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Breastfeeding and body stopped losing weight

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After I had baby 12-12-11 I lost 30 lb fast now I hv even gained a few I cut my calories down to bout 1200 and I breastfeed only I am getting very discouraged. I hv heard ur body will go in starvation mode. But its hard to think u can eat more to lose the weight. Is this really true? I wd like to lose bout 15lb
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Why would you under-nourish yourself while you are BREASTFEEDING!?!?!?

Your personal weight should be the least of your worries when the sole nutrition your baby is getting is coming from YOU.

Goodness. Eat more!

I stopped losing weight and my milk started to dry up when I was eating 1,500 calories a day while nursing. I wound up having to eat roughly 2,000 calories a day to lose weight and continue nursing and I didn't even exercise.

Gah. Since I can't edit my post for some reason...

Use this calculator to see how much you burn while breastfeeding. It's the most accurate I've used that takes nursing into account: burned

Also, nursing women are usually told to eat a minimum of 1,800 calories a day and most need more.

Milk won't stop if you have fat storage. It's a parasitic thing, it takes what it needs from your body, whether you have extra to spare, or not. Watch your calcium and iron, though.
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