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Babies due April-May 2010 support thread

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Hi everyone. I am 5 weeks pregnant with a due date of May 9, 2010. Yay!

I would love to start a support thread where expecting Moms around the same due date as me can share symptoms, joys, frustrations, surprises, concerns and all the wonderful things that go along with expecting, childbirth, and parenting.

So if you are expecting April or May 2010 post here and let's start talking!

  • April 1st (girl) ~ Littlemalynda
  • April 16th ~ lalalalacey
  • April 20th (girl) ~ Smart_girl
  • April 20th (girl) ~ lsami 
  • April 24th (boy) ~ peaches0405
  • April 29th ~ tamug1998
  • May 5th ~ flybee
  • May 5th ~ sicknes69
  • May 8th (girl) ~ bigfatarmsbegone
  • May 12th ~ kimbrough120
  • May 15th ~ jabud08
  • May 17th (boy) ~ jujubeas
  • May 20th (boy) ~ ebbz
  • May 25th ~ Merylwhite1
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Congratulations all around! Lots of new babies! Yay!

I just wanted to let everyone know, we had our baby on Thursday May 20.  A baby boy, Benjamin.  I only have one hand right now, so I will tell you more about it later.

Congrats Ebbz!!! And I know how you feel!!! lol!!! One handed typing is interesting!

I had my beautiful baby boy may 16th, on his due date! My water broke at 1am that sunday morning. We finished up packing a few last minute things an headed to the hospital. I had been having what I thought were braxton hicks that evening and just wanted to sleep through them. I was in bed resting and felt like something was gonna break loose, haha, so I rushed to the bathroom and started leaking, and leaking and leaking. My husband was downstairs watching a movie, some reason he couldn't sleep or eat that night...I think somehow he knew. He came to the stairs n asked me if I was alright and I told him my water broke!! We got to the hospital around 2am. Started pitocin at about 4. Since my water broke we were on a bit of a time limit and I wasn't dilating very fast. The nurse asked me, "did u know your contractions r 2 min apart?" I had no idea. They didn't start getting painful until the pitocin kicked in. Then I dilated from 2 when I got to the hospital to 3...then it felt like I was stuck there for a long time. Then finally I was at 6 and a few minutes after that it was pushing time! I started a few pushes at 1210 in the afternoon, waited a few minutes for the doc to get there, and at 1220pm dexter calvin miller was born! 6lbs 1oz, 20in long. He's beautiful and perfect! He's so calm and an easy baby! I love being a mom and my husband is the best! He helps out sooo much. Congrats to all of u who have had their little ones. I love hearing your stories!

Yay Juju!!!!

Has anyone started watching their weight or calories yet? I know I'm only 21 days pp, but I'm definitely watching what I eat and I've been working out
(very slightly... just lunges, squats, arms, shoulders, and a little abs for about 10-20 mins a day with 8lb dumbbells) and so far I've lost 20lbs... still another 18 more till my goal, lol, but I figure I've got a ways to go before I'm back at work. Is anyone else dropping weight this fast?

I haven't started counting calories, just continuing to eat healthy and trying to drink LOTS of water. I've lost 21lbs so far. Only 9 away from my pre preg weight but I'd like to lose about 25lbs total to get back to the weight I was when I met my husband.

Congrats juju! Our babies were born the same day. Although Mila was not expected until May 31st and I had convinced myself she'd be 2 weeks late - so much for that.

Hope you're doing well!

I was sicknes69 in the first post, and just recently created a new account. I was due on the 5th of May and gave birth on May 3rd to my beautiful baby girl, named Madeline Rose Russell. I have already started to watch what I eat, and am attempting to get in some exercise, although I am so out of shape right now, it's really hard. I might start adding in a little walking here and there. I'm down a total of 30.2 pounds, and I'm starting that with my what I remember weighing before birth weight. I still have 24.8 pounds to lost to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but on top of that I want to lose an additional 92 pounds. So, I have over 115 pounds left to lose. Embarassed

Hi everyone!  It's so nice to see how well you are all doing.  I hope everyone is getting as much sleep as they can so far!

I was down thirty pounds about 4 weeks pp but have stalled with 20 more to go before I'm at my prepregnancy weight of 145.  I gained fifty pounds total and twenty of them were in the last four months!  I haven't really made any attempt to watch my calories so it's my own fault but I think I look great anyway, haha.  My gym membership was on hold for six weeks so I'll be able to start going again in a couple days.  I was never a fitness oriented person so its weird for me to say but I'm excited to start moving again!

I'd like to thank everyone for being here, it really helped me get through my pregnancy in a town where I knew no one.  :)

Good luck to everyone in your mommyhood and health goals!

Hey everyone!  I know that you're probably all busy, I'd just like to hear how you all are holding up.  I'm having a blast, I already want another-haha!

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone here because when I got pregnant we had just moved to a city where I knew no one and (this is way cheesy) but you guys were the closest thing I had to "mom friends" and you really helped me get through a lot.  Thank you all so much!

Hey Lacey!

