theyre doing an echocardiogram & stress echo late this week.

I had the dizziness and black outs in my first pregnancy.  Was attributed to low blood pressure. I was 90 over 53 on a good day. my dr. told my there was nothing she could do for me, never go from lying to standing position take all position changes slowly.  Keep up with your water intake as well

Believe me it drove me crazy as well.

The haert and chest problems I dont have any solutions

As for husband give him a good kick in his arse and tell him your health is far more important right now then him getting his just desserts

Tell your hubby to suck it up for a bit, for heaven's sake. He's not going to die going without. Talk to your doctor... I dropped a lot of weight early on, because I couldn't keep ANYTHING down... That part WILL get better... And hopefully when you and your docs figure out what's going on with the breathing, etc. so will the intimate times with the hubby... I (genuinely) thought that "pregnancy sex" was the best... Hope you get to feeling better, very soon!

Thanks to everyone who responded! :]


spuckine1: all i mainly drink is water & sometimes juice or chocolate soymilk. [yumm Tongue out]. My BP was 100/52 standing up & sitting down it was 90/53. so i'm assuming my bp has always been that low because the dizziness & blackouts were before i got pregnant.. everyone in my family [& drs as well] contributed the dizziness & blackouts due to me being anorexic & bulimic & going on starving binges for days on end. but that was a few yrs ago.

he apologized to me today. said that he's been having a rough few weeks [hes in the navy & hes quitting smoking for the health of me & the baby. he said he could care less how healthy he is].


akela9: we've attempted to have sex once.. & it hurt so bad so we stopped. :[  i felt more guilty that we stopped than the fact that it physically hurt. but that was a few weeks ago before all the heart problems started so... :/  me losing weight, the dr attributed that to the vomitting from morning sickness. but i've only thrown up 3 times in the whole 3months ive been pregnant. & once was yesterday. & all 3 times it had been very little & usually on an empty stomach, so i was rly throwing up acid & water & stuffs.
you & me both. :/

Have your doctor check you for acid reflux, I was having the same chest issues, felt like my heart would race, stop, race again, doubled over in pain, etc. I went to SEVERAL doctors, had a heart cath, echocardiogram, etc, and eventually narrowed it down to "mild" acid reflux. Believe it or not. It even contributed to my dizzy spells as well. Sounds weird, but everyone's body behaves differently to different symptoms.

Hope that helps!! :)

Do request to have your thyroid checked, as that is often a cause of fatigue / depression during pregancy, and it's surprisingly not checked out as often as it should be.  Sounds like you probably have the PUPPS rash (not sure if that's the right spelling).  It's a pregnancy-related rash that goes away once you deliver - I know...stinks right?

RE: sex, every pregnancy is different.  Some women think it's the best, and other women just can't stand to be touched.  Things will get better once you're out of your first trimester - you're on the cusp!  Most doctors don't worry about weight loss in the first three months.  You should start putting on weight in your second trimester.  Good luck!

I had the rash.  It was early on though - I was about 6 weeks pregnant (I'm 28 now).  I just broke out in hives, practically all over.  Went to the doctor and the official diagnosis was, "Sometimes pregnant women get hives."  Cleared up in about 4-5 days.

I developed PUPP in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy and I continued to have it for about 2 weeks postpartum.. it is TORTURE!  I was going through tubes of hydrocortisone cream!  The rash seemed to spread across my body (stomach, then arms, legs, ankles).  I feel your pain, girlfriend!

I had heart paliptations during my pregnancy too.. even was admitted into the ER and everything checked out fine... according to the Dr's I had a high pulse.

I hope the rash goes away for you..and soon! 

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