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Pregnancy & Parenting
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This topic is a place for those due June through August 2012 to discuss their soon-to-be bundles of joy and all the excitement of pregnancy!

We will keep an updated list of those expecting, their due dates and the gender of the baby (if known) so please include that information (if available) in your first post.

Congratulations to all the new expectant moms out there!

Loz12: 5/24/2012

Jcaratan: 6/3/2012

Sonja1980: 6/20/2012

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Sherietownsend: 7/4/2012

Kellabee03: 7/20/2012

Meg_h33: 7/28/2012

Trw1230: 7/29/2012

Blackswan2020: 8/9/2012

Dorkadorable: Mid-August

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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Yvvar. I truly know the pain and sorrow you are both feeling. My thoughts go out to you.

So so sorry to hear of your loss yvar. I can't begin to imagine what you and your wife are going through. Like musical_fruit said, my thought go out to you

Oh yvar, I'm so, so sorry to hear this! Cry Sending you my thoughts and prayers for another chance! I can't imagine what you're both going through, but keep your chins up, sometimes it takes a while!

We're getting very excited for our little jelly bean here! Went and registered over the weekend - that was a task in itself!

I look like I swallowed a basketball, but am getting lots more movement and my husband finally felt his first kick Monday night. We laugh because it so feels like something out of the Exorcism or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but it so sweet at the same time! I still occassionally think (like Musical_Fruit) 'Holy Cow! I'm pregnant!', but that's becoming less frequent the bigger I get...

Congrats again to all the new parents-to-be and again yvar... I am SO so sorry for your loss this third time! Hang in there and keep trying!

Ahhh! I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up on this board! Things have gotten super busy for me with work lately, I feel like I hardly have time to sit!

I'm proud to announce we are officially team...PINK!!!

We are expecting a little girl and I couldn't be more excited! I would have been happy no matter what but I have always wanted a baby girl :) Now I'm busy with starting a registry for my shower and figuring out how to decorate and paint the nursery with mine and my husband's super busy schedules.

I am finally starting to have a belly, though I am hearing from co workers that its still fairly small considering I am 5 months along (officilly halfway done today!). I'm ready for a big ol baby bump and also for the kicks to start! I can't wait till my husband is able to feel our lttle girl!

Lots of excitement over here. Anybody else find out the gender? Any other exciting news out there?

I also have been MIA here. I'm with you Kellabe and working like a mad woman. Though now I'm finally sitting on my couch! I still am swimming 2x a week going to yoga and occasionally riding on my bike trainer. As much as it takes me to drag myself there I feel better after. I agree people keep looking at me wondering when I'm going to pop. Guess us smaller people grow smaller babies. My naughty food is fruit snacks and gummy bears. I can eat a whole large bag and not flinch. So for all you who have kids, any recommendations on your must haves on your registry. Also anyone else having dry itchy skin, it's driving me crazy. Yvar so sorry for your loss. That is soooo tough.

Kellabe - Congrats on the baby girl!!!! How exciting! How are you decorating the nursery? How's the registry process going? We did ours two weeks ago because we have 3 showers coming, one at the end of this month! Husband had SO much fun with the little scanner gun! LOL And he even snuck a Playstation video game on the registery... like he's actually going to GET it! Dork... LOL

Blackswan - I'm with you, the itchy skin is making me nuts! I have the worst dry skin on my hands and face these days!! And my back always starts itching at night, when I lay down to sleep!! It's awful! My MIL warned me not to scratch at my belly when it starts itching more because it will make the stretch marks worse. When do you find out the gender of your baby?

We confirmed at the beginning of February that we're on team BLUE! My family is beyond excited as this is the first boy on my side in 60 years! I'm 6 months now and starting to show, but I still don't feel like I'm very big at all! It's all in my belly, which I suppose is a good thing, but from behind, you'd never know I was pregnant! I agree, Kellabe, I want the big ol' belly so people KNOW I'm pregnant! LOL Of course, when we have that big ol' belly, we'll just be ready for baby to come OUT! ;) Teehee

My cravings aren't as bad anymore, though I cannot get enough ice cream and strawberries!! (I suppose there are worse ways to go, right?) OH and I finally broke down and bought some baby clothes!! I've been resisting for obviously reasons until we found out the gender, but also because I know you do get a lot at your shower...  but I finally gave in...

Anyone else noticing a pattern to the kicking? My little jelly bean is usually active when I first wake, after I eat and right at bedtime. He has the timing of his father apparently... LOL *squeee* I love saying 'he'!

Hope you guys slow down at work a little! I've been busy too, just not as bad it sounds!

