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Pregnancy & Parenting
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This topic is a place for those due March through May 2011 to discuss their soon-to-be bundles of joy and all the excitement of pregnancy!

We will keep an updated list of those expecting, their due dates and the gender of the baby (if known) so please include that information (if available) in your first post.

Congratulations to all the new expectant moms out there!


Vanessa1031: Carina Marie was born 2/11/2011!

Roo_the_roo: Sean was born 3/7/2011!

Curlygirl28: 2/27/2011 -- Girl!

Brittneedanae: 3/1/2011 -- Girl!

Santorkk: Angelina was born 3/12/2011!

Averenee: 03/16/2011 -- Boy!

Lildutchgirl79: 4/7/2011

Seesarah1987: 4/7/2011

April_bride: 4/10/2011 -- Girl!

Devdevmarie: 4/23/2011

Nicole318: 4/28/2011 -- Girl!

Samantha81: 5/8/2011 -- Boy!

Cellulitedelite: 5/12/2011

Magr: 5/17/2011

Ringnebula: 5/23/2011

Thegoodpotato: 6/13/2011 -- Girl!

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Abby - YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!! CONGRATS!! Laughing Any idea how many weeks you are??  SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, T and I are officially "trying" as well.  So hopefully I'll have some good news to share in the not too distant future ;)

OH, and slightly random... but speaking of babies on the way - I saw a cousin of mine at the trial who I hadn't seen in a long time.  I knew he and his wife had a few kids, but he told us that his wife is being induced on May 1st - having their 6th girl!  UGH!!  They have 1 boy and 6 GIRLS!!  Oh.  My.  Word.

So, yeah Amy - be glad you're not them.  None of them are in the pre-teen stage yet.  I can't even!

Sam, glad you got through the trip. Just cannot imagine the pain and heartache you and your family have. I'm so sorry mama. You have just a great attitude and outlook. Anger only hurts the person who is angry so I'm glad you are not dwelling on that. I can a thousand percent understand your dad too of course. It's so hard, everyone just has to get through it the way they can. Hugs. And good luck w/ baby 2. You better slow down some mama or you and T will never have time to do the baby dance LOL.

Abs - congrats!! How far along are you, do you know? YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Are you hoping for a boy this time or no preference?

My brother's having a girl in September. Whee! Too bad they freaking live in costa rica so we'll never see them LOL.

Hey lovely ladies! 

Sam~ Sorry I missed your post about the trial last week, we posted at almost the same time and I didn't see it.  I'm glad it's over and you all had a chance to speak.  Everyone deals with grief in different ways, there is no right/wrong way.  I'm just glad Logan got to meet his uncle even though he won't remember, you will always have that memory. 

Amy~ How are things going with A?  How exciting that you're going to have a niece!  It does suck when family is so far away and it's hard to visit.  I wish plane ticket prices would go down so you could visit. 

We don't know much yet!  I had my period the last week in March so I'm somewhere between 1-4 weeks along :P  According to my due date will be right around new years but that seems too early, I was guessing end of Jan.  My appt is May 29th so we'll know more then. 

Sam~ So excited you're trying for #2!!  I agree with Amy, I don't know how you find the time/energy with how busy you are!  Good luck!

Things are up and down w/ Angela. she was a complete **** to me after school today. I texted Michael that I was leaving, and having an evening to myself and (FOR ONCE!) he could give Isa dinner and put her to bed. OMG it was so nice and helped so much. I went to see 21 Jump Street by myself and went shopping. (it was HILARIOUS!). My first night out in.... I cannot remember how long. Angela called and texted while I was gone, bawling and apologizing and begging me to come home. Apparently M didn't tell her I was only going out for a few hours! like literally 3 hours. UGH! Anyway. Since then it's been a little better. But it feels like 3 steps forward then 4 steps back.

One good thing is as a result of the astronomically ridiculous **** she pulled on me, Michael is FINALLY making her a therapy appt. I've been asking him to do that for a year and a half. He told me he would today. I doubt he will but.... fingers crossed.

Can't wait for your first OB appt Abs so we know more about this lil bean. Any gut feeling on boy or girl? I felt like I knew ASAP Isa was a girl although we wanted a boy. Of course now I wouldn't have it any other way LOL.

