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Daily routine for 7 month old baby

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I just wondered how other mums routines compared to mine, and just get some new ideas really.

This is how my daily routine works out for my 7 month old girl:

7am-Breakfast:  Big bowl organic porridge.  Water from trainer cup.

Between 9am-10am:  Nap for 30 mins - 1 hour.

10am (ish)-Snack time:  (eg cheese, banana.  She tends to play with it more    than anything, just trying to get her used to different foods and textures).

Midday-Lunchtime:  6 cubes of pureed veg (eg carrot, parsnip, swede) and 6oz formula milk.  Water from trainer cup.

1pm (ish):  Nap for 2 hours.

3pm:  7oz formula milk.

5pm-Dinner:  6 cubes pureed veg.  Water from trainer cup.

6.30pm:  Bathtime, followed by 8oz formula then in bed by 7pm.

This routine seems to work quite well for us.  What do other mums do with their babies in between feeding and naps?  I try and get out for a walk everyday and fit in as much playtime as possible.

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That is pretty much what my sons routine looked like at 7 months. I was always wondering "when should I change it" bc as they get older clearly it changes, they stay up longer ect But he did all of that on his own gradually he changed his own schedual even now at 2 years old he still has an awesome schedual.

Thankfully, my sitter and I are very much in sync w/ eachother; b/c we keep julia pretty much on the same schedule-  but sometimes she skips her afternoon nap with her.  But when she's home with me; here it is:

7AM:  Wake up w/ bottle @ 6oz

8AM:  4oz fruit w/ rice cereal

8:30-11AM:  playtime, stroller time depending on the morning.

11AM:  6oz bottle

11:15:  Nap

12PM:  Playtime/Stroller time/errands w/ momma

1PM:  Lunch:  6 oz bottle, 4oz fruit w/ oatmeal, 4 oz veggies

1:30PM:  Play for an hour

2:30/3PM:  DEEP NAP with Mommy!  (my favorite)

5/6PM (sometime she sleeps for a while)  6oz bottle

7:45PM:  Dinner:  4oz fruit and 4 oz veggie with oatmeal-  usually bananas since it's heavier.

8:30PM:  Out like a LIGHT -  no fuss; just put her to bed- what an angel!

My son's only 5 months old but here's his schedule:

6:45am-wake up, get dressed, breastfeed

7am-leave for great-grandma's (who watches him during the day and this only happens M-F)

7:15am-falls asleep in the car until 8am

8am-Eat breakfast--3 Tablespoons of fruit/veggies

9am-diaper change, playtime on the gym

9:30am-4 oz. Breastmilk Bottle


11am-diaper change, playtime with G.G.

11:30am-3 oz. Breastmilk Bottle

12pm-1:30pm-playtime with G.G., walk, playtime on the gym/swing

1:30pm-4 oz. Breastmilk Bottle


4:30pm-4 oz. breastmilk or formula (if I didn't pump enough milk the previous day)

5pm-arrive home

5:15pm eat 3 Tablespoons fruit/veggies for dinner

5:30pm-breastfeed for 20 minutes

5:30-6:30 playtime w/mom, dad and sister

6:30pm-bath (every other night), book, breastfeed and bed between 7 & 7:30pm.

We just started solids last week so we're only up to 2 meals a day. We were going to hold off longer on the solids but he wached us with a hawk-eye while we ate dinner. We tried squash and he was hooked! We tend to just go with the flow when it comes to his schedule. If we're out and about during one of his naptimes, he either sleeps in the stroller/carseat or naps a little later in the day.

We just try to get in as much playtime in between naps, too. We read/look at books or try out some of his sister's old toys that he's too young for :) He loves it when I make him dance (and his sister thinks his "booty shake" is hilarious!).

You should up her formula at 7 months babies main source of nutrition is breastmilk or formula.

7 month old babies need at least 24 ozs of formula and the norm is 30 ozs.

I would skip morning snack and replace it with 4-6 ozs formula


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I'm onto baby #5 now so have gotten quite a bit more relaxed about sticking to any formal schedule but lately our days with baby girl 7 months look a little like this....


Wake 5am breastfeed then back to sleep (sometimes in mama's bed)

Wake again 8am Breastfeed

8:30 breakfast 1 weetbix with formula and pureed fruit or 2 tablespoons of baby cereal with formula and fruit. Water in a sippy cup.

9:00 - 10:30 Plays/crawls

10:30 - 12:00 Naps

12:00 Breatfeeds

12:30 Lunch 2 tablespoons of Veges or fruit/custard

1:00 - 3:00 Plays/crawls

3:00 Naps

4:30 Wakes Breastfeeds

5:00 Dinner 2 - 3  tablespoons of puréed veges

5:30 - 7:30/8:00 Plays/crawls, Baths at about 7:00 every other night

7:30/8:00 Breastfeeds and bed for the night

10:30/11:00 Wakes and breastfeeds, one side only

2am Wakes and breastfeeds, one side only


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