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Pregnancy & Parenting
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Hubby and I have a horrible case of baby fever.....

How did you decide when the right time to start a family was?

Is there ever a "right time"?

Did you have fears about what pregnancy would do to you body?

Need Advice on this.

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My hubby and I are having baby fever again as well, we started our family a little over four years ago. Initially I was lead to believe it was against odds to become pregnant, but we decided to let God work his magik if he so chose. We were told in no way shape or form would we conceive for six months, we conceived the first night. lol. So some advice - don't try until you are truly good and ready :)

I have more faith in my body to actually get pregnant now, it's bordered on fear for the past four years :) Crazy how you can go from trying not to have a baby to wanting one so badly. We've been talking about it on and off for months now. I hormonally ping-pong between really planning it out to over-thinking the bad outcomes and thinking I may be selfish/crazy to try and have another child and risk disrupting our current family... but I'm crazy like that - certain days I don't want to drive to the store for fear of car accident, lol.

Right now I'm trying to lose an additional 15lbs to bring me into the middle of my healthy BMI range - So I have some wiggle room. Seeing as I want to get pregnant I am doing so by working out rather than food consumption so my body's metabolism won't freak out when I have to increase my calories while pregnant. I paid the price of my damaged metabolism in some serious poundage last pregnancy. - I'm not too worried about my body other than being healthy and capable :) It is a wee frightful to think you're handing over your newly sculpted body to the pregnancy fairy - but it's a large portion of why I decided to get fit and fix my metabolism in the first place.

As far as right or wrong time? If your finances are in order, you BOTH have the time and love to give and you BOTH really want it (as well as other children in the house being ready/open to it) and have thought it all out for awhile go for it :)

There is never a right time. My husband had a good job when we wanted a baby and a few months before we had our baby. He lost his job. So I don't believe in a right time so to say. But if ur wanting a baby. Go for it.

*raises hand*

I have horrible baby fever. I've been married for nearly 3 years, and both DH and I want kids. That being said, I know that right now is not the time. We are both unemployed and in the process of starting a business - neither things are conducive to reproducing. Perhaps after our business is up and running we will think seriously about trying to have a baby. Until then, it's a big no-go.

I also know that part of my problem is hormonal - I'm not on birth control, so every month around ovulation I get an overwhelming urge to have a baby. It doesn't help that there are always pregnancy announcements on Facebook right around that time of the month - it seems like a cosmic joke. I know intellectually that it is just my body chemistry, but it is hard to resist. Luckily, DH is quite diligent about using protection.

All that being said, I had a scare a few weeks ago when my period came about 4 days late. I was actually downright terrified of being pregnant. I know that it is always a possibility even with the most diligent protection, but having that experience was good for me because it made me think about all the "what-ifs". 

My criteria were:

1) Have a good job I could return to after maternity leave

2) Own a house

3) Be financially secure

We bought a house, became financially secure (meaning we live within our means and contribute monthly to savings), and as of about a year ago got my job permanently.

My husband had baby fever like crazy, but I was really backed off about it. Once I got the permanent job I ran out of excuses not to.  I still wasn't excited about the idea but did want to have kids eventually, so I more or less "gave up" avoiding it.  That and the plan was to pop out 2 kids before 30, and I just turned 31, so that kinda fell through and we decided we gotta get on this!

Haven't been really concerned about the effects on my body; although I'm currently 5 months pregnant, and now when I look at photos of me before I realize that I really DID look good before in those photos that I once foolishly imagined I was fat in!

My biggest concern to date is weight gain - so far I'm on track, but I've been using CalorieCount since the start of my pregnancy and I'm shocked by how much I eat!  I'm pretty sure I ate this way before, but when you suddenly see the numbers it's horrifying!  I think I'm so hung up on weight gain during pregnancy (I'm terrified of gaining more that the "allotted" 30lbs) because my mother was also a tiny woman until she got pregnant and she's been struggling with her weight ever since.

Anyway, that's my story, hope it helps!

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