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How much did you gain in the first trimester?

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Hello! I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant. I was just wondering how much weight everyone gained in their first trimester. I've heard different opinions- some say you are supposed to gain about 10 lbs a trimester, and others say you aren't supposed to gain anything in your first trimester. So far in the 8 weeks I have been pregnant I have gained about 5 or 6 lbs. I was at 4 lbs a couple of days ago, and have been afraid to weigh- but I'm assuming I'm at a 6 lbs gain now. I know you're supposed to gain weight while you're pregnant, but it's making me really depressed as I am at my highest weight ever!!
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I gained about 10 lbs in my 2nd and 3rd pregnany during the first trimester none in my first pregnany, but oh it came on later.  lol i ended up gaing 75lbs with my first. wheew that was scary but i managed to get all the weight off.

I just recently had a molar pregnany and miscarraige and i had gained 15lbs in 13 weeks. But that was a tumor not a baby. After the d&c i had lost almost 10 lbs.

So i think it just varies.   If you aren't wanting to gain a whole lot focus on eating healthy. Lots of Fruits and Vegies.

Good Luck

To be honest I didn't gain in either pg until about 16-17wks? Then it was fairly slowly until about 32-33wks, then it seemed to pack on! I gained between 32-35lbs with each. Maybe you're retaining fluid? HTH?

With my second pregnancy I gained about 5 lbs by 12 weeks, another 12 lbs by 25 weeks and I gained another 33 by the time I delivered!

But, every pregnancy is different, and the DOCTOR is the one to tell you what he SUGGESTS you gain. I had no health problems with either of my pregnancies, and I gained 45lbs+ with both! I know that weight gain can be scary, but during pregnancy its a very good thing. All the healthy weight represents the nutrition and health that you are providing for your child. Congrats! 

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I gained 6 lbs in my first trimester. At each OB visit asked about my weight gain and MY OB wasn't worried. One visit I had a "fill-in" and he gave me a mini lecture about my weight and suggested I cut out white things - white bread, potatoes, refined sugar, white rice. The next OB visit with my doctor, she said that she didn't know why he did that and that baby would be as big as baby would be and that the extra weight would just mean more to lose afterwards. I had gained 38lbs at 28 weeks. I'm a little less concerned now. As long as baby is healthy and I'm healthy, I'm trying to moderate more and worry less. I know I can lose the weight (I've done it before) so I'm going to try to go with the flow.

Good luck - try not to stress - and enjoy your pregnancy!

According to the research I have read and personal experience, how much you should gain depends on your starting weight! I am 5'2" and weighed 100 pounds when I got pg the 1st time. My doctor said I had to gain at least 30 pounds to have a healthy baby. (I gained 33 and baby was a very healthy 7.5 pounds). Second time I started at 105 and gained about 35 pounds -- healthy baby. If you are already a bit on the heavier side, you don't need to gain as much. I disagree with people who say--- gain all you want. Ugh. It is UNCOMFORTABLE when you gain 60 or more pounds and hard on your heart, joints, etc. Plus it is expensive to have to keep buying bigger sized clothes every other week! If you are eating healthy and getting enough vitamins, minerals etc. there is no reason to gain alot of weight in the first trimester--as the end of your LAST trimester you will be gaining about .5 pound a week! Doctors do NOT recommend that you try to LOSE weight when pregnant! Good luck!

OK it's been a while, my baby is almost 16. But I gained too much weight for the OB nurse the first trimester. However it was all in my breast since I started as a D cup. So I didn't put too much stock in what she was harrassing me about. I was constantly harranged about the food I ate, yes even rice. I cut down my salt to the point I got sick. When I increased the salt a little it helped tremendously. 

My son was healthy, 2 weeks early and small. Enjoy healthy, well balanced meals and be sensible but not neurotic (I know that is difficult when pregnant). I have a cook book written by a nun which has several quotes. This is my favorite, "'Everything in moderation including moderation' God said that I think."


i am either 14 or 15 weeks my doc says 14 but the lady that did my last ultrasound says i am 15. I put on about 3.5 in my first trimester pregnant with my second. too date i am up 6.5 lbs.

