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Due in Fall 2012

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Hi! I thought it was time to create a thread for those of us who are due in Fall 2012!

Let's make this a place to support one another and connect about our pregnancies, nutrition, exercise, whatever we feel like sharing. To start, let's post our due dates here!

wkndhick: September 9, 2012

saraoutloud: September 12, 2012 -- GIRL!

jordielg: September 13, 2012 -- GIRL! Natalie, born September 21st!

jessicarabbit: September 19, 2012 -- GIRL!

katyayer: September 20, 2012 -- BOY! Leo, born October 2nd!

annerodriguez8: September 22, 2012 -- GIRL: Lorena, born September 14th!

lindsyshellhamer: October 9, 2012 -- BOY!

ms_adham: October 14, 2012

noctedea: October, 15, 2012 -- GIRL!

missstephie: October 22, 2012

dracolithfright: October 25, 2012

saleevaj: November 10-19, 2012 -- TEAM GREEN!

angie100403: November 14, 2012

tblover: November 15, 2012 -- BOY!

kitkat: November 16, 2012

amethystgirl: December 11, 2012 -- TEAM GREEN!

5togo: December 25, 2012 -- BOY!

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I'll start!

Due Date: 9/20/2012

Boy or girl?: ??? I'll be finding out in a few weeks!

I'm 16 weeks today and so far it has been going by really fast. I am so glad the first tri is over, though! This is my first pregnancy and so I'm super excited and yet nervous. I'm 34 and somewhat recently married. I guess I'm kind of getting a late start on the family life, but I'm ready at this point. We conceived on our first try, I think, which kind of surprised us both.

I look forward to chatting with other fall moms-to-be!

Hi katyayer

Due Date: our DDs are super-close - mine is 19th September 2012!

Boy or Girl: We don't know yet whether our little one is a boy or girl (I feel like it might be a boy, no idea why though!) - we have our scan booked for 8th May so hopefully the little one will comply and let the sonographer see the necessary, lol.

My husband and I started TTC as soon as we got married nearly 2 and a half years ago, without success, but eventually after tests it turned out I have an underactive thyroid which was causing our trouble TTC. Once the thyroid medication had kicked in and my thyroid level had regulated we thankfully managed to conceive really quickly. I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and have been feeling so much better in these last few weeks. From week 6 until quite recently I was feeling constantly sick 24 hours a day and I felt totally knackered most of the time, but luckily this has finally abated. No more after work naps are necessary, and I’m finally feeling much more like myself again. Unfortunately with the combination of tiredness and nausea throughout my first trimester I had only really managed the occasional yoga session and lunchtime walk. But now that my energy is back I've started exercising properly again – which includes 30-60 min walks most days with my lovely dog, cycling on my stationary bike for 30 minutes several times a week and practicing yoga for half an hour before bed most nights..

Excitingly ever since last week I've been feeling the first fluttering of movement - usually when I'm sitting down quietly after dinner I'll get the familiar twinges/flutters in my abdomen – totally amazing!

Good luck to everyone else who is due to be an Autumn Mum this year!

Hi Jessica! Wow- we do have almost the same due date!

That is so wonderful that you were able to get pregnant easily after your thyroid regulated!

I am also excited that you are feeling movement already- I keep waiting for it! I may have felt a tiny little flutter a couple of nights ago while lying in bed... but I can't be sure. I know it will be any day now, and I can't wait.

I was sick too during the first trimester. Not too bad, just nauseous all the time, but I'm glad it's over. I'm trying to exercise too. Long walks are also my favorite, and I've been doing spin class, and prenatal yoga at home too. I was thinking about starting to swim too, but so far haven't gotten motivated yet. Part of it is I need some kind of more supportive swimsuit, and swimsuit shopping while 16 weeks pregnant is unappealing.

I look forward to checking in during our pregnancies and seeing how things are going!

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Hi, DD: 14/10/2012

still need at least 3 weeks to figure out the gender. i alread have 2.5 years old girl but i won't mind having another one :) i keep praying for healthy and clever baby.

I'll finish my 3rd tri in few days and things are getting slowly better; less diziness and nausia, less vomiting and headach but i still feel too tierd in the evening.

I work till 4 pm and by the time i reach home and prepare dinner i lose all the energy and just lie on the couch reading a book, watching TV or play with my daughter while sitting (puzzle, painting, reading her books anything that does not require moving)

I have already gained 10 pounds, mainly because i spent the last 3 months sitting in the office or lying in bed or on the couch.

now that i'm getting better i'm determined to start walking like 45 mints a day as a start. I just need support and encouragement. today i will talk with my spouse about this and ask him to accompnay me.

