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Calories burned pushing a stroller?

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According to this website, you burn 170 an hour, but I think that that is wrong. I walked the boys for 2.4 miles in a double stroller and I'm pretty sure I burned more than 145 calories.

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I'm totally with you!  It seems like the way it is worded "pushing a stroller, or walking with a stroller" implies that you are walking slower than normal.  But for me I know I work harder than that!  I have 2 little girls that are 30-40lbs. each, and my double stroller is a bear to push!

I agree that it seems to assume you are going slower and not working as hard when pushing a stroller.  I googled it and one site explained how to calculate it more accurately based on the level you work at.  I know I'm breathing harder and sweating more when pushing the stroller than when I walk without it.  I just log it as regular moderate walking.
I also log it as moderate walking.  I usually walk 3-3.5MPH, so I usually just log that, but I'm sure I'm burning a little more pushing my 36 pound son around.  :)  And once my baby is born, I'll be pushing a double stroller with both of them.

I think this website imagines you pushing a stroller slows you down. I walk just as fast pushing a stroller as I do without one so I should be burning MORE calories because of the extra effort. Plus, it says pushing stroller or walking with your kids...if I were walking with my son then I would be burning LESS because he has short legs and stops every so often to throw a rock or look at a dog.

I do what cecily does...I mark it as 3-3.5 miles per hour.

This is kind of off the subject, but I always wonder how many calories I am burning when I am pushing my daughter in the swing.  She constantly says "UP HIGH!!!" If I let it get low she freaks!  I am usually pushing as hard as I can for at least 20 minutes.

I found this explanation on and it seems to be right on the mark...

This is virtually impossible to calculate exactly, but you can do a fairly simple procedure to estimate the calories burned per hour.

First, when you are pushing the stroller at 20 minutes per mile (3 miles per hour), you perceive a certain effort you put into it. You feel this in your legs and how hard you have to breathe. Try the following:

Walk without the stroller and try to go fast enough to simulate the same effort you feel while pushing the stroller. Time yourself over a known distance and covert it to miles per hour (divide distance in miles by minutes, then multiply by 60). Because the stroller weight slows you down, walking without the stroller at the same effort should work out to greater than 3 miles per hour.

What does this tell you? Each mile walked without the stroller burns a little more than 100 calories at your body weight. So let's say you can walk at a rate of 3.5 miles per hour as calculated above. That comes out to 3.5 times 100 = about 350 calories, plus about 50 calories for the extra body weight = 400 calories. So your calorie burn rate is about 400 calories per hour. Walking at 3 miles per hour without the stroller = about 340 calories per hour, so in this example, pushing the stroller would be burning an additional 60 calories per hour (400 - 340). Again, this is just an example calculation, so your real numbers will be different from this.

Thanks for that ltlones!

When I started jogging regularly with my stroller I couldn't find anything to explain the extra calorie burn.  So, I just logged it as regular jogging for the time I was out running and figured the extra calories were just a bonus.  I know it burns more because after my first baby as soon as I got out with the stroller the weight started melting off.  Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get outside running with my double stroller after this baby.  Hoping to have the same results!

Gmaps is what I use.  I make my route on the map and turn on the calorie counter.  Since you basically burn the same calories running, walking, etc. , speed doesn't matter, it is the DISTANCE that determines the calorie burn.  If you walk 5 miles or 3 miles, it will take more time if you go slower and less if you go faster, but you still cover the same distance. (for calorie burning calculation consider: in addition to your weight, amount of muscle mass, the weight of what you are pushing, and the terrain)

But to keep it simple, I just use Gmaps pedometer.  It is so cool.  You can map out your route before or after your walk to get an estimate of calorie count.

I push a 27 pound baby in a heavy stroller wearing my shape up shoes, so I guess that I burn even more than the Gmaps pedometer says but that just means I will lose more than I am calculating.

:O) Here's the link to the pedometer

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