With my first i lost weight and didn't gain until middle of the second. Remember that you are growing a baby and you are supposed to gain weight.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Well, I just have my first WIC appointment and I weighed 5 lbs more than what I did at home! So to them it looks like I gained 10 lbs already and I'm only in week 8!! I sure hope I can get my act together. :(

I haven't even READ the other replies yet because I completely know how you feel and wanted to tell you that your body is going to do whatever the heck it wants to. I'm convinced of that, having gained more weight with my second pregancy in which I was trying to "be careful" than in my first one where it was a food free for all.

I gained most of my weight in both pregancies during month 2 - both times I was amazingly hungry every 2-3 hours and would wake up at night unable to sleep until I ate a cracker or two. By month 4 I had gained almost 6 kilos and was in total panic. They even ran all the tests to see if I was diabetic. And everyone kept telling me that you gain the most weight in the last few months.

I've learned a few things that I'll share with you:

First, eat well and healthy for you and the baby but don't diet or restrict yourself. There is pleanty of time for that once that baby is born and you're done breastfeeding.

Two, I truely beleive that there is little we can do to control or change the way our bodies react to pregancy. Obviously you'll gain fat weight (not baby weight) if you eat a quart of ice cream every day. But if you use common sense and remind yourself that indulging every once and a while is ok, you're good to go.

Three, the weight can and will come off. It's not easy, but it's not rocket science either. Common sense, a bit of exercise and patience. Give yourself at least a year and a half, but you can get your body back.

Enjoy your pregancy and good luck!

I would suggest to not focus on what your gaining but what you are eating.  I have followed the Brewers Pregnancy Diet and it's supposed to help prevent preterm labor and high blood pressure. slideshow/brewerdiet_files/frame.htm

3-5 lbs in the first trimester is what is expected unless you're underweight then its more like 5-6. I would definitly not say 10 lbs per trimester. In the 2nd & third trimester I heard 1-2 lbs per week. 

I gained less then 5 in my first trimester. I am 23 weeks now and have gained 10-12. It is pretty steady now...about 1 lb per week. 

I am now at 10 weeks with baby #3.  It all depends on your weight before and how healthy you are during.   With this one I am heavier then I was with either of my other 2 and at this point I have gained about a pound, but I eat much healthier now and have been excercising for a while.  I agree with other posters, don't stress too much enjoy your pregnancy.


I am just shy of 38 weeks with my 2nd child. With my first daughter I gained 19 lbs total (most in the first trimester.) In the first trimester this time, I gained almost 10 lbs. After that, I gained a few more in the second trimester and about 12 weeks ago stopped gaining all together. I am up 18 pounds and had actually lost a pound at my last visit a week ago. Every body is different. I think for me, disordered eating pre-pregnancy and excessive exercise caused my body to quickly pack on those initial pounds to prepare. After that, things leveled off. Plus, I was very nauseas the first trimester and was unable to workout as I hoped. In the second and third I was back to bike riding, walking, made a world of difference. Keep a healthy balanced diet and your body will gain what it needs, when it needs it. Just focus on your health, not the weight. I know it's hard though. I am a scale-a-holic. Innocent

i am 16 weeks pregnant and i gained 3.5 lbs in the first and 5 in the second although i am down a i.5 lbs to day as i had a really great (tmi) bm...hurray!! with my first i only gained 15 lbs with my first adn this one i am worried it will be much more...sighs.

i too am a scale-o-holic:)

I lost 6 pounds in my first trimester with #2, and I lost 10 pounds with #1! At the end of my first pregnancy, I had put on 40 from my original weight - I guess 50 total!

I am 24 weeks today and have put on 14 pounds from my original weight, 20 counting the 6 that I lost and gained back.

As long as what you are eating is healthy, that's the main thing. That's what my doc told me, and she has 4 kids with number 5 on the way!

I'm aiming for 35 total, I'm trying to only pig out on fruit and healthy stuff, and enjoying junk food in small portions. I walk about a mile a day.

So don't stress whatever the scale says, enjoy your pregnancy, and try to eat decent foods and get some light exercise. And remember a week after the baby is born, with the loss of the actual weight of the baby, placenta, etc., plus the extra water that comes off after a few days - you'll be down at least 15 pounds!