Amy~ Wow, sorry for the stuff with A but nice to have a night out by yourself!!  I hope therapy helps, that's a tough situation.

No gut feelings yet.  Hopefully a boy but of course either would be awesome! 

So Evie decided not to nap at ALL yesterday at daycare.  She had a great day, just didn't want to sleep even when the other two girls were napping.  But that just meant total and complete meltdown at home.  We tried dinner around 5:30 and she ended up with more on the floor than in her mouth so I gave up, put her in the tub and she was in pjs and asleep by 6:10.  She slept ALL NIGHT!  I figured she's wake up to eat once since she really didn't eat much last night but nope!  woke up at 5:45 for a bottle and then played in the bathroom with me while I showered and then D came and got her while I got dressed. 

It did give me tons of time last night to run/fold/put away 6 loads of laundry!!  The piles were starting to drive me nuts so I'm glad it's finally at least mostly tackled.  I still have about three loads to run this weekend but that's the normal stuff.  And I didn't eat dinner last night, I just had NO appetite.  I wasn't sick or anything, just nothing sounded good and I wasn't hungry.  I figured I'd eat when i was hungry and it just never happened.  Now today I'll probably be a bottomless pit!!

Carseats: What carseat do you guys have?  Evie is just too big for her Chicco now and we just bought the Britax Marathon 70 which I think we'll really like.  Just curious what you ladies were using. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Hey ladies!

Amy - Wow.  Yeah, I definitely think that A would benefit from some professional help.  A lot of the issues she's dealing with are probably only a small part of pre-teen hormones, but moreso to do with the egg donor.  She's probably getting to an age where the depth of the situation is really hitting her, but she's still not old enough to completely understand.  (NOT that I have any idea what I'm talking

Glad you got some time to yourself, though!  I have thought about doing that many, many times.  Just taking an evening to myself, going to a movie or just finding a starbucks and chillin' with a latte and a book for a couple of hours.  Sounds sooooo nice!

Abby - Wow!  Yeah, Logan would be impossible to deal with if he didn't nap.  That's awesome that Evie slept for so long, though! Yay! 

And you'll have to keep us posted on baby #2!!  SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!


So yeah, lately I feel like I'm absolutely losing my mind! Lol.  I just feel like there is so much to do, and no time to get it all done.   And I am so ridiculously hard on myself that when things continue to pile up - I just get ornery and stressed out.   Anyone else going through this?  Or am I just being dramatic? :)

I love, love, LOVE my little boy so much - but I can feel myself getting more impatient with him than I should.  I am just so scared he's going to turn into a spoiled child from the ridiculous amounts of attention he gets.  He has started to throw tantrums, and cry uncontrollably if we don't pick him up.

Last night was NOT a good night for him.  He was soooooo cranky.  I think he as just having a bad day, and I think he also may be getting to an age where he doesn't want his parents (particularly me - I left to get dinner) to leave, and needs to have us around all the time.

*Shrug*... For the most part he's still a very good little guy - very smiley and happy.  But when he gets a knickers in a twist about something, it's very trying to deal with.

Sam~ Don't be hard on  yourself!  You do SO much, you need to take a break.  You quit so you wouldn't be so busy but then picked up 10 more things to do!  And I don't know how you do it, being home with Logan 24/7.  I love Evie more than anything in the world and I just don't think I could be a stay-at-home-mom, I'd go nuts.  What you are doing is awesome, it takes patience and real dedication.  I just got an email from what-to-expect that tantrums will start to get worse around this time because they just can't communicate the way they want to yet.  Hang in there mamma!  Do you have any mommy groups in the area you can go to during the week?  Then he can interact with other babies (and you can talk to mommies!).  Evie gets very clingy by Sunday night because she's been with me all weekend and it's hard to hear her cry Monday morning at the sitters :(  Good luck with that situation! 

Thanks Abby :)

I know I am super hard on myself.  I put ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself, that when things don't run smoothly I'm almost in meltdown mode! ...Lol!

It really is hard to be home with Logan all the time.  I mean, I am so grateful that I get to spend this precious time with him - but when I do something wrong, or get upset with him,  or I'm not as patient with him as I should be, I feel like the worst mom in the world.