Are you breastfeeding? I know that helps a ton (not really for me but its what I hear lol). I gained 43lbs in total, if I go back to my normal weight of 135lbs. When I got preg I was 127lbs getting ready for a photo shoot... I only wish to get to 140lbs bc I know my boobs have to weigh about 5lbs (normally I have no boobs and now I'm a small D cup).

I lost 10lbs having her, and another 10lbs of water within the first week of her birth. Since then I plateaued. I recently started walking a mile or two with her & my labrador daily and while I'm not counting cals I am watching what I'm eating (mainly for the quallty of milk I'm producing). So now I'm down 24lbs @ 6 weeks pp... and I have 14lbs left to lose. 

Oh and I would optimally like to be a size 6 by the time I return to work in 10 weeks (which means I'd need to lose about 10lbs more) but I also am concerned about "drying up" and I want to bfeed for 1 year. So weight loss is kinda a secondary priority, lol!

And I'm with you... I totally want another one lol! I would ask the bf for another one now but I think he'd think I was insane! ha ha! So I am on birth control for a year and I'll talk to him then... lol ;)

And yeah, I live in a busy area of San Francisco Bay but I still loved to be uin this thread of ladies. I really like hearing all your experiences :) 

Oh man!  I just read my post from a couple up (on May 31) and what I meant to say was that I gained fifty pounds and twenty of them were gained in the last four weeks.  I was wondering why that didn't sound too bad when I read it aloud.  :D

It's good to see you're doing well, Malynda! 

I breastfed for a while but because my milk didn't come in for a week and because I produced very little, I was only able to do it for about a month before switching completely over to formula. 

Since going back to work its a little hard to make time for the gym but hopefully I can start some classes next week.  I'm just too tired to motivate myself right now, I need to be led-haha.

Hello everyone!!! Well our babies are now a couple months old (mine is 11 weeks today) and we're all in different places than we were a few months ago!

How is everyone adapting? How's your diet/fitness regime going (if at all)? Are any of you back at work yet? Breastfeeding? (if it's not ok to talk about you can totally skip this! lol!)

For me, well I am down to 8lbs left to lose... which is good. I have only worked out 3x in a gym in the last month, I walk daily 2-3 miles, or I'll do a workout video. I feel pretty flubby but at the same time my self-confidance is high as I feel I look pretty good for just giving birth :).

Lucia sleeps pretty much through the night. We have her on a sleeping schedule: Nap 1- 10am-Noon, Nap 2- 3pm-5pm, Bedtime- 8:30pm till whenever... and we co-sleep so I sleep till she wakes me up around 6-7am. She is a chunker: 80th percentile for height and weight and 75th percentile for head circumference.

And breastfeeding... well I am feeding her AND my neighbors baby (her milk supply has failed her) in addition to storing some excess milk in my deep freezer... I am literally the neighborhood cow. lmao! But I feel really happy about helping someone else, really happy.

And... am I crazy that I would love to have another kid within the year? lol!! I think so!

Hello and congrats!!

I was due may 7th 2010 and had my baby boy on may 9th mothers day.His so cute.His really laid back.there are no taurus in our families both your baby laid back? or I am just lucky.

its july 26th I don't know how,but I find friggin time to workout and take the 33 lbs of baby fat I gained..I hope by next year in jany I can fit into my size 5-6 jeans.

2nd baby and with first I gained 50 lbs and took 1 yr too take baby weight off.

last baby for now.

just checking in with everyone to see how everything is going. life is great, exhausting, but great. dexter is 10 wks old now. im pretty sure hes going through a growth spurt because hes been eating 12 times in 24hrs the past day or so. those growth spurts ware me out!!! but other then that he is doing really well and has over doubled his birth weigt. hes over 12lbs now. we did his immunizations a couple weeks ago which were horrible! he just wanted to be held all day and had a fever. im not looking forward to the next batch...i scheduled it so dad can go with us. how is breast feeding going for those of you going that route? it is so much easier now!! weve both got the hang of it. i only wonder if hes getting enough milk when he does go through these growing periods. anyway, hope all is well. i know everyone is busy but i just wanted to check in

Hi Ladies!

My little man is doing great.  He is almost 10weeks old and has gained about 3 lbs since birth, and he has grown 4 inches.  Everyone says he looks just like his Dad, I don't see it but I think that's because I see them all of the time.
I went back to work when he was 6 weeks old, it was one of the hardest things I've had to do.  But I LOVE his sitter, she is great with him.  That makes it slightly easier, but its still tough some days.
He had his first round of shots last week, it was different.  I laughed through all three of them, I felt bad and I'm sure the nurse thought I was crazy but I knew that if I wasn't laughing I would be crying hysterically.  He made it through well, no fever and it didn't seem like anything was bothering him, thank goodness.
I have lost all but ~5 lbs of my baby weight.  (I only gained 23 throughout my entire pregnancy.) I need to get moving again, walking or hiking or something (when its not 95+ degrees!).  I haven't started watching what I'm eating or any exercise yet, but now I'm getting annoyed at these last few lbs and the fact that my butt just doesn't fit into my pants as nicely anymore!  So that is whats happening now. 
I am glad to see that everyone is doing so well and look forward to hearing more great updates along the way!


This is my Girl Micah...was Born april 30th 2010...she is now almost five months..and cute as all hell.



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