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Today, I dropped my oldest child off at kindergarten for the first time! She usually has trouble adapting to change but she did great this morning, after a few extra hugs!

Me? I have been an emotional roller coaster for the past several days. I get very excited for her and then begin to worry about her and then I panic because it's all going by so quickly!

To make things a bit easier on her, I packed a lunch of food she'll love and I drew a picture on her napkin to surprise her at lunch (which she should be discovering in just under an hour). This is something my mom routinely did for me when I was a kid.

I also kissed the back of her hand this morning and drew a heart around it to "keep the kiss in it's place." When she was going to preschool, she was allowed to bring one soft toy to cuddle with at quiet time and now she's not allowed to. The kiss trick seemed to help calm her down about not having the toy.

And, as my parents did for me every school year, I posed her on our front porch and took a billion pictures.

So, how did your child's first day of school go? What are some of the things you do each year at the start of school? Your traditions, if you will?

I need some stories to get me through the day until I can see that beautiful face at 3:10 this afternoon!

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brings back memories.  My oldest well I was at work so didnt even see the bus pick him up.  With my middle one took the pics just like you, walked her to school and she made me stay at the rear school doors as she went in all on her own.  I followed behind a minute later and saw her put everything away like an old pro!  With my last she was so used to the school she knew the whole routine.  I went to the class room door with her and actually jumped up and down for joy in the hall(Shes my problem child)  :) 

My oldest started kindergarten last week. He had no issues and suprisingly, neither did I. He was excited and really wanted to ride the bus. I let him, but he didn't get off the bus after school. The driver said he never got on. I called the school and after much looking, they finally found him. He apparently was supposed to switch buses and didn't. He did tell the driver of the bus he was on how to get to our house though. She was very impressed with him! That made me super emotional, but all is good now and he is doing great!

Kara-  I'm confused.  They expect a kindergarten little one to know when to switch buses?  I'm so glad they found him.  Were you in a panic? 


Bier-  I'm totally stealing the kiss with the heart on the hand.  I started to well up!!  

My niece is starting kindergarten in a few weeks.  My sister is so emotional over it but my niece is so excited!!

I can't imagine having to send my kindergartener on a bus! I suppose we're lucky that we live within walking distance of the school.

And the sheer panic I would feel when my kid didn't show up on the bus afterward! It's funny you mention that because a gal I know has a son who started kindergarten yesterday as well and HE didn't get off the bus after school. It turns out that he was actually on the bus, he just didn't realize it was his stop.

Steal away, Vanessa!

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