And when Logan throws tantrums I think I deal with it fairly well for the most part, but then it gets to the point where I'm like - okay, you don't need to be screaming anymore, and I don't want to pick you up just because you think you need to held.  I try to distract him away from being upset, and that sometimes works. 

*Sigh*... It won't be like this forever.  I know ;)

Hello ladies!  I'm reviving this thread cuz I miss you girls! 

Sam~ How was NYC??!!  Did you stay with Vanessa or meet her?  I hope you had a fantastic time!

Amy~ What's up over there chica?  You're quiet lately.  Any progress with A?

How was your Mother's Day??!  This was my first and it was awesome.  My birthday was Friday and my parents came down and helped us till/plant/mulch my last huge flower bed and the azelas that got dug up for the deck.  They're finally back in the ground because the deck is officially passed by the inspector!!!  I'll have to post pics on fb soon. 

Saturday was Evie's bday and his parents and sis/bil came over around 1 and we just had a cookout on the deck and she opened presents, played with her mini lady-bug cake and went down for a nap.  His parents were packing up to leave as she was waking up so we put her "big sister" onesie on and told them the news.  They're thrilled of course!  I'm dying for my May 29th appt so I have an official due date!  I found a few calculators online and according to them and my last period in March, my due date is right around Jan 1st.  Awesome.  I didn't mean for it to be a Christmas baby but what can you do? 

Sunday we relaxed and D got me some solar lights for the deck and a beautiful necklace with Evie's name and birthday on it and her borthstone (emrald).  The boys ran to Lowe's to hang the swing my parents got her for her bday and she LOVES it!!  She could swing in there for hours!!

Oh!  So I got a call yesterday that Evie got accepted into the daycare on base!  It's a great program (so I've heard) so we're going to switch her in two weeks to start June 4th.  Of course this makes me apprehensive but I know she'll be fine.  I will miss our babysitter though, she is great and if it doesn't work out we'll definitely go back to her. 

Well ladies, hope all is well with you and your families!  Hope you all stop in soon!

Hey all!

Thanks for the thread-revival, Abby!  Where is everyone??

New York was so fun, but no I didn't end up staying with V - which was totally fine.  I ended up staying with some friends of my cousin, who I totally forgot lives!  It was just a few minutes from where I needed to be, and they were such fun girls! 

The Makeup Show was such a blast!  Initially it was really overwhelming, and it was hard being there by myself.  But once I got into the swing of things I had so much fun - and I have never walked so much in my life!  It was awesome, but dang - I was tired!


SOOOOO - in even bigger news:  Took a pregnancy test this morning.  Came up positive :)  YAY!!  So I'm probably only like 3-4 weeks along, and I've definitely been feeling queasy and tired lately.   But we're totally excited!

NO Facebook announcements for a while, though.  I told my mom this morning, (and of course T) but that's it!

Sam~ YAY!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're preggo together again!  Super duper excited for you!!!!

Glad you enjoyed the make up show!  Did you get to tour around NYC any or where you busy with the show?  I'm so glad you ended up going, how did T handle it?  I know he wasn't a huge fan when you first brought it up. 

*squee* SO happy for you and T!  Logan is going to be a big brother!!!!

Evie is a CLIMBER!!!  Holy crap, I can't keep that kid on the floor!  Luckily she can't get out of her crib (yet, it's coming though!) but she can get in/out of the tub, up on the coffee table, INTO the cupboards (after she empties them of course!) and onto the sub woofer box on the floor.  And when you're holding her she tries to clumb up you, it's kind of hilarious unless you need her to sit still. 

Abby - So fun that both our kiddos will be so close in age!  Lol!

And I hear ya on the climbing thing - Logan will try to get on anything that puts him above the floor :)

And yeah, my cousin showed me around the area he works in - which is just off of wall street, right by the staten island ferry.  I didn't get to see as much as I wanted to, but it was still so nice!  And T did fine :) ... He and Logan got some bonding time, and the house was still in one piece when I got!

Oh, and yeah - I have been feeling super sick lately and starving, so I kind of had a hunch I might be pregnant.

On the flights there and back, when we'd come in to land I got motion sickness - bad!  I thought I was going to hurl all over the person next to me.  And driving in the cab made me sick, and even driving myself around yesterday - I got sick.  That, and with being hungry all the time (ugh!) I just decided to take a test this morning. 