Hello all! I'm nearly into my 3rd trimester and boy am I feeling it! Sonia1980, my little bumblebee definitely has a kicking pattern, too. Unless I eat or drink something particularly cold, I can usually determine the baby's kick patterns. My son kicked whenever. It's funny how different this pregnancy is. Kellabee, I'm also itching pretty bad. I've been putting vaseline lotion with aloe on after I shower and right before bed. It helps a little. As for gender we are still on team yellow (or green, or orange, or whatever). There was a brief moment during my last ultrasound when I was tempted to find out our baby's sex, but I decided to wait. It's driving me nuts though lol! Congrats to all who found out! Our focus now is serious rearranging. My son is going to be changing rooms in a couple weeks. That will give him three months to get used to the change (though he's really good about change). The new baby will get his current room (which is attached to the master bedroom). His current room is decorated in a baby dinosaur theme which the new baby will inherit (it's super cute and works for with boys or girls). His new room is going to have a Star Wars theme. Luckily my husband and I are both artists, so we can decorate for pretty cheap. Best of luck to everyone with planning and growing! I hope everyone is well and happy!
Hello!! Due 6/13/12... Little Girl :)
I am also team Yellow!! I also must admit that I almost succumbed and found out but I am holding strong so far... My face is so dry I put three layers of cream it still doesn't help. Then it peels. I have stopped wearing makeup as it just peels off like a bad movie. I think I have most of my registry done. I keep wanting to add things though my hubby keeps restraining me, probably a good thing. This I have to say is the best blog I am in. Everyone is just so practical and it's small enough you don't feel lost. Sorry just rambling. Time for sleep.

Hi Ladies, and congratulations to everyone! We are expecting out 4th (a surprise!) child the end of August. We are THRILLED at such a surprise, as are the children. We have just started telling family, with the majority of the extended family not knowing yet. We are planning on putting together a video to send out to everyone here really soon. We have our 2nd ultrasound scheduled next week, and I am excited to see how the baby is growing and changing. I am not going to find out the gender to this one, at least I hope that I am strong enough to not change my mind in the middle of the US and ask the tech! :) I have a history of doing that. hahaha Happy pregnancy to everyone!

I'm due 7/18/12 with a boy.

Looking to slow down my pregnancy weight gain by keeping track of my foods and exercise (and taking more time to planning out what I eat and making the right choices rather than eating up the pan of brownies!).

I'm currently 25 weeks and have gained about 25 pounds (do we count the 5 mas pounds in there as pregnancy pounds?)...especially the last two visits to the OBGYN I gained 7 and 8 pounds the last two months.  Looking to slow it down to one pound a week, or less if possible.

I have had the opposite scenario with this pregnancy. I am 28 weeks and I've only gained 3 pounds. With my son, I was hungry constantly and had quite a bit of weight gain, but with this one, I'm not gaining much at all. I've had an aversion to meat, so I've been trying to supplement proteins with beans, nuts, and cheese. I know I'm eating healthier, but I can't help think that I should be gaining more than that, especially by now. My midwife said the baby is growing well, so I'm not too worried about it, but I can't help but have that nagging in the back of my mind asking what's wrong.

In other news, I'm starting to get pretty itchy despite all the lotion I'm using. I had forgotten about that with my previous pregnancy :p Ah well, the joys of pregnancy!

Hope everyone is well and I wish a happy spring to everyone in the northern hemisphere (and a happy fall to our southern hemisphere neighbors).

We will probably never know if we were team pink or team blue, I posted way back when my wife was about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant, we lost the baby at about 9 weeks, my wife opted to wait for miscarriage to happen naturally, it just completed tonight, 15 weeks later!, so she would have been 24 weeks pregnant this week if the baby had lived.  I held the placenta sack in my hand tonight, it was massive, it was quite an ordeal, but overall we are so relieved that it finally finished, my wife did great, only about 3 bouts of intense pain.  Again sorry to post this sorrowful side of things, but that is our story so that's all I have to tell.  That's our 3rd miscarriage, no other children, we are having an embryo-pathology done this time to see if any causes can be found for our recurrent miscarriages.  Best wishes to you all for your pregnancies, I am with you in spirit for your 2012 babies!!  My best friend and his wife are pregnant and due in October, so I will be living vicariously through their experience as well. 

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Hi - I am new on here! I'm LK and I'm due August 26th with a little girl.

Yvar, I just read your post before posting - I am so sad for your loss. I really admire the choice of you and your wife to go through the natural process - sending you both lots of love and hugs.

I am due June 8th! Almost here! Can't wait!

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Due July 27th with my first child. :) nervous but my husband and I are excited . Can't wait to get all this weight off though. Never been this heavy and I feel like it makes me so exhausted. Excited to see what the next couple of months hold! Any advice is appreciated for this first time mommy :)
Well, my little girl is here and doing very well! She is 3 1/2 weeks early. She was born on Wednesday, June 13th at 8:19 am. She was 7lbs 4ozs at birth and 19.5 inches. She was delivered via emergency c-section. I went into early labor and she was breech. We tried to turn her naturally but her head wasn't able to move down. She and I are both doing very well and can't wait to go home tomorrow!
im sierra im 19 & had my beautiful little girl Aleah Rayne on june 8th, my moms 40th Birthday. I was in labor for 18 hours then had to have a c-section. she was 7lbs 8oz 19.5 inches long with a head cfull of hair. :)
im sierra im 19 & had my beautiful little girl Aleah Rayne on june 8th, my moms 40th Birthday. I was in labor for 18 hours then had to have a c-section. she was 7lbs 8oz 19.5 inches long with a head cfull of hair. :)
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