I was already a bit overweight before getting pregenent (i've always been 10 to 12 pounds more that i should be) so i dont need any extra weight.

After giving birth to my first child i managed to get back to my pre-pregnency weight within a year (but that was not easy).

please keep encouragng me :(

Hi ms_adham! We are in the same boat. I was a little heavier than I should be before I got pregnant too, and I had gained 10 pounds by the end of the first trimester too. Yeah I definitely don't need any extra weight, either. I'm totally into encouraging each other to get out there and exercise. Even if I'm feeling terrible, it seems a bit of exercise always makes me feel better. 

I'm glad you're feeling better, too! 

I think I find out the gender too in 2-3 weeks or so, I have a doctor appt next Monday, I hope I learn more then, or at least get the 20 week scan scheduled in. 

I'm happy to keep encouraging! Did you talk to your spouse about walking together? Mine is supportive about it but not exactly enthusiastic.

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Hello Katyayer, and thanks for replying to my post.

your words are so comforting and i'll try my best to be as active as you especially the walking part.

I live in Amman- Jordan (in the middle east) so it is not quite easy to find a yoga center or good clean swimming pool for acceptable price, so walking would be the ultimate sport for me.

i didnt talk to my husband about my plans (45 mints walking a day) because he was too busy with his work last night, i will today.

He is very supportive but just as in your case not enthusiastic :)

Ms_adham, I live in a small town and there aren't many yoga options either. I've been doing yoga classes online, has a good selection of prenatal yoga. They charge like $18/month, but you can try it for 2 weeks for free. I also tried, and they have prenatal yoga too- although not as many classes. I think it is cheaper per month though. 

Glad your husband is being supportive! Hopefully he keeps it up. Happy walking!

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oh thanks a lot Katyayer, i didn't know online yoga classes exist. I will try it this weekend and let you know of the feedback Smile

Ooh, yes swimming does sound good but I'm right there with you katyayer on not being too keen to go swimwear shopping! Lol.

I hope you get those wee flutters soon - SO exciting!

Hey there, how are you ladies doing?

I just had a doctor appt today, and got to hear the heartbeat. It was so sweet and reassuring, I've only heard the heartbeat via ultrasound up to now. I also scheduled my 20 week anatomy scan for May 3rd. I can't wait to find out what I'm having! I've had dreams that it's a boy, but then also dreams that's it a girl. So who knows!

Exercise has been hit or miss for me this week. I feel like I have cut back my activity levels substantially. I am also gaining weight pretty steadily. I know it's normal but due to my prior issues with my weight, I find it emotionally hard. I've gained 15 pounds already which is A LOT for only 18 weeks.

I'm trying to come up with a better exercise plan- my goal is to get into the gym 2 days a week, do 2 days of walk/jogging, and 4 days of yoga. I know that sounds like a lot, but the yoga I can do on days when I do something else and lots of days I just do it in the morning for a quick 30 minutes before work.

Hope you guys are getting out there and getting exercise, too!

yay you created a thread for us! :) 


DD: 11/15/2012 


I'm almost 10 weeks along now, I have an appointment on Thursday and hopefully they will do an ultra sound and I can hear my strawbaby's little heartbeat. I am almost through the 1st trimester and have gained about 6-8lbs so far, I think that's about normal. I have lost all motivation to do ANYTHING though. No schoolwork, no working out, no nothing. I'm not even that tired, I just don't want to do anything anymore. I'm a lazy bum now! I am starting to not like myself because of it. Not sure if its even pregnancy related or if i have some major senioritis. blah. 

Hi tb! Yeah, I kept looking for a Fall 2012 thread and finally decided to make one myself! :) 

My doctor told me the second trimester begins around 14 weeks. I suppose they must all count it differently. Whatever! 40 weeks is 40 weeks. Anyway I feel like not doing anything a lot too and I try to force myself to do stuff. I think it might be better to just surrender and relish giving our bodies some rest. 

I bet they will do an ultrasound on Thursday! How exciting. They usually do around that time to determine if the due date is accurate. You have to report back and let us know how it goes!


Oh I am sure I will! :) 

if you guys haven't checked out a pregnancy website yet I definitely recommend the bump. Its from the creators of the knot and the nest. Its pretty cool! It gives you a weekly checklist and stuff so it keeps you from getting behind or forgetting appointments etc. 


katy- have you told Smoke's owner about being pregnant yet?? Just curious, I know at one point you were worried she would want him back. 