Wow thanks all! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and have gained about 12-15 lb (about 6.5 kilos). At the best of time, my weight varies by 3-4 lb from day to day depending on how much water I drink and how much sodium there is in my food.  I think I gained about 7 lb in my first trimester. But my first trimester was combined with a new job, less time for exercise, exhaustion and my mum visiting for a month- all of which meant that I ate more, cooked less, exercised less.

I count calories, try and get in some exercise every day (about half an hour at least and up to an hour and a half when I have time) and yes, I allow myself sweets and treats. I do try to get in all my nutrients from food and let the treats account for a maximum of 20% of my daily intake. That seems to be helping me. The last time I visited my OBGYN, he was very pleased with everything and told me I was doing just fine.

Thanksgiving break was a bit of a rollercoaster since we visited family who dont really have an exercise habit. But after that, I am back on track.

So I am not really worried. I am happy to be healthy and looking forward to a healthy, happy, cuddly baby!


I think it's kind of disturbing that women on here are saying what they think others should and shouldn't gain during their first trimesters. Everyone's body is different, and you have no idea how each individual's system works. If you started out heavier, your body needs less fat. If you weighed less, your body requires more.

I am in my 8th week of my first pregnancy and have gained 10 pounds. I freaked out at first, but then I remembered that I started my pregnancy at 128 (I am 5'8", so this is on the low side for my height) with a body fat percentage of 11%... which is VERY low. My measurements today are the same as my prepregnancy measurements--waist is STILL 26 inches, hips 34-- boobs, on the other hand-- different story!

 My point is, ive gained 10 pounds and I am in no way fat or unhealthy! I think everyone really needs to take their eyes off the scale, chill out, follow a healthy diet, work out, STOP GIVING ADVICE ON THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT (which cause pregnant ladies everyone to freak out) and follow their own measurements... they are MUCH more telling! My stomach is as flat today as it was 8 weeks ago... with an extra 10 pounds floating around somewhere! So Im either packing triplets, Im a freak of nature, or those expected pregnancy weight gain charts are NOT very accurate. I choose option 3.

I think overall, most ladies on this thread are describing thier own experience.  

The weight charts are averages, which means they represent weight gains way less (like my Mom who lost weight during 3 of 4 pregnancies) and way more (like me). I think it is more disturbing that some doctors use weight chart averages as absolutes. Even your post, Julia, falls back on general guidelines as an absolute, "If you started out heavier, your body needs less fat. If you weighed less, your body requires more."

The lower weight gain for overweight women I think is based on a fallacy that the body recognizes reserves and applies those toward the baby weight. Nope. The body only resorts to the reserves under extreme stress, and is not generally cosidered a healthy way to loose weight.

I started out both my pregnancies officially overweight. With my first, I had gained the 'normal weight' maximum by 7 months when I started retaining water, traveled two weeks in my ninth month, including helping my Mom & sibs pack up her 4-story house and my blood pressure shot up, for a total gain of 64 lbs by my son's birth. I DID NOT loose even my baby's weight at the hospital, in part I think due to swelling and water retention from the C-section.

I lost 20 lbs overnight -literally- when my milk came in. My weight loss was steady through nursing 4-months, totalling 26 lbs more in 4-months. When my milk stalled, my weight loss stalled, only 13 pounds over my prepregnancy weight. I have no doubt I could have lost it all with more successful nursing (work stress and lack of lactation access). The moral of my story, overweight as I was, my body still put on what it felt it needed to produce and nurse a baby and was capable of loosing it.

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i gained 1.5 lbs. they say what you gain in the first trimester is what you will have to lose afterwards

I think that the first trimester differs in weight gain depending on who you are. I am just finishing up my first trimester with absolutely zero weight gain. This was due in a large part to extreme nausea and fatigue during weeks 5-10 for me. It's normal to not gain much because of the difficult nature of the first trimester.

But I can tell weight gain isn't going to be a problem for me anymore. I am finally craving food again and I have more energy. My calorie intake has gone way up--so now I am back to monitoring what I eat (making sure it's healthy and rich in nutrients--before, ANYTHING I could manage was a miracle).

Eat enough for yourself and an extra 300 calories at most is the rule of thumb. :)

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