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Pregnancy & Parenting
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Hi, just wondering what  names you ladies have thought or have used for your babies. I am almost 10 weeks and we wont find out what the sex is although i would like to. This will  be my second.

the names i like are Morgan for a girl

and  shawn or mark for a boy.

what about you??
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Not preggo, but we have our kids' names picked out....

Vera Bella

Berkley James

I like names that you cannot tell if it's a boy or girl by just hearing it.  Also if your really set on one of them, it doesn't matter if you have a boy or girl, just spell it a little differently for each.

Names that are in our family (all girls):

Riley,  Korey,  Sydney (born during the 2000 Australian Olympics I might add!) and Erynn. 


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We are thinking of Audrey or Emilie for a girl.

COMPLETELY stumped for a boy.  I'm watching for suggestions!

My two sons are Jacob and Asher and my daughter is Alexis.



Jacob Lee (middle name is after his dad and paternal grandpa)

Alexis's middle name is Faith (faith is a family name)

Asher Cornelius (cornelius is my dad's middle name we wanted Asher to have a part of my dad's name because he is dying of Alzheimers disease)



Original Post by sunquest76:

We are thinking of Audrey or Emilie for a girl.

My niece is named Audrey.  At first I was surprised my sister picked it, and I was afraid kids would call her "Aud"  (Odd).  But, surprisingly they haven't.  And she's 8 now, so I think if kids would pick on her for the name, they would have done it already.

For girls I love Katya and Tatiana.

I used to like the names Piper, Keegen, Tristian (for either sex really)... but I think I've kinda' gotten over that.

I think I'm going back to liking more simple names.  I like Shawn, but I think I like it spelled Sean better (looks prettier in cursive).  Another name I like, for how it looks in writing is Lydia.

my sons name is Gage and i love it!we named our daughter Hannah ( it means a gift from god) but it has got super popular and i like different names. congratulations all preggos. so much fun

Oh I love this game!!!  My daughter is pregnant and is expecting a boy.

She has picked out Brayden Michael.  If it would have been a girl she would have named her Braelin Marie. Her friend just had a baby girl and named her Marley Shayne.  I also like names that would go for a girl or boy.  I like the name Blake. Korey, Shayne, Shay.

Other choices: Caleb, Gavin

My children's names are Caitlin (she is now 20 and the name was never heard at that time, now it is very popular).

My son's name is Tyler....I wanted to name him Skyler (which would work for a girl or boy). Tyler is way over used now.

Let us know what you decide!!

My husband and his first wife named the girls Brittany and Ashley (way over used).

I am not big on traditional names. I always know to many people with the same name. Like my name Crystal.

I named my daughter Keona Lee and my son Javin McKay, not to be pronounced Gaa-vin, its Jay-vin.

My sister and cousin have picked out unique names as well. Alazay, Shilo, Lyric, Joeziha, Hennasea, Ryder, Eva, and Kylanna,

Spelling unique names is the best part of it all.

I have two boys already, they are Jerytt and Isaac. I'm pregnant now and if it's yet another boy, his name will be Xavier... if it's a girl, her name will be Bella.

my little boy's name is Michael Joseph.  i thought it was a beautiful christian name and it just goes together kind of like peanut butter and jelly lol.  i am not planning on having anymore children at the moment but i've always thought carrington was pretty for a girl and caleb for a boy.

My oldest boy's name is Andrew Christopher. I gave him up for adoption, and his adoptive parents wanted to name the child after me. If it was a girl, she'd be Sara Christine, a boy would be Andrew Christopher.

My 2nd child's name is Ethan Laurence. My husband always liked the name Ethan, and Laurence is my dad's name.

I've never had to name a little girl, but I've always liked Evelyn Rose, or Barbara Marie.

My eldest is Amelia Daphene (<-- that's Daphene, NOT Daphne.  Daphene rhymes with green.  It's her great-grandmother's name.)

My youngest is Anastasia Skye.  She came very close to being named Tybee Rae or Anastasia Claire.

I also like the name Liberty for a girl.

For a boy, I like Sawyer, but we would have used Raymond (after my husband).

I like modern but not TOO modern names for children.  For boys I like Eamon, Aidan, Lucas, Caleb, and Jordan, with Michael the middle name.  Also really like the name Roman for a boy.  Sounds very strong.

For girls I have always loved Lauryn, and Elizabeth (but would call her Libby for short) ... in a more traditional sense, I like Louisa, a girl in my class was named Louisa after her grandmother and we all called her "Louie". 

My oldest's name is Alexa Riley (Riley for my late grandfather). My daughter due in Oct. is to be Ella Katherine. Both Ella and Katherine are family names. I picked Ella before I knew that though. I also thought of...

Sophia Charlotte

Carrington Elizabeth

and Lola or Lilliana Sophia

for a girl...

...and if it were a boy

Hayden Samuel

Benjamin Jude or

Levi Maxwell.



My sons name is caleb and if i have a girl next i will name her Alexie...if I have another boy...I have NO idea what I will name him.

My daughter's name is Laila Christine...I think it's arabian for Princess.  I have four parents names us all really old fashioned names:

Elizabeth Anne (me)

Lauren Kay

Bridget Michelle

Rebecca Paige

Sophie Idessa (my mom's great-grandmother's name)


If we have a boy next we're going to name him Caleb Lee, and if we have a girl I love love love Stella :)

My daughters are Ashleena and Kayleena.  Our newest little boy is Canyon.  We have these friends with the coolest names for their kids, and they have nine!  Here goes- Romeo, Indigo, Brigitta, Tavi, Basil, Nikita, Cavel, Kiva, and Niko.  Not sure about the spellings on some of them.  The middle names are awesome, too, but I couldn't remember them.  Another family at Church as two boys, Shanrod and Tobin and a girl named Meris.  I love the unusual names.  Cry154, I'm a "Crystal" too, boring. 

My son is called Noah Rees and my daughter is called Ava Louise.

I have Cooper William and Lauren Iris.  I also like the name Aubrey. 

I personally like traditional names where you DO know if it is a boy or a girl. My husband and I are trying to get me pregnant. If we have a girl she will be

Gabriel Anastasia (Anastasia is my middle name)

If it is a boy...well who knows! I do like Ethan though. My husband has 2 sons from a previous marriage who are Jeffrey Scott and Stephen Richard. My husband doesn't like biblical names so that wipes out a lot of names for us. In my family we have (my husband also have 5 siblings):


James Martin Jr (Goes by Jim) - Now has a son by the name James Martin III who goes by Jimmy and a Kathryn Valerie who goes by Katie

Madeleine Elisabeth (Hates Madeleine but loves her nickname Maddy)

Marissa Pamela (Often goes by Ris or Rissa)

Marshall Martin (boy who goes by Marsh)

McKenzie Martin (boy who goes by Kenz)



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