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Any What to Expect (WTE) ladies here? It's Angie, my screen name is faith8412

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I would love to add the WTE gal pals to my friends list! We have been such a great support system for each other.

Look forward to seeing you on line at CC!


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I did so great yesterday!! I thought for sure I would have gone over with my calories, but I was just under 1500 :)

You're talking about the pregnancy site, right, lol? I'm on there as pamela_gold.

Hi Dawne is Emely

Ok - so I FINALLY found this!  A little frazzled today due to my teether at home.  It's me, Sam (aka SamE2007, Mommy to Antonio or "Tony").

Yeah for this site!


Hello Everybody YAY, we found each other.

YAY WTE Girls! I am happy that you all are here!

I was thinking, do any of you want to start a 5 (fruits and veggies) a day challenge and an 8 glasses of water a day challenge? What do you all think?


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Original Post by sueellissaller:

YAY WTE Girls! I am happy that you all are here!

I was thinking, do any of you want to start a 5 (fruits and veggies) a day challenge and an 8 glasses of water a day challenge? What do you all think?


Sounds good!! I need the water challenge!

I am from WTE also...My son was born on Feb 15 08. I love this website so far and cant wait to get started....I want to do the 5 fruits and 8 glasses of water also.


I am in for the 5x8 challenge.  Let's see today I drank 4 or the 8 glasses of water and had 3 of the 5 fruits and vegs.  I am going to start fresh tomorrow!  Great idea Sue! 

It's nice to meet you flgirl and Megan!  This is so awesome that we can all meet up here too!  Looking forward to seeing less and less of you all around, in a matter of speaking! 


Hi, all!  I am from Jan08 and I had an account here and completely forgot about it until I saw the post someone made on our board.  I am on vacation right now so needless to say I am not eating within my calorie limits but when I get back home i plan on cracking down!  Nice to meet you all!

Yay! I think I figured this out! I’m from WTE from the December 07 board… I’m being held against my will do sign up here, lol I need to loose this baby weight. I’m 5’3” and 147 and medium “framed” apparently that means I’m “slighty over weight” but if I am just slighty over weight than why in the world did my account thingy tell me I should be 124?? HOLY MOLY!! So I have a long ways to go, grrrrrrrr any encouragement is great need and appreciated, as well as any advice on fitting exercise and everything into my schedule…

I work full-time, and take care of baby T the other time. DF works on the road for 3-6 weeks at a time, so I still feel somewhat like a single mamma since he is only home for like 6 days a month at the most!…

ok how does this whole 5 fruit adn veggies and water thing work.. obviously im a slow starter!

I am happy to report I am on track for my water!  I am behind on my f & v tho.  I also spent the morning 2.5 hrs doing yard work.  So I got in a good amount of activity today. 

mamma2babyt - Hey there! Glad you are here!  We are taking a challenge that Sue brought up to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies and drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water a day.  Ready set go! 

Abbys62505! Hello, glad you found us!  Have fun on vacation!  (wish I was on a vacation.)


Don't put too much into that - my account thingy said that I should be 131!  I haven't been that since I was shorter and in jr. high!  Realistically I'm hoping for 145.


Hi Mamma2babyt and Everybody!

Sorry I have been off for a couple of days! We took a field trip to IKEA yesterday, and now we are safely home - really, we came home yesterday, but they seriously need to add an exercise category for IKEA shopping!

The 5 fruits and veggies a day is to try to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. I like to put onion and celery into things to up my count.

If you all want to be super challenged, try getting 5 different colored fruits and veggies in a day. I took a nutrition class and learned that the different colored fruits and veggies provide different types of vitamins and are good in different ways.

And a question... the new guidelines that my daughter learned say that potatoes are considered to be grains now, not veggies. What do you think?

The other part of the challenge is to try to drink 8, 8 oz glasses of water in a day.

Take care!




Hey there,

I am " dueapril2007 " from WTE.

Thanks for letting us know about this site...

I will be starting this in the next few days.

YAY :)

Hey ladies.  Im happy to join.  Im really trying to work on this weight loss thing.  I was too good at dieting before I got pregnant.  Im back to my prepreggo weight but its still 60lbs over what BMI say I should be.  This sight said 135lb.  I would look like a crack head if I was 135lb.  Im reaching for 160lb.  Atleast.  I was 153 when I graduated high school and I liked how I looked then.

Okay ladies!  I am back from vacation and need to crack down and definitely need some motivation!  So, what is every doing to lose weight?

Hi all! I'm from WTE and am on the April 09 boards and the TTC boards.  Just found out I'm pregnant and am about 5 weeks along. I've been on CC since my wedding last year....and stumbled across this post.  I would love to join you -- though I'll be focused on maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight.  =)

p.s. my WTE name is BrianneWL (obviously my last name changed when I got married, hence the switch from Brianneo my login in name here, to my login name on WTE).

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