Tb, I haven't told his owner about being pregnant yet. She is like the only reason I haven't made it public on FB or anything. I am super paranoid about it! I think I really need to tell her soon, in case she decides to pay us a visit and lo and behold, I'm super pregnant. I am just going to email her in the next few weeks (probably after I find out the gender) and mention that I am still riding and plan to continue, and that I don't need help horse sitting, and we'll see how it goes from there. 

I've been using the babycenter website, but I'll check out the bump too! Thanks for the suggestion. I get kind of paranoid looking at all the things I'm supposed to be doing to prepare for this baby, though! I just don't feel like doing anything for some reason, even though I'm excited about the baby and all. How are you guys preparing? 

I understand that fear completely!


I get paranoid too, I know I am not exercising at all and I should be....i just can't make myself! I am going to mow some grass today since its going to rain tomorrow, but that's on a riding mower so its not really exercise. lol

So far i have just made my appointment, started a baby registry, taken the vitamins, and not eaten the foods that would be bad for me. And I switched to decaf, its actually pretty good. I have only had it from the diner up the road though, nowhere else yet.

The big challenge right now is R and I finding a place to move into. I made an appointment to go look at a cute duplex on the 29th. I hope he likes it and that the furniture will fit. I really do not want to have a newborn in his little apartment. There is no room for all the baby stuff! 

Yeah, motivation is definitely lacking a bit for me too. Like you tblover900 I've switched to decaf and have been taking my vitamins. But we have managed to choose and buy our travel system and I've even practised assembling/disassembling the various ways it can be set up, so at least that's one thing off the list. Phew! Apart from that though, we still have everything still to do/organise. I really should get a move on before the third trimester as I'll probably start feeling even more tired and unmotivated by then, lol.

And I've just ordered some lovely maternity support tights (sooo attractive!), I work in an office 9-5, and even going for a 30-45 minute walk at lunchtime isn't helping to relieve that horrible tight and heavy feeling in legs I seem to get after sitting for a while. Hopefully these tights will help though.

I hope you're all well.

Hi ladies. I have been off CC for probably the last 2-2.5 years and just found my way back today and found this forum. I am 19 weeks pregnant, due on Sept. 13th, 2012 with my husband and I's first child, a little girl.

I was a bit overweight when we found out I was pregnant (5'6" 172lbs) so I don't need to gain much during this pregnancy. So far, I've been having a rough go of things; husband and I are in a very transitional period -- moving, he's starting a new job, I'm not working (which I HATE haha) which has had me feeling super depressed and eating a ton. Before I found out I was pregnant, I did CrossFit 5x/week and LOVED it, after taking about 2 months off now I'm following the workouts, and aim for 3-4x/week.

I've been making a point not to get on the scale between appointments and I only gained 6lbs between my 8wk and 16wk appointments (despite expecting a gain of like 15lbs! haha).

Anyway, I came back to CC to help me reign in some poor eating choices I've been letting slip and hopefully tighten some things up so I can feel as beautiful while pregnant as my husband sees me (right now, I feel like I just look fat). I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my next appointment/ultrasound.

Glad to have a group to share and chat with!

Hi jordielg and welcome! We are close, I am just due one week after you. Hey, you might find out the gender tomorrow since you're 19 weeks! Are you going to find out?Like you I was a bit overweight when I found out I was pregnant too, so yeah, trying not to gain too much but also trying not to worry myself sick about it. 

Amazingly my husband thinks I am so beautiful while pregnant too. Like you, I just don't see it. I am trying to get over that mental block! 

jessica- aack, the idea of shopping for a "travel system" makes me squeamish! Good for you for getting it done and even trying it out. I know I am supposed to do stuff like that but for some reason I can't bring myself to. I attempted discussing travel systems with my husband and he looked at me like I had three heads. And oh boy- maternity support tights- sounds like a real joy. I hope they help though!

Speaking of, I got my first maternity clothes in the mail today (I shopped online), and I am so thrilled. I think they are totally going to help me feel a bit sexier! Something unbecoming about having my pants undone all day, even if I'm using the bella band. 

I have gained 10lbs so far....and today marks the start of my 10th week. 

Last night I ate an entire medium pepperoni pizza by myself! I am not proud but actually shocked that I didn't feel stuffed afterwards as expected. I just felt satisfied. ?!?!!?! gah. this cannot continue. Luckily my dr gave me a little planner with nutrition info in it and I am going to start following that a lot more closely than I have been. 


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