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Just had a baby 3 1/2 weeks ago...still that normal?

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Hey guys!  I had my little one about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I am still bleeding.  It isn't heavy but it is still happening.  I dont remember bleeding this long after my first.  Just wondering if this is normal?


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Yes this is very normal.  Bleeding can continue for up to 6 weeks.  Just be careful that the bleeding doesn't change, ie...  very light then suddenly very heavy.  This can be due to something as simple as overactivity before your body is ready to something more serious.  Also watch for any clots or foul odor which could also be a problem.  And of course if you are really concerned just let your doctor know. Hope that helps!

Totally normal.  I bled for 5-6 weeks after having my baby girl.  Like vjaleman mentioned, be careful about overactivity.  Once I'd started having light bleeding, I tried exercising again, and I started bleeding heavily again.  So I took that as a sign that my body wasn't ready to jump back into the fitness routine, and the bleeding got much lighter once I stopped trying to work out.  Are you going back to the doctor 4-6 weeks post-pardum?  If you haven't stopped by then, I'd just ask the doctor about it to be on the safe side.

I bled for like a cool 6 months after I had my baby. It was a pain but eventually it subsided into the 7th monthYell

See your doctor.

Hi Melissa! Congratulations again!

I know you had a second c-section like I did this time around. I bled a lot longer this time than I did after my first. I would stop bleeding for a couple days until I over did it with the physical activity and then the bleeding would pick up again. I went back to work 8 weeks after my son was born and the bleeding had stopped completely by that point (but it hadn't been stopped for long).

Since you had a c-section, you should call the doctor if the bleeding is heavy and bright red.

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It never hurts to call the doctor! If you're nursing, the bleeding usually stops quicker!

Knock on wood but I think that it has stopped...but then again that is what I thought last time then it came back.  I am really glad to know that this normal!  With my daughter it only happened for like a week. ;o) I guess I was lucky haha.

Maybe TMI---but I am having other problems now haha---

Now I am having some is enough to wear a pad with.  It doesn't have a yucky smell...but it does have a yellowish color to it. But it almost looks greenish/yellow on the pad... Is that normal as well? 

Yes I am going back to the dr for a 6 week checkup.  I will mention it to him.  Unless you guys think I might have an infection then...I might call early.  I just don't want to seem like a crazy woman!


Psh, we're all parents here, nothing is TMI (at least not for me anymore).

I never had such a discharge as I tended to be quite, ahem, dry until my hormones straightened themselves out. When my bleeding tapered off, it was more of a tan color but not greenish/yellow. To be honest, I would call your doctor. When it comes to any kind of mucous, greenish-yellow tends to mean infection. Are you running a fever or in more pain then usual? I wouldn't wait until your 6 week checkup.

Okay I went to the dr that next day.  he said that it was normal the body was just healing.  I didn't believe him!  I had never had anything like that...I had always heard it was an infection when it was that color. 

Well he must have been right because I haven't had it for a couple of weeks now...and I am feeling better than ever. ;o) I guess you should trust your doctor!

pretty sure it is. I bled I think nearly up to 3 months after my daughter. Go to the doc tho if it starts to get heavy!

Just a reminder, this post is 9 months old now and the OP has her answer. 

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