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I Think My Baby Dropped...what exactly does that mean, again?

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I am almost 33 weeks preggers and last week someone said that it looked like I had dropped.  i thought nothing of it but then I started to notice that my legs hit my under belly alot sooner then they used to when bending & what not.  Then, last night, my sister said that I looked like I'd dropped.

What exactly does that mean again?  Doesn't that mean you will probablly go into labor within a certain amount of time from then?

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Dropping just means that the baby is positioning itself for delivery.  Is this your first baby?  First babies can 'drop' a few weeks before labor.  I've heard that subsequent babies will drop much closer to labor-maybe even just hours or days before, but that's not set in stone.  In my case, my son (my 1st) dropped about 2 weeks before I went into labor.  My daughter stayed high, would come down some, then move back up.  My ob/gyn even joked that she had moved backwards from the last time he'd seen me.  She finally dropped hours before delivery, and it boy was it painful!  I didn't really even notice when my son dropped, other than my belly being lower and more pressure on my pelvis.   

I have always heard the same thing as cecily, that for 2nd and 3rd babies and so on they drop really close to the time you are going to deliver.

Uh-oh!  If that's true then I better get to nesting!!!  Lol!!  This is my 4th!  If I have dropped then I will be having her in about 5 minutes!

Seriously, thank you for the advice.  It's been so long and so busy since the last baby I had that I couldn't remember the "rule".  My shower is in 3 weeks so maybe she will be able to make a special appearance! 

Maybe your baby hasn't fully dropped yet.  Like I said, I'd thought my daughter dropped.  I could tell my belly was way lower.  Then my mom saw me and said I looked the same.  When I went to my doctor at 37 weeks, he said my baby had started to move into place, but at my 38 week appointment, she'd moved back and was higher than before.  Not what I wanted to hear!  But when she finally moved completely dropped, I felt it.  It felt like a really strong contraction, and it actually brought tears to my eyes.  The real contractions started an hour or so later. 

I think really the best way to tell if your baby has dropped is when you start to feel pressure on your pelvic bones, and it aches them to walk around for more than a few minutes sometimes. That's how I could tell with my first child, and that was about 2-3 weeks prior to delivery. I didn't even notice at all if my tummy got lower, I just remember the unbelievable pressure.

Hope that helps~ good luck with baby!

I am 38 weeks and my baby just dropped this past week. I would suggest asking the doctor if it is ok since you do have a while to go before you pop! :)


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