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grapefruit, ok while breastfeeding

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I started eating grapefruit when I starter cc, 1/2 before each meal. 2 weeks into my diet my daughter who I am breastfeeding increased bowel movement from 2-3 times/ day to 5 times daily. I mentioned it to my pediatrician yesterday and he mentioned it has to be the grapefruit increasing my daughter's bowel movements. I have decided to cut grapefruit out of my diet to see if my daughter's bowel movements improves.

In the mean time, I tried to look trough the net, if there is contraindications of eating grapefruit while breast feeding. I did not come across anything that supports my pediatrician's theory.

I was wondering if anyone experienced the same or can help direct me to a web link to educate me further.
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I really have no idea, but from personal experience, when I eat grapefruit I find that I tend to 'go' more often.  I think the acid or something in citrus fruits has that effect on me.  It might be working the same for your baby. 

I don't know how old your daughter is but citrus foods in general are hard for babies to digest.  I din't eat anything citrus for about 6 months when I was nursing my twins.  By then they were able to digest tomatoes and oranges (i don't really eat grapefruit).  Hope this helps!

thanks for sharing guys! lap21, my daughter 51/2 months when I started with the grapefruit in my diet, she is now 6 months old.

I'll do my little experiment and see how it goes. I am completely eliminating anything with citrus from my diet for 2 weeks and see if her bowel movements (BM) improve. Yesterday she had about 6 BM (maybe from the grapefruits I ate before yesterday????) 

That sounds a little suspect.  It isn't like the baby is actually eating grapefruit via your breastmilk.  There is no increase in fiber for the baby the way there is for the mother.  If the baby was having trouble digesting the proteins they might be more fussy and gassy but not sure just an increase in BMs.  Let us know if it improves after cutting out the citrus, curious!

you're absolutely correct on that thought linablue. I am thinking more of the acid content of the grapefruit than the fiber content. I have read on the web articles that there is no definite list a mom cld not eat while breastfeeding. They did mention it all depends on the hypersensitivity history of once family that 1  should be cautious.

Gassy baby? not really! Other than the increase in BM she is totally fine. Increase weight by 1 lbs from last month peds visit. my peds wants a little more weight gain than just a pound.

I'll definitely, keep you guys posted.


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I believe that may be it too, I was a big orange/orange juice fan but I had to cut it out of my diet completely while nursing my son.  Oranges and Tomatoe based products gave him terrible bm's and made him very cranky (tummy aches).  About three days after I cut those out he was fine.

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I can say from studying Biology and the experience from breastfeeding my own daughter until she was 19 months that you have to watch what you eat because it IS secreated through your breastmilk. I know most times eating onions and broccoli would give my daughter a REALLY bad tummy ache when she was less than 6 mo. So I couldn't just eat what I wanted. But I would say the acid from the fruit is definately increasing your baby's bowel movement.

I have breastfed two kids and never had a problem with grapefruit.  Actually having bowel movements often is healthy.  Each baby has a different reaction to different things.  I cut out dairy with my last one for about 6 months but that was because it made her scream for hours.  She did not have the ability to digest milk proteins yet.  If it isnt causing pain though I wouldn't worry about it.

When I was nursing... five years ago... I ate grapefruit and other citrus everyday.  I also ate tons of broccoli and hot peppers which I have also been told not to eat and it never negatively affected my son.  He had frequent bowel movements but never lost weight of didn't gain, in fact he was just fine.

its been a week from the last time I had anything citrus (grapefruit, orange, tomato etc.), I have not seen any change in the frequency of her BM's. She has 5-7/ day (I included the times when she passes gas and poops comes out too). I really don't think its diarrhea. No other associated signs or symptoms.

I know Breast fed (BF) babies have a more watery consistency than formula fed once. I failed to mention that this is my 2nd child and I have not gone through the same experience with my first daughter. I ate everything with my 1st daughter. I think I have been patient enough. If within another week nothing changes (I read some where it takes 2 weeks for complete elimination of substances from breast milk) I'll have her poop tested.

I just hope that I'm just 1 paranoid mother and all is well........

no're not a paranoid mother at all!  You're a great one for wanting to do the best for your baby and keeping her healthy!!  I don't have experience w/ BF'ing; but I know my sister ate citrus and broccoli when she did-  I think it would be trial and error.  At least; that's what I've been told.  I'm going to BF the baby when she arrives; and I'm sure I'll have the same questions as you!  I would just call the doc if you are concerned about the amount of times she goes during the day.
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