Sam~ Sorry you're not feeling well, hopefully it will pass soon!  I had a few queasy days where dinner didn't sit well but starting to feel better.  I was very lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy with Evie so I'm hoping for another. 

Weekend was pretty good.  We thought Evie was going to have a cold on Friday because her nose was runny all night Thurs and she was sneezing and just lethargic but she didn't have a fever so we took her to daycare on Friday.  She seemed fine all weekend, just clingy and a little crankier than usual and the non-stop runny nose. 

I went up to see my friend who's expecting in Sept and helped her finish her registry.  That was fun.  Yesterday we kind of putzed around the house but didn't do anything spectacular. 

We're flying to MI this weekend for a family wedding so I'll be spending the week doing laundry and packing.  Get to see lots of family I rarely see though so it'll be fun.  Lots of them will meet Evie for the first time. 

Amy~ hope you're feeling better mamma! 

Wow two preggos from our group already!!!! That's incredible! Congrats, Sam! More later, still swamped w/ work after several unexpected PTO days due to family funeral and Isa ear infection and although I worked yesterday  was still really sick so didn't accomplish much.

Angela had her 2nd therapy session last night. It's not helping yet (woudln't expect it to) but at least M finally got her into counselling.

More later I promise!

Wow two preggos from our group already!!!! That's incredible! Congrats, Sam! More later, still swamped w/ work after several unexpected PTO days due to family funeral and Isa ear infection and although I worked yesterday  was still really sick so didn't accomplish much.

Angela had her 2nd therapy session last night. It's not helping yet (woudln't expect it to) but at least M finally got her into counselling.

More later I promise!

Amy~ Welcome back!  Sorry to hear about the family funeral and you both being sick!  That sucks, I hope you're both feeling better now. 

Not much going on over here.  Evie had a bad night last night.  She was all happy and then all of a sudden just burst out into tears and was unconsolable!!  Pretty much the rest of the night she would be fine and then drop her toy and break into tears, no idea what that was all about.  Those nights are so trying on my patience because D turns into a sulky pi$$y monster because she won't let him hold her so he's sulking on the couch and I'm left with a crying baby who won't let me do anything.  Luckily he stepped up and made dinner and did a round of dishes and I did the after dinner dishes after she was alseep.  And then I walked on the treadmill for 30 mins. 

Hey ladies!

Amy - Hope everything gets better for ya!

Abby - Yeah, Logan has nights like that occasionally, too.  He'll be fine, then out of nowhere he'll just stop what he's doing and start crying uncontrollably.  It's very trying!  I hope the treadmill helped :)


I already feel like I'm losing my mind!  Lol!  My fuse is so short, and I have absolutely no patience with T these days if he looks at me the wrong way.  Poor guy!  He's relatively understanding, but I definitely feel like my hormones are going crazy.

I think just knowing I'm pregnant, having about 9,000 things to stress about, and having an insanely busy summer coming up is not a good combination.

*deep breath*...


Vent of my day.  I was listening to something about "attachment parenting" the other day, and it was interesting to hear the two different sides of it.  So, just for curiosity's sake I brought it up to T to see what he thought.  And of course, he's all for it. 

I know he doesn't think I bf'd Logan long enough, and that I push him to develop too quickly, and that Logan didn't sleep in our room long enough (we put him in a crib at 3 months), etc.  And it's fine that he has his opinions, but at the same time - it's easy for him to feel that way when these things would have almost no affect on his life!  HE doesn't have to breast feed, HE doesn't have to get up with Logan at night, HE doesn't have to spend all day with a small child attached to his hip.  So yeah, that's awesome he values close parental bond so much - but when he does about 10% of the work - the perspective is a little different!!

I've read a little more about "attachment parenting" and I do agree with a lot of the principles of it - it's a very nurturing approach, and trying to understand your child, which I feel are the ways I really try to communicate with Logan.  But I don't think I need to carry him everywhere, or be within 5 feet of him at all times, or bathe with him.  And I know T would have a FIT if Logan was still sleeping in our bed. 

UGH!!  MEN!!

I think the hormones play a small part in my annoyance, but I just don't like being made to feel like I'm not doing a good job as a mom;  that because I don't have Logan physically attached to me at all times, I couldn't possibly be forming a healthy bond with him.


Hey Mamas! 

What's happening? :)

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